Caerwyn ap Gruffydd

Earl of Powys, British Ambassador to the Court of Pure Souls

Family Name Caerwyn
Given Name ap Gruffydd
Aliases Earl of Powys
Race Fae
Gender Male
Age 987


Caerwyn appears as an old man, tall and unbent by age. His white hair is worn long and loose, and is accompanied with a matching full beard. His eyes are a steely grey, and as yet undimmed by his advancing years, and his left bears an old scar underneath it that stands out against his oddly pallid skin. He prefers to dress in understated but detailed clothing in muted colours, favouring sable, leather and home-spun wool.


Caerwyn is gruff, but tactful. A dedicated and focused man all his life, he has gladly dedicated himself to the position his monarch provided him with after his forfeit of the rank of Ail. He does not take frivolity well in serious situations, but does not mind it in small doses outside of such moments.


Caerwyn long served as the Ail of House Arawn, remaining faithful and serving competently to both the Pennaeth he served under during his time in service. He was selected to be Fianna a number of times, taking the opportunity to learn as much Ealaín from wandering Aois-dàna as he could during his years away from the House of Arawn.

He married midway into his military career and had three children, all of whom have gone on to make their parents proud. As age caught up with him, he forfeited his rank and handed the reigns over to the next generation. His monarch offered him the position of ambassador to the Japanese afterlife, and he accepted.

Caerwyn and his wife, Alis verch Cefn, moved to the Seireitei roughly ten years ago for his new position. So far, diplomacy between Annwn and Seireitei a major issue, but he has been glad to offer advice when it has been called for.


Combat Abilities

Caerwyn’s once Vice-Captain level skills have diminished with age, his speed and reaction times in particular suffering. He currently stands at around a 5th Seat in combat effectiveness.


Caerwyn is proficient with up to Silakus 73 and Girserusu 73, and can use up to Silakus 54 and Girserusu 58 without incantation.

Treoir Anam/Zanpakuto: Trahaearn – “Very much like Iron.”

Sealed State

Trahaearn’s sealed form takes the shape of a bastard sword, the grip bound tightly in red leather, and the hilt and pommel done in a gold/silver alloy.

Inner World

The spirit of Trahaearn takes the shape of a rough humanoid made of iron. His mindscape is a reflection of his family’s estate back in Powys, only starker and more harsh in its lighting.

Rhyddhau/Shikai: "Stand firm against all onslaught, Trahaearn."

The effects of Caerwyn's release have not yet been decided upon.


Caerwyn is held by the following geasa:

  • Must not yield in combat until on death’s door (bestowed by Trahaearn, sanction: loss of Rhyddhau).
  • May not refuse any food offered by a woman (bestowed by Ealaín tutor, sanction: loss of all Ealaín for one month).
  • May not harm another on 22nd May, 1st April, 30th June or 23rd November (bestowed by Alis, sanction: loss of wits, Alis may divorce and receive all joint property).
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