Sasaki Ayase

Fushichou High School student

Family Name Sasaki
Given Name Ayase
Aliases Neko Shoujo Heart Angel
Race Half-Bount
Gender Female
Age 17

Speech: 0099FF

Ayase is a student of Fushichou High School (class 2-3) and a member of the Tea Ceremony and Swimming clubs.


Short brown hair (died black) and brown eyes. Below average height.


Ayase is of above-average intelligence, but tends to jump to conclusions and not let go of them. She can usually remain calm in situations she has prepared for, but panics if she is caught off-guard. She is rather distant from most of her class, but is friends with Hayashi Izumi.

In Fused form, "interference" from her Doll results in Ayase becoming more childish and gullible.


Ayase is fairly athletic and a fast runner, but has no powers unless merged with her Doll. She appears to have knowledge of Romanian or a similar language.

Doll: Denden

Ayase's doll takes the form of a cat with an oversized head. Apart from speech it appears to have no more abilities than a normal cat. Denden has lied to Ayase about the nature of her abilities, making her think she's a "Warrior of Pure Love" and must call out odd phrases to use her powers. She appears to be somewhat perverted.

Sealed state

Ayase's doll is sealed inside her cellphone while at rest. It does not become the cellphone itself, but can manipulate its functions. Rather than a command, Ayase must dial the number 934433424 to release it.


Ayase must fuse with her Doll to access its full power, something which comes unusually easily to her. She may do so directly from its sealed state. While fused her hair turns pink, she gains cat ears and a tail, her clothes change, and her phone becomes something resembling a wand.

In this state Ayase gains some of the physical attributes of a cat (night-vision, enhanced reflexes) and can attack by firing energy blasts from her wand, which become more powerful the longer they are charged. She tends to display the verbal tic characteristic of catgirls while stressed.

"Miracle Heart Style, Beautiful Counter!": Ayase's finishing move. She fires a fully-charged blast which expands to trap her opponent, then stabs the bubble with her wand, collapsing it and absorbing the prisoner's reiatsu. If this maneuver fails, Ayase will be left exhausted and with little combat ability.

Ayase is not currently aware of the absorption aspect of the attack (mistaking it for "the rush of victory") but it has acted as a substitute for the Bount's normal method of feeding, with the result that she has not yet discovered her vampiric nature.

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