Kondo Sayaka

Shrine Maiden and Student

Family Name 近藤 Kondo
Given Name 桜弥香 Sayaka
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16


Sayaka's eyes are a tinted green, and her hair a dark blue/black color. Her hair is fastened in front and pulled to her right shoulder with a hair tie. Most often to be seen in her shrine robes as she works, yet she may also be seen in her school uniform occasionally.


Most of her classmates know of her because they have seen her working at the shrine around holidays, and though she is friendly and a little shy, they have never expected her dual-life nature to be this big. She comes across as a slightly shy, if modest girl- friendly to those that would approach her, with a hint of grace to her. She is very earnest and though she has great self discipline, she is still a high school student.

After her age was regressed in a supernatural incident, she seems a little more vulnerable and outspoken, but not as cold and distant as she used to be. She is stressed due to the adjustments to her life that have happened, even if she doesn't understand some. But she is starting to rely on others and try to make more friends. Before incident, Sayaka was conflicted between attempting for 'normal life' and her family position, but had never acted to change her path until now. Beginning to adjust to her new life, she is trying to make the most of her chance for a second life, and also is starting to embrace her own identity and path.


Sayaka is now a first year high school student. Due to her age regression in a supernatural incident, no one seems to remember her as a former second year student. So, while she had been the 2nd year class's Health Officer, that has been changed. Her record and attendance in the Japanese archery club is also gone, though she has been thinking to join again now…But she will have to start from the beginning. She wants to apply to be Health Officer again, and seems much more interested in school and her friends.

Perhaps one other difference is that while she had had a very bad attendance record and few friends, now that past is gone too, giving her a new chance to preform well in school. So far she has had perfect attendance and is doing well in her classes.

Outside of school, she lives at the Houheiden Shrine, her father (Haruaki) being the priest there. What isn't known about her is that Sayaka's family has long been involved in spiritual affairs. Rather, she's the heir in the family line that has lasted since ancient days. Sayaka does have her family job to perform, so she must wake up early and help in the evenings with taking care of the shrine. Now that Ken has moved into the Shrine with her family, she is teaching him to help out while her father is training him.


弓と御札 (Bow and Paper Talismans)
Sayaka's ability to 'attack' is using paper talismans either attached or shot with her bow. It is not a spiritual bow like a quincy, so it's usefulness is only within the human world. The talismans are paper and are made to hold or purify evil. They may be used to protect an area from hollows coming within, like a miniature border, but it's effect wears off after some time.

応急処置訓練 (First Aid Training)
Sayaka has a limited ability to heal, but knows her first aid well, and may be able to stabilize an injured person. They should go to her father, or a hospital later.

御守 (Talismans)
These talismans are for protecting such things as health or traffic safety, or to help school examinations, and are useful to humans. Maybe it is not so useful for spiritual beings, but Sayaka probably would sell them anyway if it was desired.

御神籤 (Paper fortune)
It is tradition to receive these at shrines, and it will hint at your future to come. Be careful of 'Curse' fortunes.

地方の守護 (Protection of Localness)
The Shrine is sacred space, a dedicated land between the earth and sky, and life and death. Because it is such a place, the job of Sayaka and her father is to maintain it's peacefulness and neutrality. This is done with 犯幅戒絶対酷評. There are a small number of people who come quaintly to this shrine pray and ask for services, so it is not unknown.

犯幅戒絶対酷評 (Absolute castigation of transgressors)
The area of the shrine is an area of no conflict. Aggressive weaponry and spiritual powers and abilities come to no effect here, and seem only as illusory images. So a shinigami may appear to have a sword, but it cannot strike. A Quincy may appear to have a bow, but it cannot pierce. Naturally hollows cannot enter the shrine's area anyway, so it is a safe place. Of course so too is Sayaka and Haruaki's aggressive spiritual powers cannot be used in such a place. Noncombat abilities like healing are okay to use in such a place. Of course physical strength is not an illusion, but to threaten risks banishment.

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