Koishima Daisuke

3rd Division 3rd seat

Family Name Koishima
Given Name Daisuke
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 113/13


Appearing as a boy in his early teens, Daisuke has a friendly face and wide eyes, making him appear younger than he would otherwise. Shorter than most people of his rank, Daisuke has worked hard to make up for what he perceives as a flaw, training his body intensely, giving him a lean appearance. He wears the traditional Shinigami Shihakusho, with little to no modifications, despite the fact that he finds it large and cumbersome.


Daisuke is a very eager and earnest young man, one who has a distressing habit of trusting most of the people he meets. What most people agree to be his greatest flaw would be his complete devotion to Magatsu, a man so completely opposite from Daisuke as to be laughable.

Though Daisuke is usually open about himself, he has never said why he trusts Magatsu so completely. Daisuke also looks at Sakura, the captain of the 3rd division, with a sort of reverence bordering on worship, despite the fact that her philosophy differs so radically from Magatsu's. He attempts to take after both of them, though if their philosophies conflict (a common occurrence), he usually takes Magatsu's side, though he is reluctant to do so in front of Sakura. He also carries himself with an air of formality and seriousness that belies his young appearance, though he mostly keeps this up in an effort to impress his captain, and to show her that she did not make a mistake by making him her 3rd-seat.

He remembers nothing of his past life as a human, which could indicate that he was a Hollow, but Daisuke doesn't worry about that. Even if he was, he's a Shinigami now, and he's proud of it.


Daisuke grew up with parents and siblings in the Rokungai, and he led a fairly content life. Until one day when a Hollow came running through his home district. It wasn’t a particularly large or dangerous creature, just a single Canny Hollow. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it hadn’t been caught by any Shinigami, and it was to the sight of the Hollow devouring his family that Daisuke woke up to one morning.

Terrified, he bolted from his bed, just in time to avoid the downswing of the Hollow, who had heard him gasp. He tried to run for safety, but was stopped by the Hollow, who picked him up and began to bring him towards his mask. Struggling, he had just closed his eyes and accepted death when he felt himself falling to the ground. Opening his eyes again, he saw the Hollow’s arm severed at the elbow. Looking around for his savior, he saw a man that he would later call lieutenant standing by the Hollow, hatred blazing in his eyes. He watched in wide-eyed amazement as the man unleashed his Shikai, felling the beast before Daisuke could even blink.

The man approached Daisuke, asking if that was his family that lay on the ground around them. Daisuke had simply nodded, still not comprehending what was going on. He did notice one thing though; the Hollow was not dead. Seeing the Hollow rise up behind the man, Daisuke had grabbed one of the man’s many swords and cut the beast down himself, striking straight through the mask. The man had looked at Daisuke oddly then and asked if Daisuke would like to come with him. Daisuke agreed, and the man known as Magatsu brought him back to the Seireitei, where Daisuke would begin his training as a Shinigami.


Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: As a way to imitate Magatsu, and to make up for his short stature, Daisuke has put his heart and soul into learning the way of the sword, achieving an impressive and almost lieutenant-level of skill.

Flash Step: Daisuke is reasonably skilled at Flash Steps, though he finds that it tends to exhaust his reiatsu rather quickly. He finds it much easier to use during his Shikai, though he’s still not particularly skilled at them. He is able to keep up with Magatsu when not in Shikai, if only just barely.

Enhanced Strength: Daisuke has startling levels of strength, known to be capable of fending off Magatsu’s assaults, assuming he holds his weapons, and doesn’t use his long range skill.

Moderate Spiritual Energy: Daisuke’s spirit energy seems oddly low for a 3rd seat, though some people have theorized that this is because his Zanpakutou takes a portion of his reiatsu and stores it to use in his Shikai. Whether or not this true Daisuke does not know, and Zetsubougitsune isn’t willing to tell.

Kido Expert: Daisuke has proven himself capable of performing level 40 and 50 Hado and Bakudo with incantation, and up to level 30 of both without incantation, though the power levels of both are significantly lowered. After releasing Shikai, Daisuke becomes capable of unleashing Kido of level 70 with incantation and 50 without with no significant loss in power.

Zanpakuto: Zetsibougitsune(Fox Spirit of Despair)

Sealed state

In its unreleased state, the Zetsubougitsune appears as a Wakizashi with a hilt shaped like nine tails, which sprout from the front of the blade and circle around the back.

Inner World

Daisuke’s inner world appears as an ancient Shinto temple, worn away by time and taken over by plants. The grounds are covered by leaves and weeds, appearing in a state of significant disrepair. The entire area has an air of calm about it though, a certain peace that other inner worlds lack. The most striking feature is a single, enormous Sakura tree standing directly behind the main temple. Zetsubougitsune can usually be found running through the surrounding forest, or poking around the temple, eternally curious about the interior.

