Family Name None
Given Name Canguro
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age 40


A girl with dark skin and blonde hair, green eyes with green facial markings around the eyes. Hollow Mask remnants form a circlet and a pair of kangaroo ears on top of her head.. She wears a white shirt and shorts with a grey messenger bag.


Loud and energetic, Canguro is a relatively young Arrancar. She also has a competitive nature, turning most activities into a race or competition, whether she has willing participants or not. She's also very impatient, having to stand still for long periods of time is one of the things she hates the most.


Cero: Fires a green Cero from her mouth

Bala Patada: Fires a Bala from the legs, with no noticeable difference from a regular Bala

Bala Patada Rapida: A technique that uses a series of swift kicks to fire a volley of Bala at the cost of accuracy.

Hiero: A technique which condenses spiritual power, hardening the skin.

Sonido: A technique that allows Arrancar to move at extreme speed. Her Sonida is very fast, her constant running around Las Noches, even when not delivering, has made this her most impressive skill.

Garnganta: Tears open the dimensional fabric separating worlds and allows for travel between them.

Pesquisa: The ability to detect, sense and gauge the amount of reiatsu in her vicinity. It functions in a manner not unlike sonar.

Zanpakuto: Salto Poderoso (Mighty Leap)

Sealed state

Her Zanpakuto takes the form of a pair of white greaves and arm-guards with serrated blades.

Resurreccion: "Preparese, Salto Poderoso"

Canguro's Ressureccion isn't much of a change in size, growing to six and a half feet tall, arms becoming longer and claws forming on the hands as the legs change to digitigrade in shape, ending in large, three-clawed paws. Canguoro also grows thick, strong tail six feet in length, and the remnants of the mask forms into a half-helm the shape of a Kangaroo skull, her lower face exposed.

Abilities granted by resurreccion;
Enhanced Speed and Agility
Enhanced Hierro
Enhanced Strength

Patada Doble Cero: Canguro can charge a cero into each leg and fire one with a kick, followed by firing the next cero right afterward. Slows down the user for thirty seconds after using it, but the technique can be used continuously. The maximum possible limit with full health and spiritual power is four sets of cero (If given time to charge them again). After which the user will hardly be able to move, and unable to use Sonido.

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