Emi Martin


Family Name Martin
Given Name Emily
Aliases Emi
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16


Emi's appearance is an odd contrast between her personality and her natural aesthetics. On one hand, she generally stands out among her peers. She's tall and slender, standing a significant height above most of those around her, though her overall frame lends itself well to such a height. What is more, her long, loosely gathered auburn hair and doll-like face make clear that her ancestry is quite certainly not all Japanese.

However, Emi is certainly not the type of person to try and stand out. She typically wears standard and unassuming clothing, and has a rather meek and unobtrusive presence that makes her somewhat more forgettable. It is typically on initial meetings that she most makes an impression; after that initial meeting, she tends to drop out of people's minds.


While not painfully shy, Emi is certainly less outgoing than most. She tends not to take initiative, but rather builds towards things slowly and with careful planning. Also, she pays heavy attention to her misgivings and might come across as overly worrisome at points.

However, those that do get talking to Emi will find that she's really quite a kind and intelligent girl, though unfortunately her school performance is affected by her more ponderous methods (and thus she only earns average grades where she could theoretically do quite well). While not especially humorous herself, she loves to laugh and very much appreciates the company of others, even if she doesn't always seek it out.

Sometimes, Emi expresses frustration with her tediously careful nature, all too aware how it holds her back. She's not entirely comfortable with how she expresses herself and acts in every day life.


Non-Spiritual Abilities:
Beyond her normal knowledge and skills as a student, Emi is a fair musician, skilled primarily in the French Horn (which she stubbornly, and correctly, refers to as the Horn in F), though she is also capable of playing piano. Other than that, Emi is a fairly normal person, with no remarkable skills.

Spiritual Awareness:
Currently, Emi only possesses a limited form of spiritual awareness. While she can only barely perceive the presence (not even general whereabouts) of most spiritual entities, Emi's senses are unusually adept at noticing Hollows, though even those are some what indistinct.

Releasing Fury
Though currently incapable of this, Emi's main power is symbolically casting aside her uncertainty and acting far more brashly and boldly. When using this ability, a writhing, winged and clawed ghostly presence emerges from Emi, half mirroring her movements and half taking its own actions. It takes a bit of desperation or real need for Emi to tap into this ability, at least initially, but when she does, she changes quite significantly. Those familiar with hollows, or Vizards, might mistake her for something similar, though in truth she only has many parallels to them, not true connections.

The three capabilities she gains from Releasing Fury are as follows:

-Unceasing Wings
While using her Releasing Fury power, Emi is capable of using the wings of her ghostly presence to fly. She is fairly graceful, but not especially fast (though certainly not slow). Further, she can also use her wings to shield herself from harm. They are not all encompassing, and it takes decent reflexes to pull them in the way in time, but they can sustain (or even outright ignore) a fair amount of damage, and even if a powerful attack destroys a wing, she can regrow it almost instantly, though this will tire her and eventually drain her completely if forced to do it repeatedly. She can't fly and use her wings as shields at the same time.

-Zealous Rapidity
The weakest of her three powers, Zealous Rapidity increases Emi's speed far beyond the levels she should normally have… but as she's an untrained young girl, this says very little. In short, she's fairly fast, but not remarkably so.

-Tisiphone's Vengeance
Emi's claws in her Releasing Fury form are relatively hard hitting, and though there may be those who hit harder or faster, Emi's adeptness at both still allow her to be a threatening force, hitting a middle line where some specialize in one or another. The true power of her claws is more subtle and horrifying though- any wound she causes is stubborn, taking twice as long to naturally heal, and doubling the effort it would take to heal it with other methods.

While for the most part Releasing Fury does not cause a significant strain on her, especially long fights may wear Emi out and prevent her from using it further until she rests.

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