5th Division

The 5th Division

Division Size: Three hundred shinigami currently belong to the 5th Division, with only twenty of it's members actually holding a seated position (including the Captain and Vice-Captain). Despite the choice of promoting more officers, Osamu believes firmly that with limited slots of promotion, 5th Division officers will have to continuously strive to do better to attain one of those valued seats or risk losing their own to a talented underling. A true 'elite' among his Division, the orders of a higher ranked officer are expected to be obeyed explicitly unless there is unshakable proof of the order's foolishness or possible treacherous nature.

Flower: The insignia for the 5th Division of the Gotei 13 is the 'Lily of the Valley'. The meaning behind the symbol is Sacrifice, Danger, and Pure Love.

Motto: "Without us, the Seireitei would falter and fall before the onslaught of the enemy. Remember this with humble pride when others besmirch your noble duties!"


  • Care For the Hell Butterflies: The most time consuming and important of the 5th Division's duties is the breeding, care for, and training of the Hell Butterflies that every shinigami has used and will continue to do so throughout their career. Though this has lead to the derogatory nickname (as most 5th Divisioners consider it anyway) of 'bug keepers', fewer still could claim the Seireitei would function as well without the black butterflies. Hell butterflies are kept in several massive domed atriums when not in use, the inside of which are lavishly filled with everything the spiritual insects need to survive and thrive under the careful hands of their keepers. These gardens are also places of immense natural beauty by consequence, which some other shinigami have taken to exploiting for meeting places of a certain grandeur or romantic qualities. This is not only frowned upon but strictly forbidden without permission from a 5th Division seated officer since such meetings could disturb the hell butterflies.
  • Maintain Reishi-Phone Network: While 5th Division can make no claims to having developed the reishi-phone network, that honor belongs entirely to the 12th Division, they have taken up the mantle of maintaining it so those same 12th Division scientists have time to continue their own research. To that end, 5th Division has (over the years) made some minor improvements to the efficiency and dependability of the reishi-phone network (RPNet) but no true 'upgrades' to the system aside from assigning operators to keep an ear out for distress calls. The RPNet is upheld by numerous pillars of various size scattered about the Seireitei and the Rukon which undergo weekly inspection and maintenance to keep the service in the best shape it can be. For shinigami in the mortal realm, the signal is just as strong since the RPNet boosts it's strength by using the towers and signals of mortals to keep it's own strong. This has lead to incidents where a shinigami was cut off from the RPNet in extremely rural areas, but these are isolated problems.
  • Messengers: Sometimes communications are too vital to entrust to a Hell Butterfly, a small insect that is incapable of defending itself from attack and capable of being 'interrogated' to reveal it's information if someone knows what they are doing. To this end, the most important communiques of the Seireitei are handled by actual messengers from the 5th Division, unseated or seated who are light on their feet, know escape maneuvers, and are taught to withstand interrogation until reinforcements arrive to rescue them. The retrieval of a captured 5th Division messenger is one of the few emergencies that fall upon the Captain of the Division to handle himself, even if not directly aiding in the task. This is at odds with the normal mortal world equivalent where messengers or spies are ordered to kill themselves if possible to avoid being forced to give up sensitive information. A stable of messengers is assigned to each division for easy access should an emergency crop up, rarely more then fifteen individuals assigned to a Division with twenty assigned to the Kido Corp. and Stealth Corp., though those messengers typically are a show of good faith rather then meant for actual use.

Necessary Skills

The 5th Division doesn't seem particularly strong in combat when compared to the other Divisions of the Seireitei, but that is because they are in the middle of a long change towards becoming a specialized division, a change in which the fruits of this labor can only recently be noticed despite going on for several hundred years. The 5th Division lacks the brute physical ability of other divisions or the technological marvels of the 12th and so falls back on kido when they are forced to fight. Above average in physical combat ability when compared to other Divisions, 5th Division shinigami are taught to rely purely on tactics and kido when forced into direct conflict.

The greatest skill emphasized in the 5th Division is an uncanny attention to detail and a quick intelligence in order to make snap decisions. After this, it is important to be able to travel long distances quickly and to be above average in kido. Osamu is a living testament that eventually a shinigami's physical body will weaken, so kido is always part of training for the 5th Division and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are likely second only to the Kido Corp. when it comes to average kido ability.

Of physical ability and combat techniques, hakuda is emphasized more then zanjutsu since the unpredictable ways in which a zanpakuto may manifest means that a shinigami may end up with a particularly heavy zanpakuto or one that restricts movement overly much. Considering that 5th Division shinigami are instructed to abandon a fight as quickly as possible, especially when on task, this means it actually becomes inconvenient for zanjutsu to be promoted overly much. So, while they do not focus on this aspect of shinigami combat, 5th Division shinigami are expected to be adept at defending themselves against an enemy with nothing but their bare hands.


The main criteria for promotion in the 5th Division is excellence, a fine pedigree, and a canny mind above that of those who would otherwise be a seated officer's equal. Many of those recruited into the 5th Division are those with a measure of raw potential that could become significant talent if nurtured properly, making 5th Divisioners requesting a transfer to another Division a prime subject for whatever task they might be put towards. However, with only twenty seated positions, this very same nurturing environment ensures that only the cream of the crop rises to the top of the 5th's chain of command and they are rarely demoted from such a position unless they fail at a task catastrophically or end up dying. With that said, the current captain has been noted to show favor towards members of his House when it comes to promoting talent, meaning there is quite of Osamu's family occupying the seated positions but not purely on their social pedigree though. He hopes to forge his descendants into superb shinigami and perhaps even find a successor among them as well.

Along with this, a minor note must be given to the fact that Osamu shows even more favor towards female shinigami of a certain aesthetic quality when it comes to promotion, though he is far from sexist in this regard. It quite simply comes down to the fact that the seated officers are the one's most often seen by Osamu and in his twilight years the elderly captain prefers to surround himself with beautiful girls to brighten up his term as a captain after seeing some particularly heinous deeds.

Previous Captains

As the single oldest captain and shinigami currently serving in the Seireitei, there is some wonder if there even was another captain before Osamu. He is noted for having attained his captaincy at the 'young' age of 113 by way of getting the majority of captains at the time to approve of his candidacy and has maintained the position ever since. Most shinigami alive today have never known any other captain of the 5th aside from Osamu, but the fact is that he was not the first in the position…he just doesn't talk about those who came before and records are sketchy on the matter.

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