Caiphus Callisto

Fraccion to the Sexta Espada

Family Name Callisto
Given Name Caiphus
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Caiphus is a large man, with enough muscle to be visible but not enough to be startling or excessive. He has short-cropped dark brown hair, and shadowed green eyes that resemble a dark forest. He wears a traditional white outfit, with an ordinary pair of pants that are easy to move in and a sleeveless white shirt. He prefers simplicity in his uniform.


Caiphus is a quiet, stoic man who prefers to let his actions speak for him. He rarely allows his emotions to show through his shell of stoicism, though anyone harming or insulting Cecilia gets through his shell immediately, eliciting a wrathful response from Caiphus. His lady is the most important thing to Caiphus, and he would gladly die for her, believing that his life already belongs to her. This makes him a terrifying foe, because he would literally do anything for her.


Caiphus was an Adjuchas hollow who had wandered Hueco Mundo for centuries. He had enjoyed a fairly successful life as a hollow, consuming the majority of the hollows he came across and avoiding the ones that he couldn’t consume. But it was all boring; there was no meaning to any of it, no purpose. He had been wandering around aimlessly around Hueco Mundo, thinking of this when he saw several Arrancar about to fight.

Most of them were unremarkable, easily forgotten. One of them was the most amazing creature Caiphus had ever seen. A woman wearing armor with a circlet around her head, Caiphus was immediately entranced by her very presence, and knew that he would be willing to give his life for her. He sat and watched her fight until she was down to the last opponent. She looked exhausted, but Caiphus could see that her opponent was still fresh, having stayed out of the battle until then. Caiphus bristled at the disgustingly cowardly tactics of the woman’s opponent, and jumped into the fight himself just in time to block an otherwise deadly blow to the woman, giving her the time to cut the other Arrancar down. What he thought would be his last words were addressed to the woman as his vision grew black: “Thank you for giving me a cause to die for.”

When he awoke, it was to the feeling of power throughout his body, and to the sounds of two people next to him.

“Tell me, Alejwin. Why did you choose him?”

“Because he was willing to give his life for me when he had no power. And because he did not fear me. That is why I chose him.”

The first voice belonged to man, extremely old. The other belonged to the woman for whom he thought he had given his life; he knew that to be a fact. He didn’t know how he knew, but he knew. He opened his eyes and looked at himself, at his new humanoid body, confused at what he saw. He was informed by the woman that he was now her Fraccion, her servant. For this purpose, he had been given the body of an Arrancar, like her. Since that day, he has not wondered. He has not questioned. He has served his lady, and he would gladly die for her.


Sonido: Caiphus’ Sonido is absurdly fast, allowing him to cover a mile in a single movement, and it doesn’t seem to tire him as it should. He uses this speed to guard Cecilia from any possible angle of attack, seeming to be in as many as four places at once.
Cero: Caiphus’ Cero is about moderate for an Arrancar of his level, though it’s more focused than most, appearing as more of a pinpoint beam than an enormous blast.
Garganta: Again, about average. He’s proficient at it, though he can’t perform any special tricks with it. He usually makes Cecilia’s Garganta for her, so he’s gotten rather good at them.
Pesquisa: Better than most, Caiphus can use his Pesquisa almost well enough to not have to use his eyesight, though he prefers to use his eyesight.
Hierro: This is where Caiphus truly shines. His Hierro is strong enough to turn aside all but the blows of a captain, and it can absorb most of those as well. He has trained in this for centuries to get to where he is, and he is rightfully proud of it. In his Resurreccion form, he is almost impossible to harm.
Bala: His Bala, like his Cero, are smaller than an ordinary Arrancar’s, but have the odd side effect of creating massive dust clouds wherever they hit, allowing him to use them for escapes.
Regeneration: Caiphus has also trained this area far more heavily than any ordinary Fraccion, allowing him to recover from even grievous injury with amazing speed. This aspect also doubles in his Resurreccion form.

Resurreccion: "Defend, Bestia Del Guarda!"

The mask over Caiphus' mouth grows to cover his entire face and somewhat down his back, giving him an even more bestial appearance, which works as intimidation. The release grants him an immense increase in Hierro, Sonido, and Regeneration, allowing him to either dodge or sustain nearly any blow. It also turns his flesh to something like granite, imbuing his physical strikes with an amazing amount of force.

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