Hamasaki Hibiki

Unaligned/School Teacher (History)

Family Name Hamasaki
Given Name Hibiki
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 284 (Technical Age: 382.)


Hibiki's appearance is very deceiving; by all accounts, he looks like a 10 year old boy of slightly shorter than average height. His messy bush of a hairstyle is whispy and silvery-blue in color, almost reminding one of waves. The most notable feature of his face are his active eyes, which are affected by heterochromia: one brown, one blue. The "boy" is by no means muscular or even athletically-inclined, in fact he's fairly close to skin-and-bones, but his skin has a healthy color to it despite his years essentially without sun.


Hibiki is usually soft-spoken and lighthearted, though he's also unusually fickle. One would say his moods and temperaments are as chaotic as the sea. While he's a peaceful individual in everyday life, he shows an unusally sadistic violent streak when dealing with Hollows. At times when he hasn't purified a hollow in a long period of time, he can begin to act agitated, but given that Hollows are a natural, common occurance, this rarely comes up.
Hibiki, naturally, loves the sea, liking to trek out for watching sunsets by it, or the occasional swim.


Hibiki, being a former member of the kido corps, and an intelligent one at that, has extensive skill in kido; however, his "specialization" is in a mostly self-developed type of "water kido", which draws upon nearby water sources to create effects similar to hado or bakudo.


  • Bakudo 5: Water Bindings: This Bakudo creates a water orb around the target's hands. It's extremely hard to pull out of, and has a "current" pulling towards the middle.
  • Bakudo 20: Briny Prison: This bakudo creates a solid "block" of water around the target's entire body, short of their head. It is just as hard to escape as the lower-number Water Bindings are.
  • Bakudo 32: Sea Barrier: This Bakudo creates a large barrier in front of Hibiki; it more or less functions like a weaker version of Danku, blocking hado up to number 30.
  • Bakudo 51: Binding Wave: The highest-number water Bakudo Hibiki has managed to create, this kido creates a large wave that crashes towards enemies; when it captures enough targets, it stops, creating multiple "Briny Prisons" for each of those captured.


  • Hado 3: Sea Whip: This hado creates a whip made from water that lashes at a target, knocking them back and dealing impact wounds.
  • Hado 6: Sea Bullet: This hado shoots a small ball of water from Hibiki's finger, impacting with the force of a bullet.
  • Hado 12: Sea Sword: This hado creates a slashing wave of water that can cut as effectively as a blade.
  • Hado 24: First Wave: This hado creates a moderately large wave that pushes back and bludgeons targets.
  • Hado 36: Geyser: This hado creates a superheated column of water that blasts upwards, scalding and knocking back targets.
  • Hado 48: Second Wave: This hado creates a wave twice as large as hado 24, in addition creating spikes of water that can impale targets.
  • Hado 72: Tsunami: This hado creates a wave thrice the size of hado 24, inflicting massive destruction upon a large area (notable that he needs nothing short of a nearby lake to create this hado).

Shunei (瞬泳')/Flash Stroke: While Hibiki isn't particularly quick above water, his speed drastically increases when he's swimming. He can speed through water like a fish, even going so far as to use a variant underwater shunpo, duplicating the effects of normal above-water flash steps.

Zanpakuto: Watatsumi (海神, Sea God)

Sealed state

Watatsumi's sealed form is that of a small (size-appropriate) wakizashi with a blade made from a blue steel; inlaid with meaningless but intricate gold patterns. The handle is wrapped in navy blue thread that matches the color of the sheathe.

Inner World

Hibiki's inner world is an endless sea; Watatsumi takes the form of a large sea serpent composed completely from water, with frothing waves across its body with each breath, and green, glowing stones for eyes.

Shikai: "Part the waves, Watatsumi!"

Watatsumi takes the form of a large jar (easily taller and wider than Hibiki) and a heavy iron ball attached by chains to a metallic circle which Hibiki uses to spin and direct both ends around. The iron ball, for most purposes, is just an iron ball; it can cause bludgeoning damage with enough impact. However, its true power lies in the ability to return water to its original form from ice, or steam; it can also break down other fluids with any composition that includes water into pure water. The jar can also be used as a deadly bludgeoning tool; it can also store and absorb water, and launch it as a projectile. The more water stored, the larger and more powerful a projectile created.


Not yet achieved.

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