Hayashi Chiyoko

Junior High School student and medium

Family Name Hayashi
Given Name Chiyoko
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 13


Chiyoko is a young Japanese girl, with medium-length black hair, light skin, and olive eyes (although her irises are slightly misted over). Unlike her sister, Izumi, she doesn't have any Caucasian features. She's on the short side for her age, and is slimly built.

Her choice of clothing depends on her circumstances. When out of school, she tends to favor dresses over other forms of clothing. She also carries a white cane in most circumstances, but when she's in a familiar area or with someone she trusts to guide her, she goes without.


Chiyoko is quite a quiet girl, who often keeps to herself. She doesn't form new friendships easily, but is quite empathetic, and is a strong pillar of emotional support to those she is friends with.

One thing she hates is pity for her blindness.


Chiyoko is completely blind- the technical term being NLP, or 'no light perception'. However, she has extremely keen reiatsu senses, and is capable of sensing the subtle fluctuations in reiatsu that indicate emotions, although not with perfect accuracy. In most cases, she can sense strong emotions.

Other Skills

Chiyoko has a very good spatial memory, able to navigate familiar spaces without aid. In addition, she is also good at reading braille- both tenji (Japanese braille) and the English form of braille. She is extremely good at English for one of her age, to the point where she is almost bilingual.

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