11th Division

Captain: Himura Michiko

Vice-captain: Yukimura Seiko

Seated Offcers

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  • 8th seat: Amagatsu Kazuma


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Division history

Formerly the "kill it with your sword, or I'll punch you in the face" division, it has transformed into a new kind of environment: a somewhat friendly one. Everyone within the division is expected to respect one another (in public) and to not harm each other unless sparring.

The division, under the leadership of Himura Michiko, has taken a drastic turn since Hannibal's "disappearance" 200 years ago. Some say it's for the better, and maybe one person implies it's for the worse. She has installed new activities and has insisted hardcore training on every member, new or old, of each squad.

Where other divisions may be proud of upholding honour or chivalry, the Eleventh only cares about results, and is more pragmatic about achieving victory. They may get a feel for you in battle, but don't expect "fair play".

Numbers: 1298
Seated: 26

Flower: The iris represents the ideals of the Eleventh Division most accurately, and is displayed across it's garden. The flower carries a meaning of valour and loyalty, which every member of the division is expected to show. To be clear, the strongest of the division are the ones who don't hesitate when entering battle, while the hesitant are typically first to perish. The flower also holds wisdom to it's name, and although not everyone is expected to have the wisdom of a general, each shinigami must learn wisdom through any means in order to achieve a greater strength within. Through that wisdom, they will also attain a stronger body. Finally, the iris represents unity—all are one. This is not shown in a single flower, but the iris' in the garden do make example of this.


“Dance amoung the purple flowers,
Blades of fear that run deep.
When broken the sword that cowers,
Only shall our enemies weep.”


Their primary duty is to act as a vanguard in times of war. To clarify, they are the first wave in war situations (such as an assault on Seireitei, or when invading of Hueco Mundo). They weaken the frontline, and however many more lines they can handle. Once the enemy's front is down however, their duty has been completed and other divisions likely enter the battlefield.

A secondary duty, insisted by Captain Himura, is to cultivate medical herbs and other plants for the Fourth Division.


The first and last training classes on this list are much harder than they seem. The last is also more relevant to combat than it appears.
Zanjutsu and Hakuda: These two classes are combined into a single, five hour class. Each shinigami has a choice as to how they wish to balance their training out. They cannot forget hakuda (nor zanjutsu) entirely—it may save their life. They must practice for exactly five hours, and at least one hour of that time must be distributed to either. Every member of the Eleventh Division MUST be present at least twice a week for this training. It takes place directly after speed training, and lasts until lunch.
Speed: This class begins at six in the morning, every day, and is only as long as an hour. This training is spread out between laps around the Eleventh Division for fifteen minutes. If a divisioner cannot run around the division ten times, they are forced to run around it one hundred times the following day, at five in the morning, and are refused any breakfast.

At fifteen past six, each squad member is to practice using hoho (specifically "shunpo"). They have fourty-five minutes to circle Seireitei. New members are to go along the diametre and back, but they only have six months of this before having to move up to the big stuff. Failure for this is not punished externally. Instead, you get… the eye.
Kido: While not taught in the Eleventh Division, members are allowed to study it independently. The Captain only knows a spell or… one. One spell.
Gardening: Under daily rotation, whole squads are to tend to the garden for an hour, starting at 1pm. This isn't necessarily training, but it keeps them busy, and allows for the cultivation of herbs and other plantlife with medical purposes. There is a great variety of plantae within the garden, most being grown to supply the Fourth Division with medicine. Some of the refined materials are given out to patrolling shinigami of any division so that they have something to count on if no one with healing kido is available. "Support the support" as I maybe said once.

In addition, there is a mass of iris' in the centre of the garden, grown and trimmed in such a way that they paint the emblem of the Eleventh Division.
Dancing: At the very end of every week, on the mark of the seventh hour in the evening, every single member of every single squad must pair up with another (no matter the gender). Then they must do what only truly great warriors can do: dance with grace and precision, and flow well with their partner.

Because there is not a building that can support every member, and because Captain Himura finds this more suitable, the dancing takes place along the many halls of Seireitei. Had she a proper field, she would place them all there.

Skills required

Shinigami who wish to join the Eleventh Division are expected to go through a "Potential Test" with Captain Himura. If she finds them strong or with "potential", she allows them membership. Kido-focused shinigami are allowed as well, but the Captain often recommends them to another division because they will not receive proper kido training with her.

Under her, shinigami are expected to be skilled with zanjutsu and hakudo. They do not have to master both, but they must practice both. In addition, every single member must learn how to dance gracefully (ballroom is the main style taught, but additional dances may be learned if sought).

Captaincy and Promotion

The 11th Division focuses on combat prowess, but promotions are often given to those with great leadership ability (however, they still have to be good in combat). Squad leaders who prove themselves as able soldiers and tactical commanders are promoted further, and can continue to rise in rank again and again. Demotions are not generally given out, but better seated members replace better numbers, while the lesser member is knocked down by one number only. Himura makes sure that squad leaders understand that their number is not always reflective of their power or position.

Previous Captains

Kenpachi Hiroki: The last "Kenpachi" of the Eleventh Division. He was an uncaring man that did little to organize his men, but claimed his spot as Captain in the same way that others have in the past. He was regarded with little dignity, a fast temper, and was an alcoholic that often claimed to have quit. Once, when the division was eating together, he was offered a drink. Since he was in his "I have quit drinking" state of mind, his rage emerged and led him to cutting down that shinigami.

Kenpachi was killed the following week by Hannibal Magalhães in front of the entire division. Whether this was an intentional coup or simply a show of power is not known.

The traditional name "Kenpachi" ended with this Captain, not the ability one may possess.

Hannibal Magalhães: During "old good days", when 11th was just a bunch of bloodthirsty of madmen, Hannibal was noted for being maddest of them all. Despite his insolent and violent nature, he was generally tolerated because he did more damage to enemies than friends, and he was strong enough to keep the other madmen in line. On one dangerous mission, he fought a powerful Adjuchas one-on-one, suffering grievous injuries as a result. He was victorious (for a certain value of victory), but instead of being carted off to the 4th division, the 12th wanted to try some "experimental" healing techniques on him. And healed he was (for a certain value of healing), but the drawbacks were so bad he went on a rampage and destroyed a whole wing of the research building before being restrained.

Central 46 considered executing him, but 12th divisioners persuaded to let him live a while longer so they'd see what after-effects their method had. Seeing that Hannibal was safely locked up at that point, they went "Sure, why not", and the former captain was sent to Maggot's Nest, where he has remains to this day.

~"Hannibal Magalhães" history supplied by Frozen_Feet

Special Areas/Buildings: Within the Eleventh Division are three areas. The first, and most used, is the training grounds. To describe the complexity it holds would be to describe a galaxy in full. Not too far away, just in front of the Captain's office, is the garden that supplies the Fourth Division with medical plants. A special place encircles the whole division grounds. It's the catacombs of the Eleventh Division. Although it is not full, nor does it have any shinigami corpses within, it holds swords of the perished on it's walls. Each one has their master's name written underneath. This was built with the intention of remembrance and honour.

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