Hisamori Aki


Family Name Hisamori
Given Name Aki
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16


A tiny girl, Aki is the image of refinement. She grows her hair long, and it is always brushed perfectly. Whenever she is seen outside of her school uniform, it is in traditional Japanese Clothing. Those that claim to have seen her in some kind of White, High-Collared get up are idiots. She is always careful, graceful, and cultured. She usually has some kind of hair accessory, but it changes everyday. She’s fond of Green and Blacks, and when she has the choice, she dons clothes of those colors.


Aki hides her true self constantly. What she is in school is the incarnation of an ideal, the cultured, esteemed student. She is bright, but not noticeably. She is part of Tea Ceremony Club, though being one of only three members, its demands on her time are very limited. She goes to and fro, and none bar her passage.

The only place where she shows her ‘true’ face is in battle. There she is demanding, and at times, petulant, requiring the best from those around her. She drops pretense, and often can be rude and abrupt. Most of her family is amazed that she can keep up the act, but they accept it as a matter of course. Aki is who she is, and little will change that.


The Hisamori’s have been in Phoenix City since before there was a Phoenix City. They’ve been in and around the land there for centuries. Aki’s branch of the family claims the right to call itself the main one, something disputed by several other branches. It isn’t like it matters. The Hisamori’s used to be wealthy, but they’ve lost it all. Aki’s father works as a Dentist, and her mother is his Receptionist. But still, Aki wants to believe there is still some dignity and power left in her name, and tries to live up to it in the image in her head. She is the youngest child, growing up in a household of 4 children.

Aki’s life has always been defined by dualisms. She is Aki, the ordinary schoolgirl, and Aki, the Quincy, heir to a centuries long battle. She is Aki, refined and cultured student, and Aki, petulant combatant. She sees nothing wrong with this. Both of them are her. She has devoted her life to making sure that she succeeded in both of her tasks, and neither of them suffered for it.

For the most part, she has succeeded. But at the price of any real personal relationships beyond her family. Aki doesn’t have any real friends, just acquaintances. Her parents and elder brothers and sister’s love her, but they are family. This lack doesn’t bother her. One can’t miss what they have never known, and all.


Aki is a Quincy, but an Odd one.

Quincy Archery- Just like any Quincy, Aki can use the traditional Bow. However, this isn’t her focus, and it shows. She is slower, less skilled then most in her use of it. Most times, even if it would be advantageous to use her bow, she uses her other abilities. Her bow is a basic one, just an Arc of Light.

Silver Tubes- Aki’s focus is on these objects. She is an expert in the use of Ginto.


Heizen- This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from silver tubes which slices through the opponent. It is activated by the command "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Sacred Bite!"

Sperre- This Technique creates hard walls of Energy. Aki uses these as shields, and as methods of maneuvering, bouncing off them in battle. If she places all of her concentration into it, she can extend these barriers into truly monumental things, crossing battlefields. However, such an act requires absolute concentration, and any distraction will cause the barrier to fall. The command is “The blade shall never break the shield- Faith’s Protection.”

Seele Schneider- Aki’s back up plan, she is skilled in the use of these weapons as well. She uses two at once, attacking with Lighting speed. However, she lacks the strength to break through most opponents defenses, and must rely on her Sperre and her Speed to get around the enemies defenses.

Aki's Seele Schneider's are flawed. The weapons are difficult to create, and the Hisamori Family requires any aspiring Quincy to successfully craft one before using the weapons. Most do not use the weapons until they can sucessfully craft a perfect one. Aki isn't most though. She goes into battle with her imperfect ones. What they will do is anyones guess. The Weapons lack the pure cutting power, and absorbtion abilities of true Seele Schneider. As well, they have a tendency to break after a couple of blows, the Reitatsu ripping the weapons apart. Aki has to go into battle with dozens of them because of this, and if she runs out… well, she is in trouble.

Potentially even more damning, the weapons cannot even serve as Arrows, the main purpose of the Seele Schneider. Were Aki to try firing, the most likely result would be the Arrows simply exploding the moment she tried to launch them.

Equipment: Aki’s Quincy Cross is a Celtic Cross, simple and unadorned. It is a reminder of what she is, more then a Weapon.

She goes into battle with a remarkable number of Ginto, and dozens of her faulty versions of Seele Schneider. She is aware that if she runs out, she is very likely to end up dead, and plans accordingly.

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