Donovan Bonaventura

Owner of the Venti Buon Café.

Family Name Bonaventura
Given Name Donovan
Aliases Owner of the Venti Buon Caffè
Race Bount
Gender Male
Age 389


Donovan wears a white cotton shirt and black linen pants, and a brown tie with diagonal stripes. Over this simple attire he uses a long brown coat with a checkered pattern. His hair is black and well kept, his eyes are brown, he wears simple glasses and only smiles when greeting those he knows.


Pessimism guides Donovan's life. He has been through almost four centuries of brutal wars and political shifts, witch hunts and no small amount of hollow harassment. Most of the time he appears normal, hardly jaded or depressive, but any event can suddenly spark a short moment of vocal despair. In stark contrast of words and actions, Donovan speaks as if he cared little for the continuation of his life, and almost makes it seen as if he would prefer to die, but works diligently to keep going.

The truth of the matter is that Donovan is overly dramatic when he becomes upset, and nothing more.


Donovan lived in Europe until no more than two decades ago, where he had his coffè always moving around countries, to avoid being noticed for his bount immortality, not always successfully. In the first two centuries of his life he underwent his fair share of hangings, drownings and burnings at the stake, as well as overseeing the executions of criminals himself, he had pride in his hangings, of never making the mistake that caused the condemned to not die as soon as the rope tightened.


Donovan can fight properly with most weapons, showing particular proficiency with chains or ropes.

Doll: Jämmerlich (Miserable)

Sealed state

In its sealed form, Jämmerlich is Donovan's tie. Once released, Jämmerlich looks like a nine feet tall humanoid made of hemp rope, a "hangman golem", his power controls ropes and to a very minor extent, emotions.

Release: Zieg Ditch, Jämmerlich

Appearance: Jämmerlich is made of heavy, strong ropes. It packs a strong punch, but prefers to entangle and constrict its oponents, Jämmerlich also gives Donovan a heavy piece of hemp, which, using his power of rope control, he uses very efficiently as a whip or as a flail.

Personality: Jämmerlich is as dramatic as Donovan, with the slight difference that he is much more constantly vocal, he likes to quote speeches and theatrical lines, making whatever changes he feels will help convey his meaning best. Jämmerlich also knows more than a few connotations of his powers and makes no effort to avoid embarassing Donovan with commentary with obvious or subtle double meanings.

Rope Control: Both Jämmerlich and Donovan can animate hemp rope in the area, forcing the objects to attack by themselves. Jämmerlich can also produce an effectively limitless amount of hemp rope from its body. By twisting and shaping these ropes, as well as combining them with things such as chains and other objects that can be held in the animated knots, Donovan is capable of performing terrifying attacks such as the dreaded Scharfrichter-Drache.

Despair Aura: Jämmerlich exudes an aura that causes a sense of hopelessness on those within range, which can make the doll appear much more intimidating than it actualy is, and also quenching strong, positive feelings. Donovan is immune to this effect, more because he is already hopeless than because the power is technicaly his. This aura extends up to a 60 feet radius around both and does not discern ally from enemy, which is why Donovan prefers to fight alone when possible.

Miser's Ward: Donovan and Jämmerlich have their minds clouded and protected against outside effects. Telephatic contact, psychic attacks and mental effects do not reach them.

Venti Buon Caffè

The Venti Buon is excelently placed, in relation to some of the best spiritual spots in Phoenix Town, including the Local School, the Furousha Shop and the cemetary. For this excelent positioning, it is a favorite meeting place for many of the students after classes, and also caters to a small spiritual clientele.

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