Erima "Eri"

Youkai Scarf and Student

Family Name ——
Given Name 襟巻 Erima
Aliases "Eri"
Race Tsukumogami
Gender Female
Age 108 (seems 16)


In human form, Eri appears as a student of the same age as Takara. She wears her hair with a ribbon tied in it, generally patterned or colored, and prone to being changed by day.
Often it actually is patterned in the style of whatever pattern or color she last was appearing as when she was a scarf.
Her appearance is unimposing, and though she has good posture, often she is seen lazily in class, though she is quite proficient in PE. Being a scarf otherwise, she can appear in different shapes and sizes, as well as color or pattern to match an outfit.


A practical and deliberate being, Eri gives off a little bit of an air of 'coolness' though she is very 'down-to-earth.' She is quiet and serious most of the time, not that she is anti-social (she actually really enjoys learning and talking to people deep within), but she is wary of her own lack of experience in conversation and perhaps the certain oddities of her character. She maybe even is a little shy.

Certainly proud and confident in her own nature and ability, she nonetheless is a 'straight-man' kind of character, who is constantly put off-balance by the energetic and excitable Takara.

Of course, part of this is due to her lack of ability to accurately predict human nature, though Takara's often compulsive attitude does not make this easy anyway.
She is something of a 'tsukkomi' or 'tsundere' kind of character. Sometimes Eri tries to distance herself from 'humans' but actually greatly enjoys their presence. She is a little ignorant of a lot of things still in human life, but yet is very perceptive on people's feelings, even if the motivations behind them are difficult to understand for her.


Eri is a tsukumogami- a 'youkai' who became alive, but was originally an object. Her original form is a scarf, made by the great-grandmother of Takara. She was well cared for and worn by both Takara's grandmother and mother. Somehow, she ended up in storage with other things as Takara's family settled became a little better off after the war. Having been used and then neglected for 100 years, she can assume a human form at will, and she has a monstrous form (her 'youkai' form).

She likely would have become an angry and vengeful spirit, except Takara appeared and 'adopted' her, finding the scarf within the attic of her house. Playing with it often when she was younger, one day while playing the scarf became a human somewhat like her, and they became friends. Since then, they have quite been inseparable.

Abilities and Nature

Being a supernatural existence, Eri can see ghosts and other spiritual beings. Being a tsukumogami, her original form is a scarf, made by the great-grandmother of Takara. Having been used and then neglected for 100 years, she can assume a human form at will, though because of her bond with Takara's family, if 'wielded' or 'held' by one of their family members, she cannot return to human form until released.
A Good Muffler:

* As a 'shapeshift object' she can change her form slightly within reason. For example,as a scarf she can become longer or thicker, change color and pattern. This makes her a valuable accessory (sometimes to her chagrin) to Takara.
* Under Eri's own power, she can do such things as turn one of her arms into part of a scarf- but such a thing is frightening for humans and she considers it extremely poor taste. An insult to both humans and to youkai.

Wearing: When Eri changes between forms, she returns to her other form in the appearance of what she was like before. For scarf, this means that what pattern/color her last form was (which can be changed then easily). For a human, this means she is wearing whatever she was wearing before she changed.
Injury: When she is wounded, this will affect her between forms. For a scarf, she maybe appears more worn and frayed. For a human, she may be scratched or bleeding. For her monstrous form it may be a combination of the two.
Combat monstrous form: The 'monstrous' form of Eri is the scarf, much elongated, and yet seemingly (for those with spiritual vision) emitting a dangerous, purple aura. The ends of the scarf are razor sharp claws, and the whole form is animate and strongly resistant to slashing weapons. Often though when worn, Takara controls her. Quickly slashing and striking like arms or serpents themselves, it would be difficult to approach Takara easily. Eri's more 'youkai' nature comes out, and she generally is more inclined to violence and enjoys causing fear.



Because of her actual nature as a scarf, Eri isn't bothered by cold weather. For example, her hands are always warm to touch, though this slight strangeness has in the past caused people to think that she in fact has a fever when she does not. Likewise, the opposite is true in summer. While she is fine in cold weather, she is not fond of hot weather.

Often Eri seems a little weary or gloomy. It is likely because she has exerted her power too much, or not gotten enough sleep. If forcibly wielded as a weapon in monstrous form by Takara, Eri is generally weary and tired after it (which tends to make her less agreeable). If she's very tired maybe she'll just sleep where she is, or become a scarf for a while.

Youkai nature

* Because she is a Tsukumogami, she cannot enter into holy grounds like Shrines or Temples in human form. Even though she can normally communicate with Eri while a scarf, she is completely silent, as if just a normal scarf within such places. Obviously she would prefer not to go to such a place, and if she has the option, she will refuse to accompany Eri (or whoever she is with) into the place. If pulled forcibly into the grounds, she will automatically become a normal scarf (like above) until they leave.
* In human form, she very faintly gives off a trace of supernatural energy, though trained priests or other supernatural creatures probably are the only ones who could identify that aura as being a youkai. This trace of energy is from the 'magic' of gaining a human form. It is something like a 'gigai' except a real body. (If you would please, talk to me in a pm before assuming your character can look at her and tell instantly what she is. I am happy to work things out, but this is not the case of her being a ghost or spirit, for those who can see such things.)
* When she is in scarf form, she gives off no such energy and is just a scarf. In her combat form, this energy is much more visible (and can likely be noticed even by the other spiritually aware mortals).

Abomination of Life
Eri absolutely hates and is terrified of moths and other cloth-eating insects. She will slay them wherever they are and whenever she finds one if she can. On the last school trip to the zoo, at the Insect-Viewing Place she was forced to leave after 'causing disturbance' inside the building. Though most students probably just think she dislikes insects (it is not untrue).

Abomination of False Life
Like all Tsukumogami, Eri greatly dislikes and distrusts (is also maybe even a little afraid, though she won't ever admit it) of electric devices. Lights are okay, but she hates even such things as crosswalk signs or computers. Even microwaves and most certainly automatic doors. She doesn't trust them at all, but grudgingly accepts them. She will avoid interacting with such things if at all possible, which might lead to occasional awkward or humorous situations.

She has skipped every Computers class, and writes everything by pen or pencil. She struggles in math but is too proud to ask for help (because of calculators). Likewise, it goes without saying she has no cellular phone. If one wants to contact her, it would be good to ask Takara, because Eri won't even answer a telephone.

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