Damara Shishihara

Sixth Division Vice Captain

Family Name Shishihara
Given Name Damara
Aliases White Eye (No longer used)
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 565


Appearing as a man in his prime, Damara has a slender but very fit form. His eyes are a light gray and highly observant, and he studies new people or phenomena very carefully when he first encounters them, either obviously or not. His hair is black, and flows down his neck to his shoulders. His personal appearance is always immaculate, without so much as a hair out of place. This is not due to vanity; he simply feels it is his duty to look proper because of his high position, and in times of extreme duress he begins to look more unkempt. Damara wears a standard Shihakusho, as well as a small silver neck band and a thin, long white scarf that hangs down both his front and back almost to the feet. He wears his Zanpakuto on his left hip. His Reiatsu is white, appearing as a soft glow that slowly grows more intense as he releases more power.


Damara has been described by many people who have worked with him as cold, callous, or heartless. This is not, technically, correct. Damara rarely shows emotion, and is a private, introverted person. He has great difficulty bonding with other people, and has never put in a significant effort to do so. As a result, he can come off as uncaring. Despite this, Damara is a kind person who is devoted absolutely to the Soul Society and has a strong sense of personal justice. Damara has a keen analytical eye, and is very perceptive of occurrences around him. He is an extremely meticulous person, and he doesn't do anything by half. Damara's greatest asset is his ability to learn; he can take in information very well, and is excellent at improving himself. Damara is also extremely intelligent. He enjoys learning new hobbies, and has mastered a large number of skills. These pursuits fill the void left by his lack of friends.


Very little is known about Damara's life before he became a Shinigami; nobody has ever really talked to him about it, and he doesn't seem particularly inclined to volunteer the information without provocation. It isn't hard to imagine him living quietly in some corner of the Rukongai, and this is the general assumption of his time there by any who have cared to speculate.
What is known is that Damara entered the Shinigami academy at a relatively young age, the thought of keeping the balance between the Mortal World and the Afterlife appealing to him. He committed himself to his studies with the quiet, unceasing effort that has become characteristic of him. He made no friends in his school days, devoting most of his time to study and practice. His constant efforts paid off, however. Damara consistently got extremely high marks in all of his classes, showing extraordinary skill at sword fighting and a high level of technical ability with Kido.
Damara graduated from the academy (valedictorian) and was initially assigned to the Thirteenth Division Squad. He took well to field work, and quickly gained a reputation as a cold, but hardworking and unquestioning shinigami. However, he continued to remain apart from other people, and had no real friends. Due to his constant distance, Damara was reassigned repeatedly because of his diverse skill set and high learning ability. Eventually, he was assigned to the Sixth Squad, where he was able to get along well because of the more fluid organization of the Division. Over time, Damara has climbed through the ranks at a fast but not startling rate, eventually reaching his current position as Vice-Captain.


Damara is a highly adept swordsman, preferring the use of Zanjutsu over all other combat disciplines. His style revolves around pure skill, as Damara is neither unusually strong nor unusually quick for one of his level. Despite his preference for swordplay, Damara is well practiced in all areas of Shinigami combat techniques, retaining good levels of skill in both Hoho and Hakuda. Damara's distance with his Shunpo is average, but the movement itself is very fast and he has a high degree of control over the technique, and he can use it many times in succession. Damara has a high level of ability with Kido, as well, able to reliably cast up to Hado 88 or Bakudo 90. He has a moderate level of skill in healing kido.

Zanpakuto: Shiro Hoshi (White Star)

Sealed state

In its sealed form, Damara's Zanpakuto is a simple katana with a crossguard shaped like a four-point star. The hilt is bright white, and meticulously wrapped in strips of white sharkskin. A small, flawless star sapphire is embedded into the pommel. The blade itself is brightly polished and razor sharp.

Inner World

Damara's Inner World appears as an unbroken vista of stars without visible planets. Occasional shooting stars can be seen.

Shiro Hoshi takes the form of a man sized white star. It is a flippant, playful spirit, frequently urging Damara to action without his usual careful forethought. He serves as a more reckless and immediate voice to Damara's endless hesitance. Despite this contrast, Damara and Shiro Hoshi are very close, and Damara spends much of his free time communing with his Zanpakuto Spirit.

