Eirene Klossner

Waitress at Donovan's Café.

Family Name Klossner
Given Name Eirene
Aliases None
Race Bount
Gender Female
Age 130


Eirene stands at a height of 5'4." Her black hair is slightly spiky at the back, and her bangs are held to one side with a hairclip. Her eyes appear in varying shades at time, usually some variation of dark reddish-brown. She usually wears the local high school uniform, but her sense of fashion often changes.


Eirene is a very optimistic and high-energy person, much to the dismay of some of the fellow Bount. She has the uncanny ability to make any situation positive. In addition, she has very little shame; she does not fear anyone else's judgement.


Combat Abilities

Eirene has very few natural combat abilities so to speak. Her combat training is pretty much nonexistent. However she is incredibly lucky, and it extends to her ability to avoid attacks. Bad things do not happen to good people.

Doll: Schrikbewind

Sealed State

Whilst sealed, Schrikbewind takes the form of a hairclip. The design of the hairclip changes almost every day.

Release: "Terrify, Schrikbewind!"

Appearance: When released, the hairclip splits into two pieces accompanied with a slight ominous breeze. The two shards grow to form two massive black wings, before taking the final form of a giant raven with a silver beak and silver talons. It possesses four red eyes. The edges of its feathers are a deep red.

Personality: Schrikbewind is a very quiet being, unlike her master. It is a silent prankster though, often making jokes at others' expense.

Flight of the Crows: As the massive raven flies it sheds its black feathers. Each of these feathers transforms into a regular sized raven of a similar appearance to their creator. Up to fifteen may be created at a time. Each raven can burst into a black feathery explosion. They are regular ravens in all other aspects, and so they are not very effective in combat at all; they are mostly used for distraction, but they are dangerous in swarms. As more crows surround a particular foe they will begin to face a feeling of dread. Lesser beings can be overtaken and immobilized by fear, but even strong beings will begin to hesitate.

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