Primera Espada

Family Name
Given Name Genoveva
Aliases Jailer of Las Noches, Hunter of Hollows
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age Unknown


Genoveva doesn't always seem to fit the description of what one would expect from an arrancar, with little to separate her from the rank and file except for the way she holds herself. Her short blond hair is cut in a remarkably simple bowl cut that follows her jaw line and frames her face nicely. Her eyes are almost always seen slitted or severely squinting, giving the uncanny and creepy sensation that she is trying to stare through whomever she is looking at rather then at them or that she might have poor vision though she behaves otherwise. Sharpened teeth are almost exposed in a wide slasher smile that brings attention to her hollow mask, nothing more then a simple 'teardrop' underneath of her right eye.

Genoveva wears a simple sleeveless white top bordered in black that is unbuttoned at the top just far enough down to expose the top of her hollow hole right where her heart would be. On others it might have been revealing, but she possesses a slim figure lacking in the sort of curves that others have. The top ends just before the waistline of her tight slacks to expose a bit of her navel, though most pay more attention to the broad-bladed falchion that is belted across the small of her back. There is an enormous chip in the sharpened side of the blade, as if it had tried to cut extremely hard bone. Genoveva's long slacks are tucked into the top of knee length black tabi socks and she wears a simple pair of sandals on her feet. There is no sign of a tattoo anywhere on her exposed skin.


Genoveva is what can easily be considered an emotional sadist, she revels in the misery, rage, and despair of friends and allies alike giving her a tendency to show up at the most in-opportune times to toy with enemies and allies alike. To her, nothing is better then forcing someone into the ultimate isolation and this has made her actions a bit mercurial to say the least. While fraccion and Espada are normally immune to her predations (usually), there are still rumors of her seeking out hollows and arrancar of 'weak spirit' for the cause and of loyalty and that those unfortunates haven't been seen again. If the darkest rumors hold true, even Espada who were about to be demoted, Privaron Espada, or fraccion who hurt the cause have been paid one of these special visits before being spirited away making her appearance one of ill-omen. This has likely attributed to her nicknames of 'Jailer of Las Noches' 'Hunter of Hollows'.

Attached to her mercurial attitude is the seeming fondness of watching others fight, even if she has no intention of getting involved herself. Something about the conflict of others appeals to her and she'll often be spied watching the most insignificant of battles or even watching one of her own fraccion or soldiers getting killed with the same smug expression on her face before leaving.

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Genoveva's zanpakuto takes the form of a broad-bladed falchion with a big chip in the blade towards the tip. The weapon is a little longer then half of her height and functions perfectly well despite the chip in the blade. The guard is shaped to look like a two-faced skull with the blade coming out of the top of the joined skulls. The hilt is wrapped in black silk and there is a crimson tassel attached to the pommel. Genoveva has the ability to sense what aspect of death an arrancar or hollow would have and can instinctively craft an aura from that aspect that extends out from her to thirty feet. These auras aren't the 'purest' distillation of an aspect, so if she were to have a 'Destruction' aura it wouldn't annihilate everything within thirty feet of her but slowly cause damage to anything within range of her aura over time. She can retain a memory of auras she's crafted in the past, not just in the presence of a hollow or arrancar that has that aspect and remembers them for a week's time before she would have to be exposed to that aspect again. However, those who share an aspect with her current aura find it even more effective against them then it would be to others.

Resurreccion: "Búsquelos, Último Depredador!"

Many enemies are taken by surprise when Genoveva's Resurreccion doesn't seem to actually change anything about her that can be plainly seen. Her attire or shape doesn't change, and the change to her falchion is easy to go un-noticed. The falchion changes into a small dagger blade, barely half a foot long, but a thin strong white change seems to connect it to her. If one looks closely, the chain actually disappears into her right arm with a divet in flesh where the blade would fit perfectly to arch over the back of her hand. This chain can extend out to thirty feet and is quite sharp itself, just like the blade which also bears a nick in the blade near the tip. Instead it allows Genoveva to siphon off small amounts of energy from all of those who have fallen victim to Genoveva's Caja Negación to greatly augment her reiryoku, speed, strength, and hollow abilities while increasing her mass. In addition, Genoveva's aspect auras gain an increased potency that makes them far more dangerous and effective while doubling the range to trap even more within it's grasp.

General Abilities

Aspect Auras: None known now.

Bala: Genoveva has a strong grasp on how to use bala but doesn't use them to the full potential that she is capable of to the point her potency with bala has atrophied some. A bala is used as a tool to inspire despair and hopelessness, not for actual combat for her.

Cero Master: Potent, though Genoveva tends to reserve using cero for when she's finally become serious about a battle. Exceptionally strong, even for an Espada, Genoveva usually saves her cero for the finishing blow of a fight to 'inspire the perfect moment of terror' in her opponents. Usually the only sign that Genoveva is taking a battle seriously is she's used a cero.

Hierro: Genoveva prefers to dodge a blow rather then try to survive it, finding it has a greater demoralization effect on the enemy. Her hierro is below average in regards to those that can harm her.

Sonido: Genoveva is good enough at sonido to leave behind up to four unmoving images for three seconds before they disperse, which isn't a very large window but usually gives her time for one devastating sneak attack on an unaware opponent. See Negacion.

Garganta: She is capable of garganta but no fancy tricks with it.

Pesquisa: Genoveva's pesquisa is rather…precise for the technique, but as a result the 'pings' she sends out take a longer amount of time to come back to her. The end result is 'average' but good for tracking.

Negación Master: This ability is really only known as an ability of the Gillian-class menos, yet Genoveva is quite proficient in their use. She rarely uses it to save allies, and then mostly for her own reasons, but it has lead to her real area of expertise with this odd skill. Genoveva is a master of using Caja Negacion, able to use the imprisonment technique without needing the cube, and those trapped by it actually find themselves inadvertently helping their 'warden' when she siphons off their power slowly during her release. Those who perish from this draining are expelled from the dimension the others are trapped in. While Genoveva is quite liberal with her use of this ability, using her speed with sonido to set up a strike at a hollow/arrancar opponent's hollow hole, it is not nearly as effective on Privaron Espada and Espada (who can break out in a couple hours with no ill effects) or on Fraccion (who can't be siphoned from and who's Espada will usually demand their release which Genoveva usually grants since holding onto them doesn't directly help her). She has yet to discover what might happen to an aspect aura if the person she took it from was trapped by Caja Negacion, despite numerous chances to try. In theory, someone powerful or intelligent enough to escape from the Caja Negacion could also engineer the escape of her other victims, which would greatly weaken her in her released state.

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