Eriku Ginomamori

Apostle of Kujo

Family Name Ginomamori
Given Name Erik/Riku/Eriku
Aliases The First Apostle of Chaos Made Flesh
Race Fae/Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 127


Eriku is of mixed White British and British Japanese heritage, the tone of his skin residing halfway between those of his two parents. His hair is short, spiky and black, and the irises of his eyes are a dullish red. He is tall, and built with densely packed muscle that leaves him looking athletically slender. The features of his parents blend into an attractive face, which combined with elegance, poise and almost tangible charisma, make him stunningly handsome.

Almost as stunning is his voice. Almost always tinted with an edge of seduction, Eriku’s words are like silk over pearl, always spoken softly, but rarely inaudible.

Eriku’s typical outfit consists of a black suit with a deep maroon shirt, the top button left undone but nevertheless accompanied with a navy blue tie. He typically wears his zanpakutou at his right hip.


Eriku bores easily, and loves to be different. It’s why he joined Kujo in the first place. Over time, he came to love the man rather than difference and freedom he provided, idolise him even. Quite when Eriku took the step that made Kujo into his personal deity is up for debate, but the rogue shinigami will now and forever have Eriku’s devotion and service.

Eriku is not reserved about his faith, either. He is more than happy to proselytize to all in his cool, charming manner, even in the midst of combat. However, he has no patience for infidels and heretics (as he sees them) – those who not only refuse Kujo’s perceived divinity, but also actively act against his lord’s wishes.


Born and raised in Britain by a White British father and British Japanese mother, Eriku’s mortal life was uneventful up until his death in traffic collision. Brought over to Annwn, Eriku showed promised, and remarkably quickly worked his way to the position of Ail of his House with remarkable speed, mostly due to the time he spent on combat training out of boredom. But he was still bored.

One year, whilst serving as a Fianna, he deserted, leaving Britain behind in search of excitement elsewhere. It was on his travels that he encountered Kujo, and Eriku quickly became one of his most devoted followers and servants.


Combat Abilities

Eriku is specialised in Zanjutsu and Hoho, and barely competent with Hakudo.


Eriku is proficient with Silakus 73 and Girserusu 77, and can use up to Silakus 54 and Girserusu 58 without incantation.

Zanpakuto: Kuroyousei ("Black Claim")

Sealed State

Kuroyousei take the shape of a katana whilst sealed, with a deep, dark maroon binding on the grip.

Inner World

The spirit of Kuroyousei takes the shape of a middle-aged man with shoulder-length dark hair, his face obscured with a straw hat. He is clothed in an altered version of shinigami Shihakusho, white replaced with blue-black, and black with a deep, dark maroon. Eriku's mindscape takes the form of an endless green field around a small hillock with a cherry tree atop it, its flowers in full bloom.

Shikai: "Tsukurigoto, Kuroyousei – Lie, Black Claim"

In shikai, Kuroyousei shifts into a kaiken with a guard that curls back towards the hilt to form a ring. The hilt retains its dark maroon bindings.
Zanitsuwari – Cutting Lies: Whenever anyone lies, whether to someone else or to themselves whilst within earshot of Kuroyousei, they are wounded on a random part of their body as though they had been cut by Kuroyousei’s shikai form. The wound is deeper the more serious the lie is.

Kyouko no Moushiyou – Strength of Words: The severity of the wounds caused by Kuroyousei in shikai increase slightly every time a word is spoken within earshot of it during shikai. The effect fades upon reseal, and it can never more than triple the effectiveness of Kuroyousei.

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