Sato Hachirou

13th seat of the 13th division

Family Name Sato
Given Name Hachirou
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 313


Hachirou is a fit man, seemingly nearing middle-age. He has light brown hair and rugged, light complexion. His eyes are greenish blue, with mild heterochromia as the left one is notably darker than the right. He usually wears thin-rimmed angular eyeglasses due to slight nearsight; they tend to tilt to left due to the shape of his nose. His gaunt face seems permanently stuck in a strange half scowl, half smile, which indicates he's listening to your business but would rather be strolling in the park feeding pigeons or home with kids (if he had any). Otherwise, he has the bearing of an ordinary, boring office clerk.

Despite his vocal opinion that Gotei should modernize its uniforms, on-duty Hachirou is usually content to wear a traditional Shinigami outfit, only unusual thing being that he tends to carry two swords. Off-duty, especially when in gigai, he can be seen wearing anything from modern military outfits to clown suits.


Generally deadpan, with snarky tendencies. Strives to be helpful and easy to deal with, but is prone to ranting when he knows a lot about something. Keeps his distance from his co-workers when off-duty; regarded as bit of a hermit. Likes to take long walks in the mortal world in gigai whenever he has free time. When sufficiently annoyed, will go wildly off the rails, often making everyone around deeply ashamed, for one reason or another.


Hakuda expert - Unarmed combat is Hachirou's greatest area of expertise; especially now that his own sword is broken, he much prefers punching and kicking to using a sword. When unseated require hakuda training, he's one of stock persons to get the command.

Bakudo expert - While generally well-versed in Kido, Hachirou excels in bakudo; he can use them up to level 80, and can use eishohaki with lvl 40 and below spells without notably diminishing their power.

Poor Zanjutsu - Bluntly put, Hachirou sucks at using a katana; while this is partly because he's used to a shorter weapon, it's also known that lately he's been neglecting his sword training. This has netted him some nasty glares from his superiors.

Zanpakuto: Jin (ジン) - Djinni

Sealed state

Currently, Hachirou uses a standard katana-shaped asauchi. His own Zanpakuto's unsealed form is that of a falchion, but it's currently broken; he still carries a sheath containing the pieces wherever he goes. The blade got broken when Hachirou fought a gillian few years back; why he hasn't bothered to fix it, or why the blade hasn't fixed itself is anyones' guess.

Inner World

Hachirou's inner world is a vast desert scorched by a black sun dangling above. A vast mountains are looming in every direction, though trying to reach them is in vain. Hachirou surmises there might be oases hidden somewhere, but he's yet to find any that aren't just mirages. His sword spirit is curiously absent. If asked about it, Hachirou will generally answer that he's "not in speaking terms with the bastard".

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