9th Division

The ninth division has a fairly narrow scope by comparison to many of the other divisions. The ninth division are scouts and during peacetime, they physically scout out any anomalies before any of the other divisions, in order to find out what the situation is and how it should be dealt with. During wartime, they are scouts in the more traditional sense, in that, they scout out an area to look for enemies for allying forces to demolish.

Because of these duties, the 9th has close ties to the 12th and 13th divisions, as they provide more close-up and accurate reports than their scanners. They also often shadow patrols stationed in dangerous areas, in order to report accurate information, especially if the party goes missing. They also record hollow attack patterns per the geography. In addition they may use 12th division technology in order to record reiatsu patterns and anomalies in the area and keep reiphones similar to the ones issue to 13th divisioners. They are also closely related to the 8th division, as they provide map data and the previously mentioned hollow attack patterns.

The current captain, Captain Shirakawa, is nudging the division away from dependence on 12th division technology by exemplifying usage of kidō as a replacement for many of the functions of the devices provided by the R&D division. As such, many of the division's members are proficient with kidō, especially those spells pertinent to reconnaissance and non-detection.

Division Size: 200 members. The ninth division's scouts hunt alone and thus few even need to be placed in the mortal world.

Flower: Buttercup: Oblivion

Motto: "Don't blink. You just might miss it."


Necessary Skills
Not many skills are actually required to join the 9th division, as members will learn them over time. Because of this, many academy students often join this division to start off with. Cartography, keen powers of observation are all that are truly necessary to succeed in the division. Skill in the demon arts is useful and widely respected reduces the necessity of devices that get lost or broken. Stealth and combat prowess are often necessary to observe without being seen and to be able to defend oneself should one become detected. Because of this, some of the members of the 9th division experience movement to and from the Onmitsukidō.

Even though it is not necessary or common most times, proving one's self in battle is certainly a quicker method of achievement in the 9th division. However, ingenuity and creative solutions are the best and most encouraged way to gain standing within the ninth division. Promotions are also somewhat based on seniority within the division and experience with reconnaissance missions. Seniority and age within the Gotei and Kido Corps. is also respected and taken into account, but a longer history in the ninth division will generally lead to a better chance for promotion.

Previous Captains

Yamazaki Toshio: Yamazaki only held his position 42 years, ridiculously short in contrast with the previous two captains. At the time of his captaincy, he was only a few ranks above the current captain. Nothing could be said about him other than he was lazy and made no changes to the division. He frustrated many of the seated members with his lack of involvement, so no one particularly missed him when he disappeared about 30 years ago and Captain Shirakawa took over the division.

Omori Fukumitsu: Just like his predecessor, Captain Omori had maintained the 9th division for a substantial amount of time, 200 years to be exact. Omori was considerably more lax than his predecessor, but did not allow the division to fall into disarray. He was simply a kinder captain than the previous one, many of the division members considered him a father figure and a role model. However, he perished due to a terminal illness leaving Toshio to run the division.

Iida Takayuki: In all of his 400 years of captaincy, Captain Iida was grim and spiteful, all-around not pleasant to be around. However, he was brilliant and had experienced several moves throughout the gotei before his captaincy in the ninth. He had been a part of the 2nd, 8th and 13th divisions before finally joining the 9th as its Vice Captain. Captain Iida was particularly crucial in the conception of the Shadows unit, although he is better known for his coordination with the 8th division when the war with Hueco Mundo was at less of a standstill.

Captain: Shirakawa Kiku

Vice-Captain: Hirokatsu Goto

Seated Officers


No notable unseated officers.

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