Kitano Takeshi

Kido Commander

Family Name Kitano
Given Name Takeshi
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 57 (Appears as 17)


Kitano Takeshi appears as a young boy of fifteen, his black hair cut short and pulled back into a small, high pony tail. Despite regulation, Kitano Takeshi is quite fond of dying his hair outrageous colors, most often bright red or dark orange. A long opium pipe hangs from his lips constantly, despite his seemingly young age. Kitano Takeshi dresses in the customary Kido Commander’s Robes, though the sleeves appear a size or two to large for him.


Takeshi was well known at the Academy for his perchance of sneaking into the women’s dorms for late night parties, and for his equally well earned reputation as a flirt and womanizer. Though young, Takeshi is fiercely determined to prove himself a proper candidate for his promotion, and despite his playful and sometimes childish behavior, is well known in his division as a hard worker, often pulling all nighters and taking others jobs on himself even if he himself is far over worked. Outside of his own Division, Takeshi is good natured, almost playful, and always willing for a drink or a toke from an offered pipe. His flirtatious and often times lecherous activities have not ceased, earning him more then several crude nicknames and a reputation as a womanizer.


A proclaimed genius, Kitano Takeshi is the youngest and most recent Kido Commander of Soul Society. Hailing from the furthest reaching of Districts, Kitano Takeshi is a rags to riches story come to life. Enrolled into the Acadamy, he passed with flying colors in only two years, entering the Kido Corp as a high seated member. A genius of Kido, Takeshi mastered the Demon Arts far faster than any other Shinigami powers.


Physical Strength: 20 (Takeshi is both young and not a primarily strength oriented fighter impacting his over all ability to deal massive damage through strength alone.)

Offense: 30 (While Takeshi is poor in physical combat, his zanpakuto is quite potent and he is skilled in its use.)

Defense: 100 (Between his tactical mind and his brilliant ability with Kido, Takeshi’s greatest defense is versatility. Add to his impressive zanpaktuo, Takeshi is rarely caught unawares or without a response to any incoming attack.

Mobility: 80 (While quick, Takeshi’s shunpo is unpracticed, and oddly drunken in its execution.)

Intelligence: 100 (Takeshi, despite how he acts, is a brilliant tactician, strategist and philosopher. )

Kido/ Reiatsu: 100 (Takeshi is near peerless at Kido, and as the Commander of the Kido Corp has access to Kido that much of Soul Society and the Gotei 13 do not even know exist.)


Sealed: Akachōchin
Akachōchin is a long nodachi worn on the small of Takeshi’s back. Its case is blood red, its hilt is wrapped in almost velvet smooth twine. The blade itself has a long blood groove etched into the metal.

Shikai: “Illuminate the Darkness, Akachōchin!”
Takeshi’s nodachi suddenly disappears, a massive Chochin lantern floating into the air just above his head. The light itself seems to move gently in a soft wind. At will, Takeshi can produce a fifty foot area of darkness that permeates the immediate area around himself. The smells of perfume, the sounds of dance music and the rhythm of base lines cascade around them like a torrent of water, causing sensory overload over time. Sensory overload takes several minutes to achive, building from minor annoyances to full sensory overload. This effect causes one's sight to lessen to less then two feet in front of themselves. Takeshi is immune to these effects. Leaving the darkness ends the effect immediately.

Takeshi can remove his nodachi from the lantern at any time in a shower of candle wax and flame, though this effect is purely cosmetic. Along with the above effect, the blade of Akachōchin can produce powerful gouts of smoke from the blood grooves etched along its length. This smoke is a powerful narcotic, producing a numbing sensation that grows stronger the more smoke that is inhaled. Takeshi, like the above ability, is immune to the effects of this smoke. This smoke is highly addictive in large quantities, and is thus impossible to use as a beneficial power. Addiction comes about only through continued use of the smoke, thus negating the addictive properties of the smoke itself against foes. This also removes the period of withdrawal one might go through once addicted.

Bankai: Akasen
Akasen-The true name, and face of Takeshi’s zanpakuto, once called splits the large chochin lanterns into two rows of ten that seem to hang in the around on either side of Takeshi at all times. These lanterns can produce the above effect at the same range, and the blade itself can continue to produce the powerful narcotic smoke. These powers see no apparent boost in power or range whilst in bankai. Along with these effects, Akesen has three "Games" it can produce, all of varying powers and degree's.

  • Red Light, Green Light- The hanging lanterns slowly gutter and die as Takeshi calls “Off”, all movement in the area ceasing. Moving targets stop, though are not held. Anyone moving while caught in 20 yards of the Lantern’s are slashed by an invisible blade, including Takeshi. Takeshi can at any time call “On”, the lights of the lantern’s burning back to life. While the lantern’s are lit, anyone can move freely. This power only effects people, animals and summons, not kido or other effects. The slashes on those who move are simple sword attacks, carrying little extra force behind them, and can be easily parried, though this will often produce another penalty.
  • Flash Lantern Tag: A Lantern hangs over an enemies head, its flame slowly guttering and dwindling down. A person may “hand” the lantern off to another through a physical strike or other form of physical contact. Doing so gives the flame a little more “life”. Once the flame is out, anyone caught with it becomes heavily inebriated, suffering the full effects of being well and truly drunk. Those drunk lose fine motor functions, growing dizzy and unable to stand upright without effort. Nausea and acute light sensitivity also plague the one affected by the drunken stupor. Takeshi can be effected by this game.
  • Pachinko: Takeshi must stand dead still as the lantern’s slowly start to spin about him out to 25 yards. Opponents seeking to attack Takeshi must make their way through the spinning lanterns to attack him. All the while, the flames in the lantern’s slowly start to die. If an opponent or opponents cannot reach Takeshi before the lights go out, they are struck by a concussive force, and are teleported to the outer edge of the spinning lanterns. Anyone struck by one of the fast moving lanterns has lost the “Game” and is struck by a more powerful concussive force, powerful enough to bend metal and shatter stone. Losing ends the “Game”.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Akachōchin appears as a beautiful woman dressed in the most extravagant and expensive kimono’s. Her face is always a perfect mask of makeup, her lips pouty, her eyes the most stunning green. Her hair is always pulled up at just the right angle, her bangs framing her face generously. A long pipe is held between her well manicured nails, always smoking though it has been said she herself never partakes.

Akachōchin is vain and petty, despising anything more beautiful than her, or spoken of more often than herself. While simply a spirit, she demands a great deal of personal contact from Takeshi, requiring him to carry her with him at all times, even while he sleeps.

Inner World: The Inner World of Akachōchin would surprise most, consisting of a single large pagoda in a limitless forest of bamboo. It rains constantly in the forest, the sounds of water through leaves almost deafening. Akachōchin herself resides in the massive pagoda, lounging and sleeping most times. She hates the sound of the rain, and attempts to drown it out with various musical instruments Takeshi has somehow provided her.

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