Ivaz Erizo

Fraccion to the Octava Espada

Family Name Erizo
Given Name Ivaz
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age Older than you


Ivaz stands at 5'5". She has slightly pale skin, light brown eyes, and close-cut hair that is blond to the point of almost being white. She has a full figure body, complete with plenty of curves. Her Arrancar uniform has been greatly modified. The right leg of the pants have been cut cleanly off at an angle, revealing her whole right thigh. Her top has been cut short, just below her breasts. The left shoulder and sleeve have also been removed, making the top of her shirt go from her right shoulder to under her left arm. Her leg, arm, and torso are covered in many white belts of varying width, not leaving much exposed skin between them. Her Hollow hole is just above her belly button.

As for the remnants of her mask, each side of her head has a piece running up and down, just behind her ears. Connecting them together are three pieces that cross the front of her head; one across her forehead, one just under her nose, and one across her neck.


Ivaz loves to fight and cause pain. She seems to take pleasure from it. She will toy with her opponents for as long as she can, more looking to injure rather than kill. This does not mean, however, that she won't easily kill somebody. She'd just rather hurt them a bunch first. She gains more pleasure from causing physical pain rather than emotional. She finds it a lot easier as well.

She also loves messing with others. Pushing their buttons. She often flirts with others, regardless of who they are. She almost always wears a malicious grin on her face.


Bala: She prefers these to Ceros, as they allow her to get in more hits before her target dies. She usually fires them from her hand in a sweeping motion, as if simply tossing them at enemies.
Cero: She is okay at using these. The reason she isn't highly skilled with them is her preference for Balas. When she does fire a Cero, she aims her right hand at her target, fingers slightly bent. It charges and fires from her palm.
Hierro: Ivaz's Hierro is a little higher than average. Comes with the fact that she does enjoy close quarters when torturing her victims. And some tend to fight back.
Sonido: Ivaz is fairly skilled with Sonido, allowing her to make many quick hits. Her skill with it increases when in her Resurrección form.
Garganta: Can use it fine, but doesn't use it in battle at all.
Pesquisa: She uses this often when finding new victims to "play" with. As such, she is fairly skilled with it.

Zanpakuto: Amante Sádica (Sadistic Mistress)

Sealed state

Her zanpakuto takes the form of a scimitar There are two curved notches cut into the edge near the end of the blade, with points aimed at the hilt. This means that when she pulls the sword out of somebody, the notches will catch onto them and tear the wound open even more, causing much more pain and damage. Usually, it is held onto her back by straps sewn onto a couple of the belts.

Resurreccion: "Tiempo para jugar, (Amante Sádica)"-"Time to play, Sadistic Mistress!"

Her zanpakuto seems to melt away and flow straight to her. Her mask remnants grow to cover most of her face, leaving a slit over her eyes and her lower jaw exposed. The white belts join together, effectively creating a white bodysuit over her. The suit grows over her hands and feet, leaving only her neck and parts of her face uncovered. A pair of foot-long spikes grow from each shoulder, and a spike grows from each elbow and knee. Many small spikes grow from the rest of her body, making her body resemble a white hedgehog.

Combat: In this state, the bodysuit can extend and change shape as needed for her attacks, giving her access to many weapons. Her hierro increases almost five times. Her speed also goes up, but only double. A side effect is that she seems to be more wild in this form. She seems to act more on instinct than anything, which can be good or bad. When she takes damage, she doesn't seem to notice it. But, it'll still wear on her body.

She fights with many quick hits. Each hit itself is not fatal at all. But, because of the speed and sheer number of hits, she can be quite fatal. Her main hits come from claws that the suit forms from her fingers. She tries to get a spike involved in every hits she makes.

Doncella de Hierro: Iron Maiden

Ivaz thrusts her hands forward. The suit around them changes and grows, forming one half of a coffin for each hand. Each half is lined with hundreds of spikes inside. She closes them around an enemy, making the spikes pierce them and causing much pain. The spikes aren't very long, so they don't do any fatal damage. Unless the victim is really unlucky.

Hormigueo: Pins and Needles

Ivaz launches hundreds of small spikes from her suit at her enemy. They have slight homing capabilities, able to round wide corners and such. As with Doncella de Hierro, the spikes aren't long enough to cause fatal blows. But, they hurt. And to her, that's all that matters.

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