Reene Lucaster

Queen of Hollows, Principal of Phoenix High

Family Name Lucaster
Given Name Reene
Aliases Queen of the White Sands
Race Arrancar
Gender Female
Age 1500


In contrast with the aged visage of the Ghost King, Reene is a beautiful woman, with white skin and deep green eyes. Her black hair reaches down to the middle of her back, straight and framing her face with two bangs that reach down to her neck. The remains of her mask form a thick necklace and her hollow hole is right below her breasts, hidden by her dress, which is fully closed and quite form-fitting.


Reene handles many affairs of the city in her mate’s stead, and also keeps close tabs on some of the interests of Las Noches in the Mortal World, and as one could expect, she is very controlling, but also oddly matronly and even nurturing at times.


Bala: Reene’s balas have a tendency to slash through objects and then dissipating, as opposed to simply exploding. She can cause them to explode, however.

Cero: Reene charges her cero in front of her chest, it is considerably strong.

Hierro: Reene’s hierro is moderately strong.

Garganta: Reene has no special techniques involving garganta.

Sonido: Reene is very agile, capable of blurring through the landscape with ease. Using sonido does not tire her out.

Scouring Sand: Reene controls the sands of Hueco Mundo, and by extension, the sand, silt and dust everywhere. The crystal sand of Hueco Mundo is particularly destructive, but when under her control, even the dust of the mortal world can be dangerous. Controlling the sandstorm requires concentration, and when not directly controlled it will spiral around her.

Zanpakuto: Gandra (Arid Land)

Sealed state

Gandra takes the shape of a katana. Its sheath is tied around Reene’s waist by a white sash. The blade is clear and the hilt is of a lustrous black.

Resurreccion: "Scour, Gandra"

Reene’s body becomes covered in a segmented skeletal armor, which takes the place of her clothes. This armor has a long, flat tail with a five claws at the end surrounding an orifice that resembles a mouth, and has thicker segments on its back. Her hands and feet boast razor claws, and a second pair of arms appears. A skull-like helmet appears on her head, flat and eyeless.
Storm of Razor Sand: The sand Reene controls while in resurrección compacts against itself, forming minuscule blades of great cutting potential. Controlling the sandstorm requires concentration, and when not directly controlled it will spiral around her.

Defensive Roll: Reene can curl herself into a ball, protecting herself with the near-impervious plating on her back. While in this form she can roll and strike enemies with her weight and the spines on her armor, but cannot see or exercise control of her sandstorm.

Broodmother: Reene can expel eggs from the mouthlike structure at the end of her tail. From these eggs hatch, at the whim of their mother, spiderlike creatures made of white hollow bone. These critters attempt to latch to a host of humanoid shape, at which point a special form of hollowfication begins. If the victim fails to resist the hollowfication, she will be covered in an armor of hollow bone and become a drone under Reene’s control. After twenty-four hours, the new drone will gain the power to revert to the shape of the original being and act perfectly like the original, but retaining a very weak hollow reiatsu.
Purifying or killing the drone destroys the broodling, leaving the original victim safe and unharmed in place of the drone, but unconscious. This hollowfication will never result in an unstable vizard, if inflicted upon a shinigami, but might awake spiritual powers of hollow nature on mortals.
Laying eggs takes time and effort, Reene needs around sixteen hours to finish releasing a clutch. Each egg is roughly two feet tall and is visible even to non-spiritually aware beings.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa: "Reina Madre"

Not achieved.

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