Garoux Lobosolo

Arrancar #12

Family Name Lobosolo
Given Name Garoux
Aliases Roux
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age 367


Garoux cuts a tall figure with an athletic build. His hair is kept shoulder-length, and he is plagued with a perpetual five o’clock shadow. His eyes are the colour of slate, and possess a piercing, predatory gaze. His hollow hole pierces his chest right where his trachea would branch into his lungs. His Arrancar uniform is mostly typical, though he has replaced the hakama with slightly flared trousers. His mask fragment consists of an array of canine teeth arranged just below his neck like a necklace.


Garoux comes over as gruff and reserved, but he considers himself prudent and practical. For him, it comes down to doing exactly what is necessary to fulfil a given task, and no more. He rarely gets close to anyone, and only those who do so and those ranked above him are permitted to use shortened name. Anyone else is asking for a dirty, gritty fight.


Combat Abilities: Roux’s physical strength and cero are average for one of his rank. His sonido and hierro are notably above average, whilst his bala is effectively useless. Whilst competent with his own zanpakutou, his skill with traditional swords is abysmal, though he is highly skilled in unarmed combat, often mixing blows from his body and his zanpakutou when using the latter.

Correr sin Final - Running Without End: Roux’s endurance is remarkable. Physical activity on his part simply cannot wear him out at all, and his ability to detect pain and sense of touch are both vastly inferior to the norm.

Zanpakutou: Ashur (Lone Wolf)

Sealed State

Whilst sealed, Ashur takes the shape of a combat knife with no notable features.

Resurreccion: "Howl, Ashur"

In Resurrección, Roux’s appearance does not change drastically. His clothing changes to a white shirt, a sleeveless collared white jacket, though he retains the slightly flared trousers. Both the forearms of the shirt and the lower sections of the trousers have thin tassels of grey wolf hair hanging from their outermost edge, and the collar of the jacket is edged with similarly coloured wolf fur. His mask fragment is also altered – the necklace of fangs are gone, replaced with a fanged maw over Roux’s own mouth. His zanpakutou makes no appearance in his released state, replaced with a pair of clawed gloves of Adjuchas bone.

Combat Abilities: In Resurrección, Roux's strength, speed and hierro all increase, though the latter two remain his physical strengths.

Cero del Cazador - Cero of the Hunter: This unique cero is actually a combination with Garganta. Whilst much smaller than a standard cero (being only about two fists across in diameter), this attack opens an equally small Garganta just in front of the charging cero that opens some distance behind the target of the attack.

Acosar los Talones - Worry the Heels: Whilst released, physical contact with Roux disrupts the flow of reiryoku employed in casting kido. If Roux touches someone in the process of uttering a kido, the power dedicated to fuelling the kido collapses and returns to the caster, who will have to begin the casting process anew.

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