Sabas Fortunato

Quinta Espada. Aspect of Death: Misdirection.

Family Name Fortunato
Given Name Sabas
Aliases Uncountable. Rarely reused.
Race Arrancar (Adjuchas)
Gender Male
Age Unknown (10,000+, looks ~11)


Fortunato stands out in Las Noches due to his youthful appearance. He is short and thin, and walks at a steady, immaculate pace. He has sharp features and a hard face, with cold yellow eyes and short cut, straight black hair. His mask fragment consists of two small sunbursts, one in the center of his forehead and one on his left cheek. He dresses in simple, white garb, with the usual addition of a hood-less cloak that leaves only his head exposed when closed. His hollow hole is located where his heart should be. He is very nearly unreadable, as his movements are precise and almost mechanical, lacking discernible body language. His expression is usually either a cold stare or a dismissive smirk. Sabas' reiatsu is a dark green, mixed with scattered veins of a ghostly pale white. It feels like a thick, dank mist.


Fortunato is cold, condescending, and calculating. He has little regard for other beings, seeing them only as tools. A solitary being, he spends days or weeks at a time totally isolated from other hollows. An extremely ancient hollow, Fortunato despises direct action and getting his hands dirty. He rarely gets personally involved with anything by choice, preferring to abstain from the day-to-day affairs of Las Noches. Fortunato's primary activity is scheming; he spends his time planning massive, centuries-long ploys to manipulate Arrancar and other denizens of Las Noches. Sometimes these plots have specific goals, but most of the time it's just an enormous game to him. These plans always have some element of chance added to them, even when doing so severely limits their ability to function. Fortunato takes threats to the stability of Las Noches very seriously, and will do everything in his power to crush them.


Fortunato is an incredibly ancient Hollow, a fixture in Las Noches almost since its inception. Few of the city's residents can remember a time when he wasn't there. Very little is known of his past before he came to Las Noches, unusual for a Hollow of his power. His personality and behavior has remained more or less unchanged in his time as an Espada, and his plots have sometimes had important, if subtle, results.


Fortunato's Reiatsu is naturally spread out over an extremely large area. As a result, he feels much weaker than he actually is, and his location is very hard to pinpoint. If he desires, he can compress it to a normal level, but he rarely does this. At its base level of dispersion, Fortunato feels significantly weaker than he is; he circulates rumors that the only reason he holds his position is through trickery, and that anyone of sufficient strength could take it. He also has extraordinary control over his Reiatsu, and can control his Reiatsu cloud's position relative to his body, making it nearly impossible to track him using it. Fortunato is excellent at reading opponents, making him very hard to hit in combat. He has average skill with Balas, but his Ceros are quite powerful. Fortunato has high ability with Sonido, but his Hierro is mediocre for his level. Fortunato can use Gargantas with little trouble, but has no special abilities with them. Fortunato's Pesquisa is extraordinarily powerful and is his most strongly developed ability. With it, he can produce accurate information about any spiritual being within several miles of him, and can easily break through most attempts to conceal Reiatsu when he is closer. Fortunato can use Gemelos Sonido, and is able to make up to three clones, although he has never used more than one. Fortunato also has a high level of affinity for Gillians and mindless animal hollows, and can train and control them with little effort. He uses animal hollows as mounts on occasion, and keeps a large menagerie of them.
Cero Matanza: Fortunato can release a Cero as hundreds of very thin beams spread out over a wide radius rather than as a direct blast. Fortunato can control the spread of this attack.
Cero Demente: Fortunato manifests this attack as a concentrated Cero. He can alter the flow of the Cero at will, changing its direction. This leaves a bizarre and chaotic path behind it if many changes are caused, resulting in its name.

Zanpakuto: Fuegos Fatuos (Will-o-Wisp)

Sealed state

Fuegos Fatuos takes the form of a thin knife. Its hilt looks like one of Fortunato's mask fragments.

Resurreccion: "Mislead, Fuegos Fatuos"

When Fuegos Fatuos is released, Fortunato extends, growing to the height of an adult, and his body becomes blurry and indistinct and glows, although not blindingly. His movements leave a subtle afterimage. These effects make it very difficult to determine his exact location at any given moment, which, combined with his high speed, knowledge of body language, and Gemelos Sonido, makes him very hard to hit. His physical abilities are also elevated. His greatest ability in this form, however, are his Wisps. Four Wisps are created, which appear as small, floating, translucent flames. He mentally controls the movement of the Wisps. When the Wisps come into contact with a substance or attack, they take on its texture or power. After that, Fortunato can turn them back on his opponent. Fortunato can elongate or enlarge his Wisps, with his level of control directly relating to their proximity to him. Additionally, by breathing through one, he releases a large cone of that Wisp's substance in front of him. This attack is slow, but powerful. Fortunato can also combine all four Wisps into a single "Will," a sphere about the size of his hand. The Will is more powerful than the Wisps, and Fortunato can use it to fire large blasts of its absorbed ability. As a passive affect, everyone within half a mile of Fortunato loses all of their sense of direction. This effect is subtle enough that it has no real affect in battle, but navigation becomes much more difficult.
Cero Descaminado: Fortunato can channel his own Cero through one of his Wisps, if it hasn't absorbed anything.

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