Lalita Tandon


Family Name Tandon
Given Name Lalita
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Lalita looks like he's ripped from the pages of Hindu scripture - he's so androgynous it's hard to tell what gender he is with a casual glance, and some don't care because they're too busy drooling for him anyway. Even though he prefers modest and covering clothes (a kimono and hakama made white silk, usually), they do little to hide the inherent grace of his well-toned body. Oh well, it's not like he minds the attention.

Lalita's hollow hole is rather inconspicuous, as it goes through the flat of his left foot. His mask fragment is a bone circlet around his forehead.


Outwardly, it's easy to dismiss Lalita as a slacker. It's hard to spot him doing anything besides lounging on a rooftop or some other odd place, watching the clouds and chewing whatever delicacy he's managed to nick from some unfortunate sucker. However, this is because he makes of point of completing given jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible, so chances are you just missed something. He's sneaky like that.

Otherwise, Lalita is cheerful to annoying extent, and likes to play tricks on people. He often seeks out kindred souls to help in causing mischief. He tries his best to be polite, but often his attitude makes it hard to tell whether he's just mocking people. It might even be intentional, who knows.


  • Close combat skill: Formidable. Lalita's reflexes are excellent and despite his fine frame he is very strong. He's very apt in using all his four limbs to strike his opponents, and excells in catching his opponents off-guard with sudden, fast motions.
  • Hierro: Moderate. Protects from shrapnel and glancing blows, but cannot be used to reliably block a head-on attack.
  • Sonido: Very fast, but not very maneuvrable. If running in a straight line, Lalita can beat some of the Espada, but his inability to stop or turn at short notice limits combat utility of his ability.
  • Garganta: Lalita can use Garganta, but rarely does, and none of his combat abilities revolve around its use.
  • Pesquisa: Lalita can detect spiritual beings from even a mile away with some effort, but his ability isn't very precise. In battle, he relies on more mundane senses.
  • Cero & Bala: Lalita's energy attacks are strangely lacking. He can fire both with remarkable speed and can charge multiple at once, but can't put much punch in them no matter what. They're still his greatest asset, and often what tips battles in his favor.

Resurreccion: "Scorch, Sol Inclemente."

During his time in Las Noches, Lalita hasn't shown his Resurreccion to a single person. He prefers to solve violent arguments in his sealed form, and as things stand, he's arguably stronger without releasing.

In resurreccion, his clothes burn away, making room for a strong armor of bone plates. The wheels of Sol Inclemente combine into one, large hoop with handles on the inside and flame-like protrusions evenly distributed along the whole length of the outside. The armor comes with two extra pairs of hands that can be used to grasp the handles, and should he want so, he can roll around like a cartwheel within the hoop. In a pinch, the hoop can be broken up so that each third can be used akin to a large sword.

Lalita's mask turns into a three-pronged crown, and his pupils become shaped like pointed crosses. However, the most notable change is in his face. Objectively, very little changes; it's so subtle it could be said just to be a shift in expression, but the effect is considerable - his beauty goes from "attractive" to "horrible to look at", something that almost literally burns the eyes of those who look at him.

Currently, though, Lalita's released form isn't very impressive. The armor is bulky and ramshackle, and Lalita clearly isn't used to moving around in it. The flames aren't burning very bright, and their attempts to be scary are rueful at best. The whole thing just doesn't seem to suit him at all.

Special Attack: In resurreccion, Lalita's reiatsu pours out as a continual torrent, sticking on to and burning away things like ghastly flames. The flames seem to possess some rudimentary instinct and can pursue dangerous enemies or dodge things that would extinguish them; they are also affected by Lalita's emotions, and often take forms of horrible beasts to intimidate his enemies. Lalita's ceros and balas also take on these qualities, and this makes them much harder to deal with than usual.

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