1st Division

The 1st Division, while one of the smallest, certainly holds no small amount of prestige. The just over one hundred members of the squad come from all backgrounds, and more often than not have been in one or more divisions in their tenure. However, each one has either natural or learned experience in administrative skill; more or less making the 1st Division fit for leaders and examples for the other squads to follow.

While the new Commander-General Tsukada Ryouichi runs a tight ship, it's not completely overbearing; when he isn't overloaded with work himself, he makes a point to get to know new recruits, as well as some older ones. His compassion and dedication has at least given him a good name within the squad, despite his the shortness of his term as of yet.

Division Size: 108.

Flower: The flower for the 1st Division is the Chrysanthemum; a symbol of truth and innocence. Both values that the Gotei attempt to uphold, and protect above all.

Motto: "Don't fight for what you believe in, defend it."


  • Administrative: The 1st Division, by and large, files and keeps track of paperwork from all ends of the Seireitei, in an attempt to keep things running orderly, and efficiently.
  • Budgeting: While it may seem trivial to some, the 1st Division also keeps track of and distributes the funding they receive from the edict of the Central 46. As necessary, they can assign a raise in the case of excellent service, or a dock in a case of insubordination; though this, of course, is more along the lines of the entire division's funding. Individual pay is up to the Captain.
  • Field Commanders: The only real combat-centric purpose of the 1st Division, in cases of large-scale combat, one or more officers of the Division may be sent to a battlefield to coordinate orders and lead the other divisions present in a calm and efficient manner.

Necessary Skills

The 1st Division requires a two-fold set of skills: the ability to lead, and keep up with ones' job. As the administrative division, individuals are usually weighed down with upkeep and reports from the other divisions. As such, responsibility is key.
However, as detailed above, most seated officers must also be prepared to be sent into the field, and be prepared for any situation; to lead, one must have a calm head, after all.


Commander-General Ryouichi doesn't merely look for martial skill when considering an officer for promotion. He takes into account all facets of that shinigami; competence, leadership, orderliness, and to a minor extent personality. He heavily favors those who have a clean and concise way of doing their jobs, but on rare occasions, if another officer is slightly more unorthodox, but displays unswerving loyalty and dedication, he'll give them a chance to prove themselves as well.

Previous Captains

  • Akiyama Hideaki: The previous Commander-General of the Gotei 13, and head of a minor Noble house, some would say that Hideaki was a bit of a prodigy from the start. He lead the Gotei with proficiency for nearly 1000 years, making a name for himself during the short-lived war with Las Noches. All of his decisions were quick, concise, and were made in the interest of the whole of Soul Society, not just the Shinigami, so it was nothing short of a tragedy when he was murdered by the rogue Shinigami Kujo just 2 years ago; leaving a shadow over Ryouichi, and high standards to prove himself by.

Captain: Tsukada Ryouichi

Vice-captain: Yamamoto Sayuri

Seated Offcers

No notable (PC) seated officers…


No notable unseated officers…

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