Mitsukai Karite

Vice Captain, 13th Squad

Family Name Karite
Given Name Mitsukai
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 626/19


Karite has made massive changes to his uniform, considering it "hard to move around in," "sleeves get caught easily," and other annoyances. He has a scar over his right eye, and spiky blonde hair, with a single long braid going down his back. The haori (which he made into a scarf), was a gift from the old 13th Captain. His left sleeve is cut off, and his left arm is covered tightly by a black bandage, to prevent him from severely hurting himself with Hakuda.


Karite is incredibly cocky, and is constantly seen smirking. Due to the four inches in height he has over Natsuko, he jokingly makes fun of her often, but not enough to anger her. He acts in a way that reminds the veterans of the division of the old captain, pushing those he knows can do better to their limits.


The son of an estranged Japanese noble, Karite was often left alone during his lifetime. He took the throne when he was merely fifteen, and after four short years of ruling, he was assassinated by one of his father's enemies, and was not konsoed for a long period of time, forcing him to watch as everything he knew was destroyed, causing him to nearly become a hollow, and he was Konsoed right before it finalized.

Karite has been a Shinigami for around four hundred years. Due to his inability to fully access kido, and his hatred of Hollows, and his emotional problems, he was rejected by the old captain for Vice Captaincy, but the captain still watched him closely. He taught Karite everything he knows, and Karite started out as an unseated, but quickly moved up the ranks, until he became captain of one of the Strike Teams, which is around the time when he started 'fixing' his uniform. He held this position for around 200 years, and then slowly moved up in the ranks until he held the 3rd seat in the squad, and was nicknamed "Striker", for his love of going out in the mortal world with the Strike Teams. When the captain retired, he left Karite his haori, to remind him that he wasn't a monster, even if he acted like one in life. Karite, using his awesome sewing skills made it into a scarf. Karite seems to be the only Shinigami with any memory of his past, which scares him.


During the Joint-Ops Mission, Karite engaged the Privaron Auset. He was far too arrogant in his attacks, and was stabbed. Auset then used her Reiatsu bandages to drain Karite's reiatsu, and then Karite unleashed his Bankai, freezing Auset before his Bankai and Shikai both broke, and his sword vanished.


Zanpakuto: Kuyashinaki

Sealed state

A single katana with a ice symbol set right above the crossguard. The blade is black, and the handle is a bright green.

Inner World

The aftermaths of a battlefield. If you stay there long enough you will see his Zanpakuto and Inner Hollow leading two massive armies, fighting for control, while Karite oversees it all.

Kuyashinaki (Shina):
Shina takes the appearance of a young queen, who is tormented by her wartorn country. The queen wears a Shinigami uniform covered with blood, and holds a massive katana. She has blue eyes and hair, and her hair is shoulder-length and slightly curled at the ends.


Shina is a queen in charge of a wartorn country (Karite's Inner World). She merely wishes for the conflict to end, and has forced his Hollow into a Reiatsu Chamber where it is currently locked. She has triple-locked the chamber, but the Hollow has managed to send out his soul to fight in the war.

Shikai: "Crystalize, Kuyashinaki."

Freezing Howl: Karite emits a screech that partially freezes anything within ten meters.

Ban Kai: "Ban Kai."

Karite has achieved Ban Kai, but nobody knows of it yet. He keeps it very well hidden, with the help of his eyepatch, because he needs to know more about the 13th, Seiretei, and himself. Why*8 was he so closely watched? **Why was Natsuko, several hundred years younger than him, chosen for Vice Captaincy instead of him? And most importantly, why does he remember his past life?

Appearance: Karite's ban kai makes his guard fully enclose the handle, covering his hand and most of his forearm, and a single wing, again crystalized.

With his ban kai, Karite can control ice, manipulating it to his will. He can use it to throw needles, create pillars for stepping on, and even use to fight his enemy, via forcing water into massive ice directed towards them. His control over ice has drastically increased with his ban kai, and is not anything to snicker at. He cannot freeze his enemy, as he's literally making ice, not spiritual ice.

Freezescape: Karite creates a massive ice battlefield, which increases his zanpakuto's power expotentially. This takes a lot out of him, so he doesn't really use it.

Ice Blade: Karite's ice control creates a pseudo-zanpakuto in his other hand, which he can use for leverage against his enemy.

General Abilities

Karite's Shikai gives him general control over ice.

Ice Storm: Karite's zanpakuto summons diamond shaped icicles that fly around the enemy, distracting them for a short period of time (5 minutes), allowing him to prepare for his next move.

Ice Needles: Karite's guard of crystals shoots out several iced needles and shoots them at the enemy.

Favored Kido

Hidama (火の玉, Fireball):

Forms a massive ball of fire and throws it at the enemy.

"Destroy your enemies with majestic power, Hidama!" - (破壊偉大な力を使って敵火の玉!)

Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light):

Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams.

"Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!" -("雷鳴の馬車 糸車の間隙 光もて此を六に別つ!")

Shunpo: Karite is an expert at Shunpo, seeing as he enjoys going to places quickly.

Kido: Karite is admittedly proficient in Kido, but he seems to ignore it. His abilities with Kido can go up to around 30 without chants, but if Karite uses any Kido, it seems to take far more out of him then is normal for any Shinigami. Karite refuses to use Kido, as he loathes the advantage it gives over an opponent, deeming it unhonorable.

Zanjutsu: Karite is an expert at Zanjutsu, so good that he was originally recommended for the 11th. He chose to join the 13th, solely for the many expeditions to the Mortal World.

Hakuda: After his defeat by Hannibal, Karite trained himself in Hakuda to a high degree, enough that he now prefers to bandage his hand before fighting with Hakuda.

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