Aléjandro Mendez

Cuarta Espada; Aspect of Death: Abeyance.

Family Name Mendez
Given Name Aléjandro
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Aléjandro is of relatively average build, but is leanly muscled. His most striking feature is his hollow mask, which still covers the entirety of his face. His hair shoots out back from his mask in a shock of indigo, and his reptilian eyes leer out from behind the bone of his mask. He wears his zanpakutou on his right, and keeps his clothing immaculate at all times. His Espada number (assuming we keep this) is located on his right hand, and his hollow hole is located on the left side of his chest.


First and foremost, Aléjandro is a thinker. He spends much of his time in the library of Las Noches, reading up any subject that piques his interest, particularly philosophy, both that of living humans and that of Soul Society, and even the rare introspective Arrancar that has come before him. He is calm and contemplative for the most part, and remains so even in battle, even when faced with defeat or on the cusp of victory.


Combat Abilities

Aléjandro's speed is average for one of his rank, and his strength, hierro and technical swordsmanship are noteworthy.

Discouraging Draw

Aléjandro has perfected a defensive technique whereby he draws his sword by pushing it out of its scabbard with his right thumb at high speed. He then quickly grabs the hilt so that the blade actually has some force behind it. This essentially allows him to parry with his sword still sheathed.

Face of Regret

No one knows what Aléjandro's face looks like under mask, not even he. If anyone breaks some or all of his mask off to see his visage, they see the face of their dearest departed loved one - even Aléjandro, who is plagued by a massive number of faces, all the missing loved ones of the souls that form his composite self, if he looks at his face in the mirror. The visage is accompanied by a reiryoku-empowered compulsion, and anyone seeing what lies under Aléjandro's mask will be hard put motivating themselves to harm him.

Zanpakuto: Mahurkur (Great Mountain Beast)

Sealed State

Whilst sealed, Mahurkur takes the shape of a Western longsword without any embellishment or decoration.

Resurrección: "Exhale, Mahurkur."

Combat Abilities: In Resurrección, Aléjandro's strength and hierro increase notably, and his speed improves to a very small degree. His tail's physical strength is roughly twice that of the rest of his released self.

Cero Exhalado - Exhaled Cero: In Resurrección, Aléjandro gains a cero variation he can use instead of the standard. Cero Exhalado is shorter ranged attack exhaled in a cone from Aléjandro's mouth. The blast can be maintained up to five seconds, and energy is the blast clings to flammable substances it touches, burning for a few seconds before extinguishing.

El Dragón Sé - The Dragon Knows: Upon consuming the flesh of any spiritual creature whilst in Resurrección, Aléjandro immediately knows what sort of creature they self-identify as, as well as how many releases they can currently use. Vizard masks do not count as releases for the purpose of this ability. He can also identify them perfectly solely through scent for 365 days.

Fuerza Antigua - Ancient Force: Aléjandro's Resurrección is like a slumbering dragon - slow to wake, but powerful once it does. In a manner similar to Ikkaku's bankai, it increases in strength the longer it is active. Aléjandro's strength, speed, hierro and cero potency increases by roughly 5% of their initial Resurrección strength every in-game thirty seconds/three posts, the increase maxing out at 150% of his initial strength after 5 minutes/30 posts.

Segunda Etapa: Nabbar Mahurkur (God-Splitting Great Mountain Beast)


In Segunda Etapa, Aléjandro reverts to looking much like his pre-Arrancar self. He remains roughly humanoid, though he adds a couple of feet in height and a few hundred pounds in weight. Now just comfortable on four limbs as two, his Adjuchas armour spreads to cover his entire body, dulling to an earth brown and taking on the consistency of rock. His reiatsu glows from the cracks between his armour, and a pair of jagged, non-functional wings rise from his back.

Combat Abilities: In Segunda Etapa, Aléjandro's speed improves slightly, but his strength and hierro improve greatly, and his tail retains its double standard strength.

Aliento de la Aniquilación - Breath of Annihilation: Ostensibly still a cero, this devastating technique functions as a ranged instrument of death. Whilst charging, the reiatsu showing through the cracks in Aléjandro's armour start fading, starting at the tip of the tail and working along to the head, where it collects in the mouth and charges. The conical blast caused by the technique is roughly 250ft long and equally as wide. The energy of the blast also clings to those it strikes like that of Cero Exhalado.

Furia de la Tierra - Rage of the Earth: Aléjandro gains the ability to create 10ft wide, 50ft long, 100ft deep fissures by touch, and then a moment later fire an equally sized cero-like blast upward from the crack.

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