10th Division

Current Captain: Takahashi Taiki
Division Size: 1618 members
Flower: The flower for the 10th Division is the Daffodil, a symbol of unrequited love and chivalry. Of the Divisions, the 10th's members consider themselves the most chivalrous and honorable, and they believe in the heart of the chivalric code. They act out of their devotion to Soul Society and the maintaining of the peace that exists there, whether the people see them in this light or not.
Motto: “Those who expect nothing in return receive the greatest reward.”


The 10th division maintains the standard seated structure of the other Gotei squads. The names and positions of its members are listed below.

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Seated Offcers

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Moreso than any other division, 10th Division treats Soul Society as its home. When something happens, it is the 10th that responds. Nowhere in Soul Society is unsafe when the 10th are on duty. The 10th makes it their personal responsibility to ensure that the inhabitants of Soul Society can go about their duties without having to worry about dangerous activities in the streets.

The 10th Division is the police of Soul Society. Members make it their job to enforce the laws of the Central 46. While anyone can arrest, the 10th Division is trained in disabling criminals and ensuring that the Central 46 (or, in the case of some Shinigami, their Captain) can administer judgment. Their intensive training in nonlethal combat techniques (as well as the current Captain's preference for such combat) has led many to become proficient in hakudo. Additionally, most members of 10th are trained extensively in the bakudo form of Kido, as well as effective methods to disable a foe without killing them. While the 2nd Division generally deals with assassinations, it is the 10th that brings most criminals to justice.

Taiki became Captain through hard work and great effort. As a member of 2nd Division, Taiki learned the importance of his duties and the importance of Soul Society, and became quickly enamored with the idea of leading a squad of his own. Upon informing his Captain of this, Taiki was drilled into the ground, forced to gain strength until he was eligible for a Captain's seat. Though he was unable to gain the requisite number of recommendations in his first attempt at a seat, his second proved more successful. Almost 100 years ago, Taiki was granted the Captaincy of 10th Division, replacing the famed Captain Osagawa Mio. Taiki's efforts over the years have continued the respected tradition of the 10th.


Investigation: 10th Division looks into all suspicious activities occurring in Soul Society and, when called upon, in the Mortal World. While they are not the primary information-gathering division, they are one of the divisions most suited to analyzing acquired data to form conclusions about suspicious activity. They work closely with divisions such as the 13th (Recon) and the 5th (Communications) to ensure that the right information is available.

Police: When a criminal is located, it is the 10th that brings said criminal to justice. They are the arm of the law that keeps the lawbreakers in line and the common folk safe. All members of the 10th are required to take a patrol in Soul Society once per month in order to enforce this message.

Interrogation: It is generally the 10th that deals with information gathering when it comes to people, rather than observational data. Many members of 10th consider this their most difficult job, but nonetheless they are quite effective in retrieving the necessary information.

Prison Wardens: 10th Division is in charge of managing general prisoners in Soul Society. They maintain the status of the Maggot's Nest and similar detention facilities, and it is they who ensure that the exiled remain just that. This responsibility stems from the 10th's close association with the criminals of Soul Society.

Skills required

For members of 10th, analytical abilities are just as important as physical capabilities. Prospective members must be capable not only of quick thinking and response, but also physical stamina for when criminals flee and strength control to prevent lethal strikes. In addition, true love of Soul Society and loyalty to it and the Gotei 13 is considered primary above all else. Taiki considers this so important that he designs an infamous loyalty test for each prospective Seated Officer to ensure that they are joining this Division to support its ideals.

Captaincy and Promotion

10th Division operates under a merit-based promotion system, like most. Those who prove themselves time and time again will be promoted to higher-ranking positions, and those who fail to perform their duties will likely be demoted, or at the very least heavily reprimanded. Additionally, Taiki makes it his business to know how well his officers are doing in all regards, and if he feels any of his officers are not performing due to a "mental health issue" he will set up an appointment with 4th Division for you and expect you to attend it or be relieved of duty. Generally, Taiki chooses Shinigami he has a sense of respect for to take high-level positions.

Captains of 10th Division have acquired their seat through proving their abilities in traditional manners. Most in history have been required to take the Captain's Exam rather than simply being recommended, and none have attained the position by killing the previous holder.

Previous Captains

Osagawa Mio: Captain Osagawa was and remains the most effective Captain of 10th in history. It is Mio that enacted much of the change in 10th's duties, focusing on developing the role they have today. She held a strong relationship with her subordinates, and was loved by all. When she was first accepted into Division 0, she chose to reject in order to remain Captain of 10th long enough to ensure that her successor would continue the legacy she had created. Her tragic death at the hands of Hannibal Magalhães soon after her rejection caused great grief in Soul Society. She was the last Captain chronologically before Takahashi Taiki.

Murata Shiro: Captain Murata, while not a failure, could not compare to Captain Osagawa when placed together in history. His significance exists in that he was the longest standing Captain of the 10th, and one of the longest standing Captains in history, leading for over 500 years before he retired from service and died an old but happy man. Some of his words of wisdom are still kept in the Sereitei archives, including the motto of this very division.

Special Organizations

Execution Force: Taiki himself leads this elite squad within the 10th. Its name is a misnomer, as this group is not in charge of committing executions. Rather, the Execution Force is the SWAT team of Soul Society. When doors need to be taken down or walls broken, this group is the ones Gotei 13 calls upon. Becoming a member of this team is considered an incredible honor by members of the 10th, and it is the ultimate in membership. When the Execution Force is in action, they outrank even higher seated members of 10th.

Warden Corp: This group is in charge of managing the prisons in Soul Society. They perform general duties including providing food and maintaining conditions. While not always, the Warden Corp is generally led by an officer between 2nd and 5th Seat.

Undercover Operations: While the 2nd Division is in charge of stealth, this is not the only requirement for a true undercover agent. These 10th Division members are trained in the art of assuming an identity and going deep within an organization, providing the means with which to destroy it from the inside. Taiki leads this group as well, though he generally dictates management to other seated officers.

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