Its own boss.

Family Name Unknown
Given Name Unknown
Aliases Elder, That Damn Feral, Long-running Problem, Õta Yui
Race Natural Arrancar
Gender ???
Age Old as the sky as far as anyone is concerned


Due to its ability to possess people, Elder can have variety of appearances; however, any human body he's inhabiting will look sick. Bloodveins become pronounced and black, which is especially notable in and near the eyes; their skin will pale and their hair will grey out, like they were aging prematurely; finally, their nails and teeth will elongate, harden and become razor sharp, with nails becoming black as well.

Currently, Elder inhabits a body of a youthful middle-aged woman, and goes by the name Õta Yui. She's 5'7" tall, well endowed and very fit, courtesy of Elder trying to keep the body in good shape. All the side-effects of Elder's presence are in full effect, meaning she looks like she's either terminally ill or wearing tasteless amount of make-up. Elder prefers formal outfits, usually going around in a black suit.

Elder's spiritual form is that of a tall humanoid covered in triangular scales, with expection of its head and parts of its back. The scales are bone white expect for a faint grey, eye-like pattern on each one. There are some bony protrusion along its spine, suggesting there were once wings and a tail there. Its face looks like it was skinned from nose down, leaving a skeletal grin to greet anyone who meet it; above the nose, its face looks like that of an old androgynous human, with pale skin, grey hair and pitch-black eyes. Its hands and feet have long and extremely sharp black claws. A hole size of a fist goes trough its abdomen.


Elder is fiercely territorial towards other hollows, consuming or otherwise disposing of any that stray within its defined sphere of influence. This behaviour does not, curiously, extend to other spiritual creatures; it gives much leeway to local psychopomps, never offending them unless threatened and letting them purify hollows it deems unworthy of attention or too dangerous to attack alone. It's not uncommon for it to actively give advice to Shinigami who it knows can't hurt it. It has also tricked other powerful hollows to traps that were originally meant for it.

What makes it even more curious is its relation with humans. In exchange for having departed souls to eat, Elder actively tries to improve the conditions of humans around it, often going out of its way to make known it's doing the work. While this might seem chivalrous, it's can also be seen as a survival tactic; destroying Elder is problematic because area it's in is often better for its presence.

Elder has somewhat hazy memory, and thus Shinigami often know more about its past than it does. Face to face, it always feels a bit sleepy or lost in thought. It does not bear grudges and can't be bothered with revenge; once a threat is safely out of sight, it's out of mind as well. While it acknowledges that it's a bastard, it still holds that it's better in some vague sense than other hollows and even some Shinigami. It has tendency to hold back against weaker non-hollow opponents, but whether it's a matter of sense of honor or a scheme to lull enemies to false sense of safety is anyone's guess.


General abilities: Elder can use Sonido, Pesquisa and Cero with great aptitude. Its Hierro is either laughable or non-existent, as unseated Shinigami can reportedly wound it; it counters this by being a tough hand-to-hand combatant and good at disarming its opponents. It probably knows Garganta, but has never been seen to use it.

Gelatinous Reiatsu: Elder's reiatsu is very thick, and moving trough it feels like going trough pudding. More notably, it assumes solid qualities when hit with enough force. Walking trough it is relatively easy, running against it is like pushing against rubber, and if someone is stupid enough to shunpo against it, the result will be like ramming into a thick steel wall. This forces slower and restrained movements near Elder when it's manifesting its power.

Instant Regeneration: Elder's spiritual form heals with absurd rate. Anything short of its head being obliterated can and will be healed. It can't keep this up indefinitely, however; in longer battles, if it's constantly damaged, its regeneration will slow down and evetually seize. Time seems to matter more than extent of injuries; Elder has survived its torso being blown away several times during a battle, but has been forced to flee after losing a limb after suffering enough nicks and scratches.

Gonzui: Another reason why ousting Elder is such a difficult thing. Elder can suck out and eat souls of spiritually weak humans en masse to greatly increase its size and power. As Elder favors densely populated areas, full use of this ability might kill thousands of mortals at once. This is one big factor why Soul Societies won't send their strongest members after it, because Elder would cause horrible casualties if he caught on it; similarly, Elder can't use this ability to great extent, because that would break their unspoken "truce" and bring their full wrath on it.

Possession: Elder can take over a body hollowed with Gonzui. The body goes trough some cosmetic changes and gains an aura that frightens mortals, but gains no other powers. When in a human body, Elder's reiatsu and reiryoku are impossible to accurately measure. Elder can stay in a body and function as a mortal until old age renders the body useless. If a possessed body is mortally wounded, Elder's spirit will detach from it; if the finishing blow was landed by a spiritual weapon, it will suffer some nausea afterwards.

Spawn: To some extent, Elder can recall personalities and powers of those he's eaten; if he wants to, he can release them as hollows by removing part of his body. For example, droplets of its blood can become weak, single soul hollows; a severed finger would become a standard, unintelligible Gillian; a whole hand would become a personalised one. Something akin to a complete limb would make an Adjuchas. Body parts used this way can't be regenerated unless Elder absorbs its constructs back, or otherwise eats enough souls to replace them. The creations are independent beings; they won't be concerned one bit if Elder is destroyed, and it often has to force them down if they're feeling disobedient.


It's widely accepted that Elder is a natural arrancar, but it's never seen carrying anything resembling a soul cutter or resurrecting itself. Some theorize it has somehow lost it, and rises from obscurity every once in a while to look for it.

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