Edward Callahan

Segunda Espada

Family Name Callahan
Given Name Edward
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Male/Female
Age Ridiculously old

Aspect of Death: Vanity


Edward appears to be a young man with a small delicate frame. He is very slender and has little wiry muscles. He is somewhat short. His skin is white as snow. His eyes and hair are both an enchanting light gold. Edward's eyes always seem to shine and appear quite striking. They give off a knowing, seductive, inviting, gentle, innocent and playful air. They have a downright vampiric charm to them. His hair is short and straight. His bangs are combed to the sides of his face. His face is soft and feminine and its features are perfectly proportioned. Edward often wears a faint smile that has a friendly and serene feel. He seems incapable of any extreme emotional displays either verbally or visually. His most serious looks and voice often give off only the impression of mild concern or agitation. He carries himself with great grace and his voice is pleasing, tender, smooth and polite. It usually carries a hint of subdued cheer. His slight figure makes him appear attractively vulnerable. It and his other attributes trigger the protective instinct of viewers. He has an aura of youth, innocence, harmlessness and quiet allure. Edward’s uniform is the plain type most commonly seen among arrancar. It is quite form fitting. He always wears it with the collar left open exposing some of his chest. His hollow hole is right below his ribs in the middle of his torso. His mask takes the form of a tiny beaded necklace. Edward is extremely handsome to most people. Everything about him seems just right and his features go together perfectly.


Edward is vain as his aspect implies. He believes he is the strongest and most beautiful arrancar but fortunately for others he doesn’t feel the need to constantly remind them since he is so sure of himself. He also doesn't care about his number. Edward's vanity frees him from worrying about the opinions of others that he doesn't like. Little can offend him because he feels he has nothing to prove. He is obsessed with the idea of feminine beauty and wishes that he were a woman. He views all other men as disgusting beings. His number one goal in life is to amass a harem of beautiful women that he can spend all his time doting on and socializing with in peace. Edward doesn’t mind females bragging about their looks but doing so at his expense isn't a wise idea. Callahan doesn’t exclusively believe in one particular image of beauty and takes personalities into account when making his evaluations. When dealing with attractive women he is polite and kind even if they are his enemies. He treats all men and ugly women with disdain and tries to avoid them as much as possible. Edward loves to be complimented and given gifts. Even hideous people can get on his good side if they use the right words. Callahan hates fighting in general but sometimes he finds beauty in the act. Callahan cares little for the King of Hollows' plans but he doesn't have any major ones of his own and he likes the idea of a more peaceful hollow society. He will help any of his comrades regardless of gender if they are united against a particular enemy such as shinigami but he won't throw himself into suicidal situations. He won't bother meddling in the disputes of his fellows either unless there's a pretty girl involved. He enjoys reading, chatting and lazing around in luxury. He has an easygoing attitude and a good sense of humor. He doesn't mind being made fun of as long as his looks aren't being insulted. When he sees an attractive female he has no reservations about openly complimenting her even though one might think he'd only be able to praise himself. Although Edward is fixated on women and their looks he doesn't specifically care about getting physically intimate with them. He is perfectly happy with an entirely platonic relationship. All he wants is to be loved and adored by them. Should someone sufficiently attractive try to make any bold advances towards him he might be quickly swept off his feet.


  • Sonido: Edward is the fastest and most coordinated/graceful of the Espada. Genoveva is much better at making after images and other tricks. Arcelia can use sonido for much longer periods of time before needing to rest than he can.
  • Hierro: He is fittingly durable for his rank.
  • Physical Strength: Edward is pretty weak for his rank. Arcelia would likely be his equal in strength before she uses her combat oriented Resurrección and much stronger afterwards.
  • Bala and Cero: Both are weak enough that he finds them useless.
  • Pesquisa: Edward can sense people near him well enough to avoid being sneaked up on by someone that isn't specifically very stealthy. He isn't particularly good at long range sensing, gaging the power of others or identifying people based on energy signatures.
  • Garganta: He is able to form a garganta quickly but has no other special skills regarding it.

When Edward fights he attempts to dodge and redirect all of his opponents attacks while slowly chipping away at them with his sword or claws.

Zanpakuto: Doncella (Maiden)

Doncella is a slender straight simple entirely white fencing sabre designed for cutting and thrusting.

Resurreccion: "Dance, Doncella!"

Edward transforms into an equally attractive female version of himself complete with ridiculously long flowing hair, curves and a modest bust. His uniform becomes a frilly white dress that extends to his feet. He appears even more dainty and fragile than before. His frame lacks any noticeable muscle. His sword breaks apart into numerous white particles which disappear into his clothes. His hair can be instantly shed and regrown at will making it impossible to restrain him with it.

In this form Edward’s hierro and sonido improve significantly. His nails lengthen a bit and become extremely sharp to help him bypass the defenses of tough enemies despite his abysmal strength.


The inhabitants of Edward's domain are generally very peaceful compared to those of others. They are largely artistic and fashion oriented types such as dancers, poets, painters, singers, jewelers, tailors, actors, musicians, storytellers, playwrights, sculptors and architects. Every citizen is in some specific way attractive if not in a general sense. Those that have elderly figures may appear distinguished and gracefully aged or endearingly frail. People who have been injured in the past may have scars that appear fashionable or enhance their beauty by accentuating the perfection of the rest of their form by contrast. People with average features have a sense of simplistic modest beauty rather than dullness. People that wear ridiculous or ugly clothing somehow look good in it. The right clothing on unsightly people always does more than enough to make up for their flaws. What citizens lack in raw looks they may also make up for with force of personality and tact. This is all because Edward only allows beautiful people and things in his land. Many people with an artistic bent come to it because he allows them to do whatever they want in pursuit of beauty.

Edward's palacio takes up most of the area he is in charge of. It is constantly being adorned with new works of art and is used to host numerous performances. Entirely new rooms and sections are added as architects come up with fresh designs to try. Each room has its own special design(s) because there is no official construction plan other than what groups of builders individually choose to agree upon. Any form of art may be found in a room such as a stone garden, a display of statues so realistic they appear to be the petrified victims of Medusa, walls covered with what appear to be thousands of random blotches of paint that supposedly have a deep meaning, a minimalistic layout made to represent the bareness of someone's soul or a mass of what appears to be melting clocks clearly ripping off Salvador Dali. The palacio is where everyone lives and it contains everything they would need to carry out their work such as living quarters and workshops. It is a city housed within one massive building. As a result of Hueco Mundo being a barren wasteland some gardening enthusiasts have invented plants that live entirely off reiatsu which can be found all throughout the building as decorations.

There are no official laws in place since Edward feels what is and isn't acceptable is a matter of common sense. Obviously murder, assault, theft and destruction of property aren't tolerated. Citizens commit little crime besides the occasional murder to obtain a dress that is truly to die for or artistic inspiration or as an act of expression. Edward's domain is so safe it has no official security. Citizens are expected to take matters of defense into their own hands. They usually band together quickly because an attack upon one lover of beauty is seen as an attack upon them all. They have little to fear other than literally dying of embarrassment because of a fashion disaster or starving to death because they can't stop looking at themselves in a mirror long enough to do anything else.

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