Nero Abel

SWORD Agent 01

Family Name Unknown
Given Name Unknown
Aliases Nero Abel, Agent 01, Calming Typhoon
Race Spiritually Aware Human
Gender Male
Age 42


Nero is fairly young-looking for his age, being of fine complexion and very impressive build, even as a completely normal mortal. His hair is moderate-length black and usually slicked back, with one or two rogue strands hanging over his face. He is always wearing glasses over his green eyes, though his eyesight seems to be average even without them. Noticeable of his facial features is a long, jagged scar running from his left eye to the bottom of his chin.

His usual outfit consists of a nondescript black business suit, with a black tie and white formal shirt underneath.


Nero is cold and detached, taking an intelligent angle to any situation. He takes any opportunity that will provide profit to himself, and will use any methods necessary to do so. He rarely reveals personal information about himself, regarding it as highly unprofessional, though there is likely more to him than meets the eye…


Tracker: These pair of glasses allow a refined ability to detect spiritual pressure and/or reiatsu, also seeing through anti-detection abilities such as Kyakko.
Scanner: These pair of glasses have an intelligent computer that recognizes patterns and analyzes opponents for their weak points.

Glider: This tool drastically increases Nero's ability to jump, increasing his upward velocity. It also slows his falling speed, for a small but consistent flow of spiritrons. It's worn on a harness, on Nero's back, creating an ethereal pair of wings with each use.

Shield: This armband uses the spiritrons from the spirit shock glove, producing a large wall-like barrier in front of Nero. The shield is more or less powerful depending on how much power is put into it. It can also create a temporary, but stronger stationary barrier.
Grapple: This armband uses spiritrons to create a strong spiritual chain that Nero usually uses to cling to surfaces, like, well, a grappling hook. He can also release them when clinging to enemies to bind them for a short period of time.
Impact Bracer: When this brace is activated, it generates armor that covers Nero's entire arm, providing a damage boost to his punches. In addition, it is installed with a Counter Dial, so the impact of any physical blows is stored inside, and can be used at will to add even more devastation.

Spirit Shock: The basic tool in Nero's fighting style. Harnessing power similar in theory to a seele schneider, this unique glove steals spiritrons from the air as well as opponents, physically draining them, and storing it in the glove for use with his other tools. It glows red when in use.
Spirit Revitalizer: This glove duplicates the effects of shinigami healing kido.

Stealth Belt: This belt duplicates the effect of kyakko.

Jet Shoes: These boots drastically increase Nero's speed, duplicating the effect of Shunpo/Sonido/Hirenyaku.

Beam Sword: Functionally, this is a modified (and fairly weaker) Steele Schneider with a bit wider blade, intended for full use as a melee weapon in the hands of the less spiritually talented. It absorbs reishi from both the spirit shock glove, as well as the surroundings and those it strikes.

Throwing Knives: Essentially miniature beam swords, these knives are better-suited for throwing than actual melee. Their spiritual absorption rate is so low as to need to need to be stuck in an opponent, as well. Nero is fairly accurate with the act of throwing one of these knives, and he usually keeps at least three on hand.

Hand Weaponry:
Revolver: Nero occasionally carries a twin set of Colt Anacondas that have been modified with spiritual technology to be able to manipulate spiritual energy as a supplementary force to normal bullets, or to actually create bullets.

Hand Cannon: Essentially a compact cannon that can be held in one hand, firing shrapnel over a short range, or a concentrated spiritual bomb.

Heavy Weaponry:
M-137: A handheld, if bulky, gatling gun. Can either be supplied with bullets, or a spirit dial.

M-3: A flamethrower that can have a spirit dial attached to supply energy. If an element dial is attached, depending on the element, it can create an alternative blast.

Laser Rifle: This futuristic-looking cannon can only be fired with a sufficient amount of spiritual energy. It creates a long wave of destructive energy depending on how long it's charged.

Brant SRL: A large gun with a long, glowing barrel, reminiscent of a rocket launcher. Fires rockets that absorb reiatsu to create an explosion. While it scales with stronger opponents, it caps at about the level of a mid-level kido without incantation.

Nero, as Agent 01, has full access to dials, and usually changes his arsenal around to keep from getting too predictable.

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