Ito Tanigawa

Unaligned/High School Phys Ed Teacher

Family Name Ito
Given Name Tanigawa
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 29


Height: 6'4
Weight: 207
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Tanigawa is a big man. He keeps his hair cut short, and keeps it back with a red strip of cloth he has tied around his head as Headband. A long scar traces up his left leg, a product of his lifestyle, he claims.

He dresses rather eccentrically, wearing a black Gi, and if he is outside, a Leather Jacket over it. It makes him stick out, but he is alright with that. If he didn't want to stick out, he wouldn't be doing it.


Tanigawa looks like a slow, ponderous man, a gentle giant, though one with a flair for the absurd. That impression is dead wrong. There is very little that is gentle about him, and nothing slow. Tanigawa lives life large. He enjoys it as much as he can. When told that he should slow down, he's liable to say that the rest of the world should speed up.

However, he isn't an idiot. Tanigawa is smarter then he looks, and much smarter then he acts. He knows quite a bit about history, tactics, and strategy. Whether he applies it is another story entirely. As well, he is one of the finest Martial Artists you'll ever meet. He focuses on weapon fighting, and has trained with multiple variants of both the Chinese Qiang, and Japanese Yari.


Tanigawa's father was an investor, back when the Japanese Economy was its peak. Tanigawa was his only son, and he worked his hardest to make sure that Tanigawa would never want for anything in his life. Unfortunately, his long nights and lack of care for his health caught up with him. He developed an illness, and after 2 or 3 years of fighting it, subcumbed. Tanigawa's mother never recovered. She cared for her son, but she just lacked the ability to focus on things.

Tanigawa grew up setting his own goals. Martial Arts was his focus, and he spent his life perfecting it. He knew he would never truly want for anything. His Father's fortune could provide a comfortable life for him. Invested, it could do far more then that. So he focused, and got good. Really good. By the time he finished University, it just stopped being challenging. Sure, he could keep going, but he stopped seeing the point. He didn't have anything to do.

He took up riding a motorcycle, just riding around, living off hotels and fast food. He didn't have anyone to call him on his purposeless life. He just drifted, leaving his fortune in the hands of mutual funds and the like. Then he encountered his first Hollow. Tanigawa had been mildly spiritual sensitive since he was young. His Martial Arts training had both refined that sense, and allowed him to utterly supress it. However his time wandering eroded that control, and a Hollow sought him out. Most people would have freaked out. Tanigawa smiled. Instinctively, he recognized an opponent that could give meaning to his skills. So he attacked.

He wasn't lacking for a Weapon, having one of the Yari's he used dissassembled in the bag he was carrying. The Hollow gave him time to assemble it, mocking him about how useless it was. That was before Tanigawa bull rushed it with Motorcycle and opened up a gash with a blow from the Weapon. It didn't have much effect, the wound closing instantly, but it annoyed the hell out of the creature. After that, the hollow stopped messing aroung. When Tanigawa came around again, it leapt out of the way, grabbed the spear, and ripped it out of Tanigawa's hands, slamming the man and the Bike out of the way. Breaking the weapon in half, it now attacked what it thought was a helpless young man.

Tanigawa had flown off the bike, which was probably best, given that the other option was being crushed under it. However, this massive hulking creature pretty obviously intended to kill him. He was without a weapon. He had the choices of running, or trying to fight it barehanded. Tanigawa didn't like either of those. She he went with option C. Not really knowing what he was doing, nor why, he dragged in all the Reitatsu he could, and summoned a glowing spear of Light. The Hollow, not sure what was happening, rushed to attack Tanigawa before he finished. That was a Mistake. Tanigawa struck the Hollow with the spear, the blow and the creatures momentum causing the weapon to pierce through. Even dying, it managed to knock Tanigawa aside again, breaking an arm. However, the creatures body was already falling apart.

Tanigawa recovered from that broken arm, and from his spiritual funk. He had a goal. He was going to kill whatever it was that had attacked him. He was going to get stronger, and beat it. He's been training, and has just ridden into Phoenix City, based upon the large numbers of reported spiritual events. He's got a good feeling about it. He's taken a position instructing the students at the local High School in various martial arts on a lark. If it gets to distracting, he can always just quit.


Tanigawa is a human being, if an empowered one. He's skilled at Martial Arts, especially in the use of the Chinese and Japanese Spear, and is a good rider. He's also a fair mechanic, useful in keeping his bike in working order despite the banging it takes.

  • Spears: Tanigawa is capable of manifesting Spears of pure energy similar to a Quincies arrow. However, the Weapons can also be used in hand to hand combat. They've got the piercing power one might expect from weapon made of Reitatsu, which is augmented by both his Native strength, and the fact that he has the habit of Fighting from the back of his Motorcycle. They easily put mundane weapons to shame, especially against spiritual beings. However the weapons are outclassed by even a Shinigami's Shikai (though Tanigawa doesn't know that). He can throw them as well, however this a desperation move. The Spears range is limited, and manifesting a new one can take quite a bit out of him.
  • Airwalking: Tanigawa practices a variant of this technique. While he can use the more ordinary method, he rarely does. Instead, most of the time, he is capable of producing a moving patch of solid air beneath his bike, allowing his Bike to fly, if he finds it needed. The higher he has to go, and the longer he does it, the more draining it is.
  • Hardened Air: A variant of the last technique, but an important one. Tanigawa can harden the air around his body and his bike to cushion the blow from a strike, protecting both from damage. His degree of control is limited, but it gives him a degree of protection. His preference is to not get hit, and it won't shield him from everything, nor is it impenatrable. However, it makes it so his normally fragile human body and Delicate motorcycle can take a pounding. This technique is also draining.

All in all, Tanigawa is a powerful combatant, but one that lacks staying power. Over use of any of his techniques will quickly exhaust him, leaving him defenseless. This contributes to his Reckless style.

The only real thing of note is his Bike. Despite his abilities his Bikes do become damaged beyond repair. His funds allow him to replace them when this occurs. His current Bike is a Harley Softtail, which he loves deeply.

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