Feiyan Tewulan

4th Division 3rd Seat

Family Name Tewulan
Given Name Feiyan
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Female
Age 153


Height: 5'9''
Weight: 116 lbs.
Hair: Brown-black
Eyes: Icy blue
Apparent Age: 17
Reiatsu/Speech: Sea Green
Feiyan has relatively tanned skin, with a few freckles on her face. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and is almost always in a ponytail, which goes down to her hips. Her eyes are light blue, and usually wears cherry-coloured lipstick. Under her Soul Reaper robes, she wears knee-length khakis and a plain black t-shirt. Feiyan is relatively thin and wiry.


Feiyan is strong-willed and good natured, but that doesn't stop her from being a little sadistic towards patients. Perhaps she enjoys scaring people? Feiyan is kind-hearted, and she would never betray her friends. Feiyan is also extremely stubborn. But perhaps her most unique personality trait of all is that she won't stand a man who flirts with her. Feiyan is generally not the boyfriend/girlfriend type. But this trait could be susceptible to change.


Little to nothing is known of Feiyan's history, other than that upon arriving in the Seireitei, she lived in the Zaraki district with her parents and younger sister. Her parents were killed, and the whereabouts of her sister shall remain unknown…for now.


Feiyan is an expert healer, although living in Zaraki district has taught her how to fight as well. Her best ability, though, is terrifying her patients. She's well-known for it.

Zanpakuto: Saezuki Megami (Three Moon Goddess)

Sealed state

Its sealed form looks like a regular katana with a bronze hilt.

Zanpakuto Spirit

The words that come to mind of Saezuki are, 'deluxe flirt'. Saezuki has waist-length spiky dandelion coloured hair. She has caramel coloured eyes. She wears a short, strapless, pink-purple dress, with fishnet stockings. She wears lime green shoes with an electric blue platform heel. She is always wearing makeup, and has a tattoo of a red heart on her right forearm. (please note that I'll be changing the colour of Saezuki's speech to Lime.)

Shikai: "Show your faces, Saezuki Megami!"

Released, it has the ability to manipulate reiatsu. First, it can discharge some of Feiyan's reiatsu in order to heal the wounded, and second, upon contact with an enemy's blade, can suck out the enemy's reiatsu.


Feiyan has yet to achieve bankai.

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