Ryoichi Yasu

Senior Member, Kidou Corps

Family Name Ryoichi
Given Name Yasu
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 400-450


Yasu is a bookish, but distinctly handsome Specimen of a Reaper; he stands at just below average height, but has a Presence of Personality that makes up for his nonthreatening stature. Though Shinigami age can be somewhat subjective considering their long lifespans, Yasu has a sense of Mature Youthfulness matched evenly by inner Experience (particularly in his eyes) that can only be born from Centuries of life. His wrinkled, dirty Blonde hair usually grows a little long from neglect, but he wears it with a roguish charm to match his inquisitive, dark Blue eyes and subtly delicate features. His hands are steady and dexterous, a sign of his expertise in the various Gestures and hand Arrays that he has mastered over his centuries. Though he seldom gives attention to his personal appearance, it takes several weeks for even the faintest glimmer of facial hair to begin appearing on his chin; this is one sign to those more familiar with him that he's been obsessing with some project for longer than is healthy, if he begins to display any sort of chin scruff.

Yasu carries his Zanpaktou standardly on his Left side, and can also at times be seen carrying any of a variety of Walking Staffs that have only enhanced his reputation as a 'Reclusive Wizard' type. These can range from simple Wooden creations all the way to more refined pieces set with colored Gems at the crown, but are universally Thin and lightweight. Though he has perfect eyesight, he can sometimes be seen wearing a pair of silver spectacles as he goes about his work. Other similar devices or bits of jewelry have been known to appear and vanish from his wardrobe from time to time, but these are the exception to the rule.


Yasu is pleasant and peaceful in nature, but is instilled with a ferocious drive and Focus that can rub those with thin skin the wrong way, if they see the wrong side of it. Yasu's primary Passion is in his Research and pursuit of Knowledge in the Demon Arts, and all other pursuits take back seat to this Driving motivation.

Yasu often sequesters himself away from the world so he can be alone to think; most often this means closing himself in his Private Study, but multiple times this need to be alone has expressed itself as setting out on wandering journeys throughout the furthest reaches of the world that surrounds Soul Society, and even the Mortal World and beyond, taking time to himself to organize his thoughts and experiment with his Kidou. He does not brag nor is attention brought to the fact, but he is likely the most well-traveled Shinigami currently alive, and his extensive experience (essentially 'been there, done that') is nothing to gloss over. Though Yasu is naturally very peaceful in disposition, he can be irritable if he is interrupted or called away from his research. Despite this he is always willing to help, so long as there is something in it for him. In seemingly direct contradiction to his preference for solitude, Yasu is often called on for Personal favors (and even, at rare times, asked to assist his Division, though they usually tend to leave him to himself), but always looks to turn a Profit in some way. A few people in particular have learned what to bribe him with, and sometimes even get Return Customer discounts.

The thing that can be counted on most reliably to distract Yasu from his work are the Charms pf the Fairer sex. Yasu treats women like Fine Wine; they are valuable, delicate, refined… and he samples as many of them as he can. Yasu treats the few women he regularly works with with Respect and Dignity, but does not deny the Intoxicating effect that they can have on him… especially with increasing quantities. Females will receive unabashed preference and special attention from him, as well as being the first that he will jump to save or hesitate to put in harm's way. He is immediately attracted to the hurting and vulnerable, loving nothing more than to offer his support and comfort in time of need in any way he can. However, Yasu will never, never cross the line with any woman who is not fully willing to, and, young or otherwise, he will, under no circumstances take advantage of anyone.


Zanpakuto: Teitoushu (Razor Paw)

Shikai: "Listen: Teitoushu!"

Yasu is nearly always seen with a simple, standard-looking Zanpaktou on his left hip, the only thing to set it apart from the nameless Zanpaktou carried by Unseated is its reduced length; in all other respects it is a standard Katana, save that the length of its blade is reduced to just over a foot instead of the standard 3 1/2 - 4 foot range most occupy, leaving the handle at least as long as the blade itself. What most people fail to realize is that this simple form is Yasu's Shikai.

Yasu's shikai largely lacks combat ability, instead almost entirely focusing on Tertiary Utility capabilities and augmenting Yasu's Kidou versatility. The primary ability is something Yasu describes as being able to 'hear' Kidou happening— similar to a Dolphin's Sonar or a Bat's Echolocation, Teitoushu's blade reverberates subtly in reaction to Kidou in the area, giving Yasu an instant instinctive understanding of the general direction and distance, nature, and strength of any Kidou used in its area of effect. Teitoushu also acts as a focus for certain Kidou, allowing Yasu to 'anchor' Kidou requiring constant concentration on the Zanpaktou instead, freeing his own attention span to concentrate on other things, allowing him to maintain multiple ongoing effects at once.

Yasu has achieved a level of Mastery over Teitoushu that far surpasses the standard 'Sealed, Shikai, Bankai' tiered release system in terms of control and efficiency. His exact methods of doing so are known only to himself, but he maintains Shikai at all times without strain or even conscious effort.
Special Attack: None revealed.

Bankai: [Not Achieved.]

Sealed state

In its fully sealed form, which it seldom if ever reverts to, Teitoushu has the ordinary form of a completely standard Zanpaktou.

Inner World

Not revealed.

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