Allan Crossdale

13th Squad Unseated

Family Name Crossdale
Given Name Allan
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 114 (looks 17)


Allan is on the tall side, usually standing slightly above those around him. He has a mess of black hair which hangs past his shoulders. His eyes are heterochromatic, one red and one blue. He typically has a happy, contented smile on his face. Allan is subtly well muscled but this does not stand out at all. He is clearly in good physical condition. He eats constantly, almost always having some sort of food on him at all times. He wears a seemingly regular Shihakusho, but it is actually filled with many pockets where he stores food. His sheathed Zanpakuto hangs from his left hip. Allan walks with a balanced, even stride that immediately signals him out as a skilled warrior to anyone with enough experience. His reiatsu is light blue, and feels like the wind on a spring day.


Allan is an upbeat and kind person, coming off positively to most people who he meets. He is very difficult to faze, able to allow negative events to roll off his back very easily. He can usually see the silver lining to any event. He is truly at peace with himself, desiring nothing more out of life than what he has. He is also very lazy, spending much of his time avoiding anyone who might give him work, although if he is caught he will perform any task required of him admirably before returning to his usual routines. He enjoys reading or performing simple tasks with his hands, such as bouncing a ball off a wall or fiddling with a Cat's Cradle.


Allan grew up in America. He was a pretty regular kid for most of his life, with no awareness of the destructive entity who shared his body, the occasional temptation to do violence excepted. He was well liked, made many friends, and was on good terms with his parents. When he was fifteen, however, his life changed.
A weak Hollow attacked Allan, sensing the tantalizing spiritual pressure that actually belonged to Soultaker. Allan was nearly killed when it attacked, but the near death experience awakened his latent powers. Somehow, Soultaker's powers were near fully restored when active in a body with two souls. Allan destroyed the Hollow effortlessly, but the activation of his powers was enough catalyst for Soultaker to steal control of his body. Allan managed to eventually wrest control back, but by the time he did, Soultaker had slaughtered his entire town.
Moreover, Soultaker's actions had attracted the attention of the American psychopomps, who came to investigate when they sensed the awakening of Soultaker. Allan, confused and alone, was determined to be the cause of the damage and attacked. He managed to activate his powers and escape.
Confused and on the run from very powerful enemies, memories of Soultaker's possession coming back to him in flashes, Allan fled the country and began traveling, never staying in one place for too long and doing odd jobs to support himself, the constant whispers of the now audible Soultaker his sole companion.
Eventually, Allan made his way to Japan. Deciding that he had had enough of running, he confronted and conclusively subdued Soultaker. From there, he worked on discovering and controlling the abilities Soultaker's presence granted him. After about a month, he had a working control on his abilities and began hunting hollows down and exterminating them. Allan was extremely powerful, and his activities attracted the attention of the Shinigami. Although initially wary, Allan eventually developed an amicable working relationship with them. Allan's presence was helpful, but ultimately brief. Several years after Allan came to Japan, Soultaker invested all of its power into a last ditch effort to kill Allan and assume full control of their body. After a titanic mental struggle, Allan managed to kill the Menos once and for all. Unfortunately, the effort tore his body apart. Allan's soul then passed on to the Rukongai. He took his death remarkably well, simply happy to be rid of Soultaker. Allan discovered that, although his power was almost gone with Soultaker's death, he still had enough to become a Shinigami. His previous relationship with the Shinigami was enough to get him in to the academy. Allan picked up the skills of a Shinigami relatively easily, for the most part, with a few problems here and there. He graduated with good marks, and from there was assigned to the thirteenth division, where he remains to this day.


Allan is a deceptively skilled combatant, using his youthful appearance and cheery manner to trick opponents into regarding him as harmless. Allan is a very experienced fighter, and uses skill to make up for his lack of raw power. Allan is extremely adept at both Hoho and Hakuda, and his Zanjutsu is high class as well. For all three, Allan mixes standard shinigami training with his own self-taught style, creating a potent and unpredictable combination. Allan is absolutely abysmal at Kido, having limited skill and requiring great concentration, and as a result never uses it in actual combat. Allan has below average spiritual power, but makes up for this with skill and cunning. Allan is competent at Shunpo. In battle, he relies heavily on his agility and speed, avoiding attacks and retaliating with quick, light strikes. Allan is ambidextrous, and switches hands often when fighting. Allan can also throw his sword with significant power and precision, a holdover from his previous abilities. He also has extraordinary manual dexterity and balance.
Allan has not yet achieved Shikai.

Zanpakuto: Soultaker

Sealed state

Soultaker is in the form of a small Katana. Its hilt is a double sided pattern. Each both halves are composed of two prongs, one each side of the blade, each with a set of internally facing triangles.

The spirit of Soultaker takes a similar form to his predecessor, but is much smaller, the size of a large horse. It is a bit gruff, but is generally benevolent towards Allan. It talks in a deep, growling voice.

Inner World

Allan's inner world is a vast desert stretching in all directions. The heat is pleasant rather than oppressive, and the occasional desert plant can be seen scattered around. On the horizon, a massive, rectangular, pitch black structure can be seen.

Shikai: "Resurrect, Soultaker"

When released, Soultaker becomes a very long, curving nodachi with a serrated edge. The nodachi is pitch black, and the hilt is wrapped in a blood red cloth. While released, all of Allan's senses become much sharper, and his physical strength and speed are increased as well. Soultaker possesses two active abilities. With every consecutive strike on a surface or opponent, the blade is better able to cut or penetrate the target. Soultaker can also guide Allan's hand, altering his strikes to home in on the same target that it is enhanced against. These abilities only work on one target at a time. Allan can also teleport to Soultaker's location at any time. Soultaker's blade can also split into numerous segments attached with a thin chain. This ability will not be initially accessible to Allan.

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