Michiko Inagawa-kai

Spiritual Anomaly

Family Name Michiko
Given Name Inagawa-kai
Aliases Delinquent Princess
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17


While many would consider Michiko to be 'attractive', there are few who have acted on such a thought because of the little clues that are in her appearance. The left side of her hime-cut is dyed a deep shade of purple, even during the school years when students usually return to their normal un-dyed hair color, though no teacher has troubled her about this despite punishing some other students for it. As well, her seifuku foes against the normal regulations as if to pointedly remind people that she considers herself above their rules. The scarf is unknotted, her top knotted beneath her almost famously endowed assets, and most curiously of all she wears a longer skirt then the standard school uniform would allow. Or at least, that's what she is seen wearing at school which is where most of her class-mates ever see her.


Michiko can almost be considered an ice-queen by her fellow students, rarely engaging them in conversation despite attracting a bevy of talkative followers, always seeming to have this cool disdain in her eyes, and most importantly…an air of menace whenever someone offends one of her posse or (rarely) herself. She's obviously intelligent (the reason most assume the teachers don't pester her about her uniform), an active and valued member of various martial arts clubs (but only hand-to-hand fighting), and has donated large amounts during school sponsored charity-drives. Which is…all anyone knows about her really.

If they knew what Michiko was like out of school or her after-school activities then they'd likely freak out or worse. As a hobby, Michiko is the hidden leader of a small time gang of delinquents that harass local shop-keepers and cause some property-damage and the like, which she views as practice. Her father is one of the family heads of the third largest yakuza family and despite the male-bias of the family, Michiko has determined she'll succeed her father instead of his lieutenants or sons. To this end she tries to exhibit a laser-like excellence in school to learn as much as she can about making good decisions, an aptitude for martial arts to keep herself fit, and has experimented with building a band of like-minded (including the spiritually aware when she spies them) students and vagabonds to do her dirty work for her. But underneath of the ice queen persona and the yakuza princess exterior…there's a compassionate girl with a love for puppies who rarely gets to slip out past Michiko's perceived sense of purpose.


Lotus Barrier

Michiko can form a hexagonal barrier out of reishi that forms along the surface of the palm of her hand. These barriers are quite durable and wide enough to cover Michiko's body from one direction, but only visible to the spiritually aware as a light purple hexagon. She can form one with each hand or use both hands to create a single barrier of deep purple with stronger defensive power. Obviously she can only create two of these barriers at a time so far (only having two hands and not learned yet how to create them without the use of her hands), but with practice (OOC Note: as in down the line, possibly far down it) Michiko could, in theory, construct a spherical barrier around herself of varying strength. As is, the only other use these barriers have is that the edges bear some sharpness, enough that she can slam one against a wall, climb atop it, stick another in, etc until she can at least scale a building. Or attempt to cut an opponent with them, though she finds this distasteful.

Geometric Construction

A, mostly, non-combat use of the above ability, Michiko is capable of constructing basic geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, etc) out of the same material as her shields up to about the size of a large person. Unlike her combat shields, these ones don't require contact to maintain them or her hands to form them initially but take longer to set up and are quite easy to break from the outside. The inside is a different matter. Down the line, Michiko may learn to make more complex shapes, faster, or even alternate uses for them..but that depends on what happens to her. ((The utmost extremes of her abilities and way way down the line would likely be that house that Hachi made, but making something like that (and it being useful) won't happen for some time))

Additional Abilities

Michiko is well known as one of the best martial artists, in her school's clubs anyway, but takes this further by practicing in street bouts or fights with her gang. While it's not of a similar style to shinigami hand-to-hand, nor could she claim to be a master of hand-to-hand, she is quite proficient and with her powers can even hold her own against a weapon wielding opponent. To further this skill, she focuses on being quick and hard to hit rather then on raw strength.

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