Rebecca 'Beck' Williams

Quincy and Transfer Student

Family Name Williams
Given Name Rebecca
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17


Beck is an artist, and expresses it in what she wears. When not working to make rent, Beck assembles her rebelliously stylized wardrobe by shredding her own jeans, sewing on patches and otherwise altering whatever looked like it had some potential at the local thrift store. Her hair's real colour is dark brown, although she has dyed it several different colours. The top part of her spiky hair is dyed lime green, while the sides are dyed dark purple. Beck has several ear piercings and can always be expected to come to school wearing a mis-matched outfit, along with mis-matched bracelets, rings, and other accessories. The colours on her outfits don't have to match either; actually, Beck prefers it that way. Her eyes are so purple they are almost black, and her skin is rather yellowish. She usually wears a violent splash of lip stick and eyeliner, to further make a fashion statement. Beck wears her quincy cross at home as well as during school, simply dismissing it as a self-created work of art to fellow students and faculty.


Not as scary as her punkish appearance and bored looks would lead people to believe, Beck is open-minded, calm, and personable. With courtesy superior to most, she has the patience to make friends with almost any type of person she meets. Beck is also an avid musician, and plays her guitar daily. She also takes her visits to her parent's house as a valuable opportunity to play their piano. Her main hobby is of course, salvaging new clothes that can be turned from dreary thrift shop finds into punkish artistic statements. And although she would never admit it, Beck loves to cook and is actually quite good at it.


Beck was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived there until she was nine, along with her parents and grandmother. Family troubles and the promise of a higher-paying job led them to move to Phoenix Town, Japan. Soon after the family moved in, Beck's grandmother died. After the funeral, Beck returned home to find a hazy image of her grandmother sitting on her bed. Ever since, she has been able to see ghosts. About a year after that incident, she finally went to her parents and asked what was happening, and why spirits kept following her. After some persuasion, her father told her of her quincy history and agreed to train her in order to protect her friends from dangerous hollows. When she was 15, she moved into a small two-room apartment, in order to be more independent. She still keeps in touch with her family and trains with her father on weekends.


Skills With A Bow:

Beck's quincy bow takes the shape of a bow not unlike the kind used in modern-day archery. It is blue, like the standard quincy bow, but more on the teal side, to match her reiatsu. Beck's aim could be a lot better, but she is able to fire two arrows rapid-fire to increase her chances of landing a hit. Also, although her arrows are slow and her aim is a little lacking, the arrows pack a surprisingly strong punch.

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