Carina Von Geister Lucaster

Princess of Las Noches

Family Name Von Geister-Lucaster
Given Name Carina
Aliases Princess, She-who-must-not-be-named
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age 383


Princess Carina looks almost nothing like her 'mother' and 'father', with vivid green hair, blank magenta-red eyes, and an almost continual neutral frown. One might wonder with her position why she would always dress in rags, but Carina's body has a detrimental effect on clothes. The continual secretions dye them yellow, and over time begin to eat them away, so she usually settles for wearing thick, grungy robes. However, one fitting part of her wardrobe is the wearing of a golden crown. To the top-right of her head is what appears to be her mask, a grinning face with no eyes (however, this is a fabrication to throw people off). She has humanoid arms, however the entire lower half of her body is composed of a wriggling green mass of tentacles.
Karina is usually seen with her trusty, ichor-resistant doll, Ithaqua.


Princess Carina is two things. To those who do not know or mention her name, Carina is silent and even shy; However she constantly makes silent critical assessments of every perceived flaw of those she observes. The moment anyone mentions her name (or insults her sovereignty), a switch is flicked, and she becomes much more aggressive. She usually demands they atone for this by amusing her in some manner. In short, she is manipulative, spoiled, and has a feeling of entitlement appropriate to her sovereign position.


Bala: Carina's bala are on the low end of numeros power.

Cero: In comparison to her bala, Carina's cero are quite powerful for her stature. However, they take a long time to charge, and while the upper realm of her ceros are vastly destructive, they are also highly unpredictable; while one of her cero could destroy a large stone building, another could barely scratch a wooden shed. Carina has taken to ranking her cero strength by 1 to 20; 1 being her weakest, and 20 being her strongest. Overall, 5-10 is equivalent to numeros, 11-18 are in the realm of fraccion strength, and 19-20 rest in the capability of espada.

Hierro: Carina's hierro is about as inconsistent as her other abilities. At some times, a human could wound her. At others, even an Espada would have difficulty. Like her cero, Carina ranks her hierro reaction strength by 1 to 100, 1 being the weakest, and 100 being the strongest. 10-70 is numeros-strength. 71-90 is fraccion-strength. 91-100 is Espada strength. A 100 is about guaranteed to effectively nullify most abilities that don't pierce through hierro.

Sonido: Carina is inept at sonido to the point of incapability. It winds her incredibly, and is inconsistent; she never seems to wind up in the place she wishes to be. This sometimes comes to her advantage, as it is hard to predict the movements of her sonido, but it rarely does. Her sonido can be anywhere from 1 to 100 feet off target, and every so often she manages to stop right where she wishes.

Resurreccion: Rey Amarillo (Yellow King)

Telepathy: Carina is capable of telepathy, and generally prefers it as her form of speech. This also allows some primitive form of mood-reading, and the mental impression of her moods upon others.

Name Awareness: Carina has a special telepathic link to her name, and within a certain radius (about equivalent to the size of Las Noches), she is immediately aware of when someone speaks her name aloud. At first, depending on how loud it is spoken, to her it is usually of minimal notice. But those who speak her name in rapid succession make the telepathic sensation she receives stronger, and gives her a bearing on where her name was spoken.

Air Mastery: Carina can manipulate the air around her to allow flight, independent of reishi.

Aura Triumphant: Carina's most unique capability, she usually saves this for when dealing with those who speak her name. Within around 100 feet of her, the ability to speak becomes difficult over time, eventually becoming absolute gibberish. As such, abilities dependent on speech (like the chanting of kido) become difficult, to the point of impossibility. As a secondary effect, those that speak her name within this aura have their skin burned by incomprehensible scribbles that heal unusually slowly (about ten times slower). The secretion from Carina's skin heals these wounds instantly, and as such she uses it as a bargaining chip to get those who speak her name to do as she wishes (there is no special compulsion to do so, as it will eventually heal and while resistant to healing kido or other methods of healing, constant application will allow it to heal eventually).
Complete loss of intelligible speech can occur anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the mental strength and willpower of the victim. Recovery after leaving the aura (or if Carina suppresses it) occurs gradually over the course of anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, also depending on the victim.

Maddening Ichor: Aside from healing the odd effects of her aura, the secretions produced by Carina's body act as a very violent hallucinogen when consumed orally.

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