Cheng Mei

Octava Espada

Family Name Cheng
Given Name Mei
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age Unknown


Cheng Mei is a short, slender woman, with a smile on her face most of the time- the exact type of smile, however, depends on the situation. She has blond hair which she wears in a pair of Odango, green eyes, tanned skin, and wears a white Qipao. Interestingly, the remmaints of her Hollow mask are not visible in her sealed form. She carries her Zanpaktou, a Chinese Qiang, over her shoulder most of the time. Her Hollow Hole is in her stomach, but in sealed form is covered by her dress, as is her Espada number, which is located on her back.


Cheng isn’t an unpleasant woman, most of the time- she is respectful towards her allies, and doesn’t treat her subordinates cruelly. On the other hand, she carries a definite degree of sadism to her enemies, especially those who have angered her.
As the Espada of Lust, however, there are definite… rumors… about what goes on in her Palacio, and a good deal of them are true. Her Fraccion also serve as a ‘harem’, with frequent acts of debauchery going on. On the other hand, it is not (as some claim) a constant orgy when Mei is in, as she understands that some respite is needed, both to fulfill essential… functions… and for the purposes of not tiring herself and her Fraccion out- after all, they do have other duties. Most of the time, she treats her Fraccion well, although she will generally flirt with them (and even when she's not engaging in lustful activities with them, generally goes to sleep with at least one).


Cero: Mei is capable of performing Cero, which is a grey color. She fires it from the tip of her spear in sealed form.

Silk Weaving: Mei is capable of extruding silk from her fingers in sealed form- it’s flexible and extremely strong, as well as being quite sticky. Mei doesn’t use this ability in combat much outside of her Resureccion, though- it simply takes too long. Instead, she uses it for… other purposes.

Zanpakuto: Araña

Sealed state

Arana normally takes the form of a Chinese Qiang, with a white tassel.


Resurreccion: "Weave, Araña!"

To activate Resureccion, Mei holds her Zanpaktou vertically in front of her. After she says the release phrase, the spear transforms into silk which forms a skintight cocoon around her, which then bulges before ripping apart to reveal that her lower body has transformed into a giant spider. In this form, her Hollow mask fragment appears, covering her chest in the form of part of a bony exoskeleton. In this form, she gains the ability to produce silk from any of her spider legs as well as from her fingers, and gains a number of special types of silk.
Poison Webbing: This webbing carries with it a contact-based poison, which varies in toxicity according to Mei’s wishes- anything from slightly debilitating to life threatening is possible, although the poison is relatively easy to treat.
Acid Webbing: The poison webbing’s nastier cousin, this webbing carries an acid (again, the acidity is determined by Mei), which comes into contact with anyone touched by it. Mei generally only uses this webbing if she specifically needs (or wishes) to cause pain to her opponent, as the poison is, quite frankly, a more efficient weapon- the main advantage of the acid is that it’s quite painful.
Knockout Webbing: This webbing, unlike the other types, does not work on contact- it specifically needs to cover the nose or mouth to take effect, upon which a drug rather like chloroform in its effects is delivered to the victim. If a victim is rendered unconscious by this webbing, they are likely to remain so until it is removed.
Standard Webbing: This webbing remains the same as in Mei’s sealed form, except for the fact that she can extrude it from any of her ten limbs- as well as using it to trap opponents, she also produces weapons out of it, which are remarkably tough.

All four types of webbing have their toughness determined by Mei, as well as how porous they are and whether they’re sticky or not. The webbings that work on a chemical have their speed of effect inversely proportional to the severity of effect and proportional to the amount of skin contacted by the webbing.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa: "Command phrase, (Name of zanpakuto)"

Abilities granted by resurreccion segunda etapa
Special Attack: Effects of special attack

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