Mori Souta (deceased)

Former janitor of Fushichou High School

Family Name Mori
Given Name Souta
Aliases Angry Janitor
Race Hollow
Gender Male
Age Unknown



The students might remember Souta as a short, graying old man who was responsible for maintenance of the school's estate. He was a gruff geezer, always wearing the same worn and dirty overalls in work, smoking cigarettes at work which probably could've given rocks lung cancer, and shouting expletives at the sligtest provokation. Still, he did his job well and despite the rough surface was generally kind to everything and everyone. He was the source of many wild rumours, stories and jokes, and for that he was even idolized by some rowdier students.

He died from a heart attack during summer break. Sadness ensues.

Unfortunately, it seems like Shinigami haven't been doing their jobs well enough lately. Souta has lingered around his grave for months, and he isn't appreciating it. Who's going to rake the yards? Plumb the toilets? Change the broken lightbulbs? No-one. There's work to be done, and death is no excuse to stay out of work! If only that damn chain wasn't holding him back…


Inhuman strength and endurance: The twisted form of the Angry Janitor can overpower and outlast normal humans easily.

Exhale Smoke: The Angry Janitor can blow a cloud of thick, noxious smoke from its mouth. It's impossible to see through and makes eyes water, and anyone who smells it will retch and gag because of the horrible stench.

Genius Loci: Angry Janitor knows the school grounds inside out, and holds minor control over the very structure of the place. He can open and close doors and windows, or turn electrical equipment on and off with thought. He has minor Pesquisa, which he can use to sense people within this home terrain. As he can also walk through walls and knows shortest routes everywhere, outrunning him within the school grounds is very hard.

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