Katarina Giugovaz

Fraccion to the Novena Espada

Family Name Giugovaz
Given Name Katarina
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age 227


Katarina's appearance is much softer and more fragile than that of most arrancar. Her skin is smooth and very pale. Her hair is dark gray and is always fresh, silky, and sweet-smelling. Her eyes are milk-chocolate brown and almost always seem sad. Katarina's facial expression rarely strays too far from looking either sad or shy. An exception is in the presence of her master. The remnant of her hollow mask is a pair of swirling silvery-white earrings.

Katarina's arrancar uniform is made up of very loose and flowing white cloth, that seems like scarves. Her shirt consists of two white gauzy scarves crossed in a x-shaped formation over her chest and wrap around her neck.She has two white elbow-length gloves that cut off at the wrist. Her skirt starts as a scarf wrapped around her waist, and under this flows a loose white ankle-length skirt. Katarina usually walks around barefooted.


Katarina is a very shy figure and rarely speaks or makes eye contact with any other arrancar. She will speak to Von Geister and Queen Reene, but is always shy and reserved when she does so. She is very obedient and will obey orders without question. She is much kinder and acts like a mother towards her master because he looks like a child. The sight of younger arrancar makes her sad, because she died giving birth and desperately wishes for a child to call her own.


Katarina died giving birth, and her regret for not being able to have a child was so great that she became a hollow soon after death. Katarina has forced all memories of her life except for her child out of her mind, because it pains her too much to think about it. She was an adjuchas-class menos when she became an arrancar, and has served Pan loyally ever since and regards him as the son she never had.


Close Combat Skill

Poor. When/if Katarina has to fight, she fights long-range. In truth, her close combat skill is rather poor, as a result of her shy nature.


Moderate. Works well against spiritual attacks but has little power in protecting against direct physical attacks.


Fast. During release, and going in a straight line, her speeds can sometimes match that of her master. However, the extra horse hooves do not help with precision turns.


Poor. Katarina's skills with the garganta are so inadequate that she needs someone else to open it for her.


Formidable. Katarina is able to sense reiatsu easily around her, but people walking can sometimes slip through it undetected.

Cero and Bala

Formidable. Katarina can fire multiple ceros (one from each of her front hooves) and the speed of her balas is rapid and continuous. However, these attacks are a little less powerful than others and seem to focus more on speed as supposed to strength.

Zanpakuto: Caballo Triste (Sad Horse)

Sealed state

Caballo Triste's sealed form is a small silver blade that seems to be a type of wakizashi. Katarina keeps this blade hidden under one of the may layers of her scarf skirt, and it is not visible.

Resurreccion: "Cry, Caballo Triste."

Force Field: Katarina can project a force field which blocks attacks such as kido, hado, or bakudo. She can create the force field in a translucent white sphere around herself which can block attacks for 10-30 seconds, depending on the power of the attack.

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