Public Enemy #1, Leader of his own personal cult

Family Name Unknown
Given Name Kujo
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Kujo appears to be fairly young, compared closely to a mortal ranging from 25-30. However, his skin is sickly pale, nearly white in color and topped off with a matted and tangled mess of white hair, with some parts of it apparently dyed black. Whether it is actual dye or just simply dirty hair is unknown. Kujo's eyes seem to be set far back into his skull, surrounded by black borders on his face which appear to be paint or make-up of some kind. The black recesses upon his face only draw more attention to his dark purple eyes, which seem to glow in the darkness with an eerie light. His lips are also a strange shade of purple, as if he was being deprived of oxygen, but the look never seems to leave his face regardless of his breathing.

Kujo usually stands with his neck slightly hunched forward, casting even deeper shadows on his eyes. He wears a long, black robe-like coat that has thick, black fur lining the collar. A wide sash is worn around his waist, which tapers down into a point on both the front and back. More black fur runs down from under the sash and down each side of his coat and around behind his legs, reaching down about to his ankles. His zanpakutou is usually carried at his side, though he has been known to carry it by hand, or upon his back on occasion.


Kujo is… Not a nice person. If anyone can be called "evil," it is this Shinigami. He revels in death and destruction, often killing just for the sake of a laugh. The man lives for the sake of planting the seed of chaos anywhere he can find and cannot be trusted at any cost. Anyone that might call themselves an ally of Kujo will find themselves subject to his mental instability, either patting them or stabbing them in the back at any given moment. He also has a number of habitual ticks, such as quickly shifting his eyes back and forth and often playing with his hair as if he were trying to straighten the tangled mess. He even tends to stutter when he speaks and can be quite twitchy with his body movements as well.

Despite his apparent simplistic nature, many denizens of Soul Society believe that he is vying for something more. However, anyone who has ever tried to uncover an ulterior motive has failed in their attempts. Cracking the mind of a madman is a fool's errand, after all. His mind has already cracked.


Zanpakuto: Ranmyaku (Chaos)

Sealed state

Ranmyaku appears as any other standard katana with jet-black wrapping around a silver hilt.

Inner World

The spirit of Ranmyaku only ever speaks to Kujo in very rare cases, and when it does, it only appears as a disembodied voice. In all his years as a Shinigami, Kujo has never seen the spirit of his zanpakutou.

Shikai: Although to release his sword, Kujo must speak its name, the activation phrase seems to change with every release, making it nearly impossible to predict.

Ranmyaku changes little in its appearance upon releasing. In its shikai form, the weapon does not change shape, but the entire weapon changes color to a deep black, which appears so dark that even light itself seems to avoid it. While its appearance may not be overly unique, its abilities make it stand out as the most unpredictable zanpakutou in the history of Soul Society.

Ranmyaku is the embodiment of pure chaos. Whenever Kujo swings the blade or strikes it upon another object, something happens. While that seems vague, it is the only real way to describe its effects. Anything can happen. Perhaps it will generate a massive explosion big enough to destroy all of the Seireitei… Or perhaps it will only result in a puff of smoke. Perhaps it will heal Kujo's injuries… Or perhaps it will heal everyone else's. Perhaps it will do nothing at all. Or perhaps it will simply kill the person it is pointed at.

Despite what others may think, Kujo cannot actually predict Ranmyaku's effects, and often acts just as surprised at the results as those they are being used on. To quote Kujo himself on his zanpakutou, "I never let the blade touch the ground. I'm sort of afraid that it'll turn the world into a… a walnut or something."


Not yet revealed. It's unknown whether or not Kujo can even use Bankai, given such little information present on the man.

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