Roger Beaton

Agent 02

Family Name Beaton
Given Name Roger
Aliases Steel Resolve
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 56


A shock of blond graying hair almost hides two bright blue eyes. His skin, although weathered, seems to bear mostly laughter lines, although closer inspecation may reveal that it wasn't exactly a pleasant kind of laughter. Nonetheless, he usually wears a grey suit with matching trousers and a white shirt, no tie, and posesses the kind of smile that says "Don't worry yourself now, Uncle Beaton's gonna make sure it's all right."

At 'work', he looks much the same, except he now wears sunglasses, and seems to carry some kind of wallet around with him in his pocket at all times. He is often seen with a suitcase and although it cannot be seen by all but the most perceptive, he has a long slender revolver holstered on the left inside of his jacket, along with some small round objects that resemble metal snooker balls with buttons. On the right inside there is something that looks like a laptop kept in a specially-made pocket.


Beaton is a friendly and outgoing man who likes nothing better than to help the citizens of the town he lives in. Steel Resolve is a cold, distant individual who sees only 'threat' and 'not threat'. Roger likes to regale the local children with stories of his hiking across America and Britain, while doing favours for the locals. Steel Resolve doesn't do stories, and views the locals as misguided sheep.

Such is the nature of this man, two personalities that are so utterly in conflict with each other that it beggars belief how he stays sane. Perhaps he doesn't. Any who know him would be astonished by the man who actually helped a mother deliver in his own garage before the ambulance arrived, and then, when on duty, simply walked across the other side of the street when a speeding vehicle mowed her down before speeding off. He even grieved at the funeral later, as Roger Beaton, without even the slightest remorse or guilt.

Steel Resolve's loyalty to S.W.O.R.D is unquestionable, and his comittment to its goals unshakeable. His role as combat engineer, inventor and repairman is a role he takes up with relish, or at least with determination. He doesn't give much of a clue which. His only concern during action is the wellbeing of his comrades and of the faction. Having said that, his allegiance to S.W.O.R.D outweighs his allegiance to his allies, and if Agent 0 commands it, he would turn all his devices on his comrades and friends.


As he frequently has to travel thanks to the nature of his work, and thanks to his duty as an engineer and inventor, Steel Resolve has both the widest selection of tools and one of the most subtle. He is geared more towards combat support, although he does have a pistol and a knife, and very special ones at that. The knife and dial are kept on his person even when off duty.

Spiritual Shock Knife: A perfectly ordinary steel blade, this knife has a curious device on the hilt that acts very much like a mini-dial. When used on ordinary mortal targets, it's just a knife. When used on spiritual targets or mortals with any spiritual powers to speak of, it absorbs a decent amount of energy very quickly. The small device can't hold this energy for more than a millisecond, so it is fed through to energy converters in the base of the blade that turns the energy into a nasty electrical shock. An average Hollow would be hit with about 200 to 300 volts. However tbis function can only be used twice at most, before the device shuts off to prevent burnout.

Tag Revolver: This revolver fires reishi bullets or normal ones, depending on target. It also has a tag function which works with whatever devices Agent 2 has built. It paints a target on the victim, which amplifies their Reiatsu's visibility. As the turrets. suppressors and such work on Reiatsu recognition, this meants it will be extremely difficult to hide from their gaze, or that of Agent 2 himself. It also works on his teammates. Steel Resolve carries ten of these tag rounds with him at all times.

Sunglasses: The shades that this agent wears aren't just for style. They in effect amplify his spiritual awareness and allow him to scan and record individual data logs for each spiritual entity met, cross referenced with the weapon database for tactics and weaponry that are effective to use. All in all, a excellent tactical resource.

Personal Augmentation System Mark 5: This is the laptop-like device, and it is this which sees the most use in general. Upon application to an arm, the device spreads out, providing lightweight flexible armour up to the shoulder that can take a few hits. Its main use lies in strength amplification and other utilities, however. The arm which the device is applied to has its strength augmented to inhuman levels, and the Augmentation System also builds tools into the gauntlet part of it. These are mostly things for engineering, like a welder, screwdriver, stuff like that. This device is used on the field for emergency repairs and battlefield assistance.


"Combat Engineer" isn't just a meaningless title. He can deploy, after maneuvering the kit into position, a defensive structure within 15 seconds flat. His car can only hold 2 at once, but he has a wide variety to choose from.
Landmines: Reiatsu sensing, come in packs of 5. It's pretty much the same as a mortal landmine.
Reiatsu Turret: Reiatsu sensing. Same principle as the Shock Knife, in fact it was the knife's predecessor. It drains spiritual energy from the target, then transfers it back along the spiritual link as a heat ray. Keeps some stored, so as to weaken the target's spiritual ability. Huge capacity, although upon destruction all energy is transferred back to the original owner.
Spiritual Suppressor: An indiscriminate suppressor of spiritual energy. It's basically S.W.O.R.D's answer to seki-seki, and works much the same way, creating a spiritual dead-zone in a medium-sized area around itself. This does include Agents, however.
Gatling Turret: Visual sensing, it works on infrared. It's self explantory, really. See target, tear it to shreds. Does not benefit from tagging.

This is the basic array, but as an inventor nothing's stopping Steel Resolve from making up more.

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