Hayashi Izumi

School Student

Family Name Hayashi
Given Name Izumi
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16


Izumi is a girl of about 16 years old, with long, black hair, light skin, and blue eyes, and who has been commented by many as quite stunning in appearance. She generally wears a typical Japanese school uniform, although outside of school, she generally wears jeans and a t-shirt.


Izumi has a kind personality to her friends, and will work in any way she can to defend them if they’re getting hurt, although she prefers to act as support and let them solve a problem themselves unless they’re unable to. She’s also quite hard-working, doing consistently well in school as well as a number of extracurricular activities, particularly the kendo club and singing.



Izumi is quite skilled at Zanjutsu, being a member of the Kendo club, meaning that she is technically quite skilled at wielding a sword.


Izumi is not useless in Hakuda, having some skill at it- however, this is probably her weakest area.


This is Izumi's greatest area of expertise, as she learnt Shunpo without any instruction whatsoever- although she can't step a long distance, the fact that she learnt it without instruction at all is startling. She has also started to wonder what sort of additional applications there are to Hohō.


At present, Izumi has no skill in Kido- however, she might be able to learn it.

Zanpakuto: Fuuken (Wind Sword- 風剣)

Sealed state

Fuuken appears as a simple daisho pair (katana and wakizashi), with a pattern of stormclouds carved along both blades

Inner World

Izumi's inner world takes the form of a Bamboo forest, with a japanese shrine in the middle of it. She hasn't actually ever encountered her Zampaktou spirit… yet, at least.


"Blow your winds across the earth,
(Not yet achieved)
As Izumi speaks the command, she slides the blades along each other. As she does this, they turn into a pair of huge, heavily-curved, black Chinese scimitars with silver edges, and red tassels dangling from the hilts.
Abilities granted by shikai
‘Kaze’: As Izumi swings either sword, she can fire out a gust of wind from the blade. If swung normally, the wind is highly pressurised, and capable of cutting opponents. If she swings it in a way that the flat of the blade is leading, the gust of wind cannot cut, but can buffet opponents quite effectively. If she uses both blades, she can create a whirlwind which she can then fire off. Although this doesn't carry much damaging power, it is quite distracting. As always, speaking the name of the attack increases its power- most of the time, Izumi doesn't bother, favoring more attacks over more powerful attacks.

Bankai: "Daiboufuu!" (Great Windstorm- 大暴風) (Not Yet Achieved)

When Izumi activates Bankai, her swords and shihakushō both change form, with her shihakusho gaining a white cape from her waist to her feet, and a white scarf with two long strips of cloth going down her back. Her swords, at least to the naked eye, seem to disappear entirely, with only the hilts remaining.
Abilities Granted by Bankai
Increased power: The striking power of Izumi's Bankai is significantly greater than that of her Shikai, as is its speed. The winds summoned actually give her full flight, instead of purely standing on air as Shinigami normally do- and gives her the ability to engage in aerial combat even in an area where air-walking does not function.
Hidden Blades: Possibly the most interesting of Izumi's Bankai abilities, the two blades of her Shikai are still fully present, but hidden by the air around them. This makes it harder to block or dodge Izumi, which becomes even harder given that she has two swords. The only way to tell where the blades are is either if something else is on them, judging her movement, or spotting the slight distortions as the blades move through the air- however, these are nearly undetectable. Izumi is also able to cancel this ability in order to use her 'Breeze' attack with far greater potency, in which case it takes almost two minutes for this ability to recover, although the other abilities of her Bankai are not diminished.
"Kaze": Although the name of this ability does not change, it becomes more powerful and versatile, with Izumi being able to fire off gusts of wind far more quickly.
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