Erscheinung Von Geister, King of Hollows

King of Hollows, ruler of Las Noches

Family Name Von Geister
Given Name Erscheinung
Aliases The Ghost King
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age Arbitrarily old.


Von Geister looms tall above most. He wears a white hakama with long sleeves, white gloves, white socks and white sandals, all covered by a white mantle that falls from beneath his pauldrons, which in turn boast short, sharp teeth. His face bears the weight of age and his hair is gray of the same ailment. He always holds an ivory cane in one of his hands.


Von Geister is patient. Shinigami are long-lived, but hollow are immortal, and no hollow to date has lived longer than him. For millennia he has kept his grip tight over the vastest swath of the White Sands and the Forest of Menos. For centuries he has kept the stalemate between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. For decades he has kept the secret of the hougyoku, the tool that could end the stalemate, but surely cause the downfall of both sides, and for an equal amount of time he has been wise enough never to consider its use.
In the rule of his city, Las Noches, crown jewel of Hueco Mundo, Von Geister cannot be considered anything less than the best one could hope… For a monster. His decisions mostly work out for the best of the group, if not usually to the benefit of the individual. In counter, his punishments are harsh, harsher than death itself could be, if the need calls.
In more personal matters, the old hollow has a soft spot for his queen, and to a lesser extent, for his Espada. He nourishes a cold spite for reapers everywhere, and perceives mortals as amusing, shallow things with petty concerns that are ultimately trivial. He is also a compulsive collector of exotic creatures, be them spiritual or mortal.


Von Geister is the mightiest of all hollows, a status that he has kept for millennia.

Bala: Von Geister’s bala is as potent as one could expect. He can fire as many as six bala per second.

Cero: Cero is one of his areas of mastery. Von Geister is capable of effortlessly generating and firing two ceros at once. He’s also capable of using Cero Doble to redirect ceros back at attackers.

Hierro: Von Geister has a potent hierro, as expected of his power.

Garganta: Garganta is a technique owned by all hollows, used for dimensional transportation. Von Geister’s is capable of forcing a vacuum to form at the portal, either forcing things into it or out of it. This vacuum results in a relatively strong windstorm directly in front of the open portal. He is also capable of creating truly vast gates.

Sonido: Von Geister’s agility is inferior to expectancies, but his speed is still considerable.

Regeneration: Von Geister can quickly regenerate moderate wounds and even regrown or reattach lost limbs, organs and other body parts. Regenerating internal organs takes time and large amounts of energy.

Organic Byoconstruction: Von Geister has the power to control and transform organic matter; this manipulation takes time and effort and happens on a genetic level. The exception to this rule is the manipulation of the organic material of his zanpakutou, which is made of hollow bone, Von Geister can swiftly cause the object to grow and morph into a variety of structures to serve as different weapons.
Altering living creatures is risky and exceedingly prone to failure, which leads to cell degeneration and death. For this reason, Von Geister prefers to use Reene’s brood as subjects for genetic alteration, since they all share similar genetic codes and are exceedingly numerous.

Zanpakuto: Misa Cancerosa

Sealed state

Misa cancerosa’s sealed form is Von Geister’s cane, a four feet long staff of spotless, white hollow bone tipped by a circular handle with spiral markings.

Resurreccion: "Transfórme, Misa Cancerosa."

Von Geister’s legs split into six arthropod limbs, and his arms, now four in number, become similarly insectile, all covered in white hollow bone. His body enlarges to four times his natural size, his head is completely engulfed by his mask, an insectile head bearing ten small, glowing green eyes, a five-parted, insectile lower mandible and a bone frill extending from his forehead, with innumerable thin tendrils extending from beneath it like a mane. Von Geister’s back is adorned by four elastic tentacles, each tipped with a heavy bone spike. Finally, his body extends further back, a mass hidden beneath a segmented plate and supported by a myriad of short insectile legs.

Misa Cancerosa grants Von Geister a few extra natural weapons and the power to create and manipulate cysts of anomalous organic tissue. He gains a pair of staffs that he can manipulate in the same manner as his zanpakutou.

Tentáculo de Punto: Each of the four tentacles on Von Geister’s back can extend as far as sixty feet, the heavy spike at the end of each is very dense, making it stronger and heavier than it appears.

Cañón de Espina: Von Geister has structures in his head frill that allow him to fire volleys of small bony spines in quick bursts. These spines pack a strong punch.

Quiste Canceroso: Von Geister can produce a cyst of anomalous tissue and implant it on a victim, or throw it like a projectile. The cysts are a focus for many of his other abilities. Implanting a cyst on a victim requires said victim to be helpless or willing. Once implanted, the cyst latches to the tissue around it and links with the host’s blood vessels to sustain it. It can usually be felt as a nodule beneath the skin, seen as a tumor through appropriate means, and can be removed by means of chirurgery.
A cyst without a host starves to death in a few minutes.

Once a cyst has been created it can then be altered in one of many ways, once a cyst has been so mutated it cannot mutate into a different form. Von Geister cannot manipulate a cyst if he is not in the same plane as it.

Hinchar Quiste: Von Geister causes a cyst to swell abruptly. If within a host, the swelling can cause intense pain and hinder movements, as the hollow tissue grows around and over muscles and tendons. Most forms of spiritual healing and regeneration will attack the cancerous growth and cause it to regress.
If the cyst is not inside a host, the growth of cancerous tissue will spread over any avaiable surfaces, creating a carpet of organic material capable of sustaining itself on ambient reishi particles to last indefinitely. Cysts can attach to this layer of organic material for sustenance, but the destruction of the original cyst causes the tissue to lose the capacity to feed.

Explotar Quiste: Von Geister causes the cyst to enlarge and explode violently in a shower of acid, bone fragments and gore. The explosion can be lethal if it happens inside of a host. Alternatively, the cyst can burst into poisonous spores; this is a much less violent explosion and is unlikely to damage a host. The poison is not lethal, meant simply to knock victims out.

Tumor Nervioso: The cyst develops nervous terminations that link to the host’s own nervous system, allowing Von Geister access to the victim’s mind and senses. Von Geister can telepathically communicate with the host of one of these cysts, perceive the word through their senses (while losing awareness of his own), and assault the victim’s mind, manipulating their perception, personality and memories. This cyst also allows the host to communicate with other bearers of the Tumor Nervioso. None of this cyst’s psychic powers work across the planes.
A Tumor Nervioso not inside a host spreads ganglion tissue over a small surrounding area, this tissue produces an electric current and contact with it can be harmful, if detached from a suitable organic material (such as that created by Hinchar quiste), the tissue dies in no more than ten minutes, dispersing in the air as reishi shortly afterwards.

Terminar Quiste: Von Geister causes the cyst to degenerate and die, dealing no harm to the host.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa: "Soberano de la Evolución."

Unknown, but undoubtetly very nasty.

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