Zanpakutou Spirit

The Zetsubougitsune manifests itself as a large pale yellow fox with more tails than a fox should have, currently five. What Daisuke doesn’t know and Zetsubougitsune isn’t telling is that the actual number of tails represents Daisuke’s progress towards Bankai, which Daisuke will achieve when the Spirit reaches nine tails.

Shikai: "Mae Dashite, Zetsibougitsune!"

Appearance: When released, Daisuke’s blade completely vanishes, hilt and all. In its stead, in a flash of blue flame, Daisuke gains a number of tails, the exact number of which depends on Daisuke’s strength, currently he has five tails (The maximum for Shikai is six tails). Each tail is tipped by a blue flame which is actually just reiatsu, so it doesn’t give off any heat, though it does create light. Though he loses his sword, he can wield his tails as physical weapons.
Special Ability:
Zetsubougitsune, once released, increases Daisuke’s reiatsu be an approximate factor of ten, allowing him to perform feats of slightly above ordinary Lieutenant Level. The main power of the Shikai is the ability to physically manifest his reiatsu as weaponry, shaping it into any weapon, though the default form is the tails. Any weapon he creates with his reiatsu is tipped with the same blue flames as his tails. The use of any form of reiatsu during Shikai draws from the tails themselves, and Daisuke can actually draw extra reiatsu from the tails to supercharge any act involving reiatsu, from performing chantless Kido of up to level 54 to simple Shunpo. Once the tails have been exhausted completely, the Shikai ends. Afterwards, Daisuke becomes exhausted and unable to fight for the next two hours, though he retains consciousness and is still able to move, but is not fit for battle.

Another interesting facet of the Shikai is its ability to absorb reiatsu, not from its surroundings like a Quincy, but rather from concentrated sources, namely most forms of Kido. By blocking Hado with at least two tails or attaching at least three to a Bakudo, Daisuke can draw the reiatsu from the Kido, recharging his tails and causing the Kido to dissipate. At the moment, Daisuke can absorb all Kido of up to about level 60 or below, though the more powerful the Kido, the longer it takes Daisuke to draw the reiatsu.
One Last Trick:
One Last Trick:As a result of drawing Reiatsu, Daisuke's tails can actually become overcharged. Should this happen, Daisuke's tails immediately release all held reiatsu in either a concentrated blast forward or an unfocused blast outward in a spherical radius. Daisuke can control which, but it is difficult for him, and he's still mastering the control of it. The blast is approximately equivalent to an Arrancar's Cero, though much larger. After detonating, Daisuke's tails vanish and the Shikai immediately ends, leaving Daisuke exhausted for twice as long as he would be otherwise.

Bankai: Tengetsugitsune(Fox Spirit of the Heavenly Moon)

Appearance: Tengetsugitsune appears similar to the Shikai, though the burst of fire is significantly larger and brighter, ending with the fire retreating to swirl around the tips of Daisuke’s new tails, burning with yellow flames. Daisuke’s usual shihakusho is replaced with a blue-and-yellow coat and pants that offer much more freedom of movement. His body is also surrounded by an aura of reiatsu, which he can control and shape it like he can in Shikai, though he can do it with much more finesse. The main differences between this and Shikai are the number of tails (nine in Bankai), and the increase in reiatsu between the two.

Special Abilit:y The Tengetsugitsune also gives Daisuke a massive increase in reiatsu, though Bankai increases the boost to a factor of twenty, which currently brings him to almost captain level. This release lasts much longer, as the tails take significantly more work to be consumed. While in this form, Daisuke is capable of utilizing the tails to power much more powerful techniques for much longer periods, to the extent of using half of a tail to power a chantless Kido of up to 75th level with no decrease in power, using a small portion of a tail to shunpo across great distances, or of firing a blast of pure reiatsu roughly equivalent to Hado #63 from the tails, which consumes a third of a tail at a time.

These tails can also consume Kido, though with much greater efficiency. In Bankai, Daisuke need only use one tail to absorb a Hado, and two for a Bakudo, and can absorb both of up to level 80, though any higher than that is beyond his ability. Also, it is impossible to overcharge his Bankai tails, instead the tails just grow larger and larger with each absorbed Kido until they tower over Daisuke.

After the tails have been consumed, the blade re-seals itself, though it is currently unknown what kind of recovery time, if any, Daisuke would require afterward. It has been hypothesized though that such a massive expenditure of reiatsu from a body unsuited to it could very well cause severe damage, and Daisuke has been subtly discouraged from pursuing Bankai.

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