13th Division


Captain: Hayashi Natsuko

Vice-captain: Karite Mitsukai

Seated Offcers

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Division Size: 500. 50 Seated Officers, 450 Unseated.
Division Training Levels: Generally high. The 13th division spends the most time in the Mortal World, and they need to be able to take care of themselves for at least long enough for backup to arrive- the division emphasises that if you don't think you can beat it, you delay it long enough for someone else to arrive and kick its ass.



The fundamental function of 13th Division is the fact that it is the patrol division, meant to perform most of the work of Seretei in the Mortal world. As such, either individual Shinigami or patrols are assigned to certain areas of the Mortal World, based on a variety of factors which determine whether a single Shingami or a group patrol is sent, and also the general skill level of any Shinigami stationed in an area. Each group patrol consists of 10 to 20 members, and is lead by a Seated Officer.


The fact is that the forces of Seretei can't be everywhere in the world at once, especially since they have other jobs as well- therefore, about 20 members of 13th division form the Analysis section. This section has one job- assign areas of the Mortal World, and 'rank' each area. This rank is based on a number of factors- history of the area (both spiritual history and mortal history), the level and number of spiritual beings that are known to reside there, the current level of political stability, and even the road safety statistics (although the last is considered the least important factor). The ultimate objective of this analysis, of course, is to determine the likely number of Hollows that could arise from a certain area (as well as be drawn to it). The ranking of an area is the most important factor when determining what forces are sent to patrol an area.

Strike Teams

The fact is, a patrol sometimes runs into unexpected difficulties. When this happens, the standing orders are to call it into 13th Division HQ, which does two things. Firstly, they contact Captain Hayashi, no matter where she is (which can lead to minor embarrassment). Secondly, they send the on-duty 'strike team', consisting of 5 Seated Officers who have attained Shikai from 13th division. Their job is twofold- firstly, they are to get the patrol out of the immediate danger, and they are to assess and report the situation. If the threat is deemed more serious than they can put down, either, Captain Hayashi has to make a judgement call whether to take the time to contact the other divisions and gather a multi-division team, or to send a third set of 13th Division reinforcements while the other divisions are contacted. If the latter option is taken, Captain Hayashi or her Vice-Captain always accompanies this third force.

Previous Captains

Ito Haruki

Natsuko's predecessor, Haruki was a serious man who lead the 13th division for over 400 years, pioneering the concept of the 'Strike Teams'. He chose Natsuko as his Vice-Captain specifically because she was so different to him, and aided her in achieving Bankai. After 450 years of leading the divsion, he retired, and now teaches at the Shinigami Academy in the leadership classes. His style was fairly strict, but despite this, he was well-respected among the division and in Seretei as a whole, and Natsuko has felt some pressure to live up to his legacy.

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