Shikai: "Shine, Shiro Hoshi"

When the command is uttered, Shiro Hoshi flashes very brightly, blinding any but Damara who is looking at it. Afterwords, Shiro Hoshi continues to shine very brightly to the perception of anyone except Damara, who is not negatively affected by it. This can make it difficult to pin down the sword's exact location. The blade of the sword also trails an afterimage of its movements. Damara can control the length of this trail. Shiro Hoshi has three commands in this form:
White Wave: Damara swings Shiro Hoshi in a vertical or horizontal arc, which projects a wave of kido energy outwards. This is a simple attack which can be done repeatedly, and is moderately powerful. The wave is thin but strong and very sharp, allowing it to cut through most terrestrial materials.
Solar Flare: The light emerging from Shiro Hoshi pulses once and then flashes in a manner identical to its shikai command, potentially catching an opponent off guard and blinding them. The move also has a secondary effect, however, reflecting any moderately powerful energy based technique that gets caught in the second flash.
Fall: Shiro Hoshi is immediately pulled towards the largest immediate source of gravity at an extremely rapid rate, effortlessly slicing through obstructions or anything else that gets in the way. Damara has trained very hard to keep a hold on his Zanpakuto during this move. The technique is extremely powerful, and enables Shiro Hoshi to cut through almost anything. There are drawbacks, however. The technique is very difficult to control, and once it is started it cannot be stopped until Shiro Hoshi hits the ground or doesn't move for ten seconds, which can leave Damara vulnerable.

Bankai: Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi (Eternal White Star)

(Damara does not have Bankai yet)
When Bankai is activated, Shiro Hoshi sheds its bright white glow, replacing it with a dull, dark blue one. The blade itself extends slightly, and the hilt fades in color until it is only a shade lighter than the sapphire in its pommel. The blade stops trailing at this point. Pricks of light appear on the blade of Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi, simulating a night sky.
Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi is nearly indestructible and impossibly sharp, creating a formidable weapon. It also is wrapped in a blanket of kido-like energy, allowing it to parry mystic attacks as well as physical ones.
Damara also gains large, indistinct wings of energy, similar to the one surrounding his sword but both stronger and tougher. These wings have three effects: they allow Damara to fly at high speeds, they can serve as shields against attacks, and they can be used as a weapon.
Activating Bankai also gives Damara a large boost to his physical abilities, and heals him of any injuries he has sustained in battle up to this point.
Falling Star Blade: The stars in Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi's blade expand in size until the sword takes on the appearance of its shikai covered in white flames, and then the sword hurtles in a direction of Damara's choosing. Damara can switch direction mid strike or end it at any time. The technique is very similar to the Fall command of the Shikai, but has more control and more power.
Meteor Storm: The stars separate from Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi's blade, and then lance towards an opponent or opponents, forming a number of powerful strikes. It is very difficult to deflect all of the meteors, and they travel very quickly, making this a very deadly technique. Damara can also channel a much stronger and larger version of the attack through his wings.
Shield of the Night Sky: Damara swings Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi in an arc in front of him, trailing parts of its kido blanket, which can be used as a shield. If Damara desires, he can activate the Meteor Storm command from this shield.
Night Wave: This command is identical to the White Wave command, but is much more powerful.
Night Tide: Damara swings Eikyuu Shiro Hoshi in a vertical or horizontal arc, releasing a large wave of damaging kido energy. The technique is similar to the White Wave attack, but it is larger and stronger, making it unable to perform the precision cuts of White Wave in exchange for increased area of effect and power.
Heart of the Star: A blinding light fills a radius of twenty feet around Damara, making it almost impossible to see for anyone except him within this area. The area of the technique is ringed with white hot flames of kido that do not harm anyone entering the area, but cause serious burns to any opponent attempting to leave. The technique lasts for two minutes or until dismissed before fading, and is very draining on Damara, likely causing him to drop bankai after it ends. Damara can also concentrate the effect on himself, replacing his wings and the kido blanket on his sword with the white flames. Doing this grants him a significant power boost, but at a high level of personal risk.
Divine Judgment of the Night Sky: By far Damara's most powerful attack. When it is first activated, his wings spiral off his back and coalesce around his sword, extending the Kido blanket far beyond the sword's physical form. Damara lifts Shiro Hoshi over his head and then swings it down at his opponent. As it descends, all of the stars separate from the blade and hang in the air. The initial attack is extremely powerful, but if it fails to finish the opponent, or even if it doesn't, the stars then descend in a powerful Meteor Storm attack on the surrounding area. Using this move drains a titanic level of power, and forcibly reseals Shiro Hoshi.

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