Sereg Arturo

Espada Septima

Family Name Arturo
Given Name Sereg
Aliases None
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age 297 (19)


Sereg is a short and thin arrancar draped in a white hooded jacket that goes down to his knees. In an outside pocket at his waist dangles the bright gold chain of a pocket watch stolen from the mortal world. Under the open jacket is a form fitting white tunic with black trim. On his legs are baggy pants that are tightly held to his waist by a small black belt, which also has his zanpakuto run through, though not attached. Around his face he wears a black scarf, covering his mouth and nose with the ends hanging down his back under the jacket. Under the scarf is his hollow mask fragment, covering much the same area with a fanged mouth that is always closed, even when talking. His short black hair is messy and sticks up all over, and under are cold grey eyes with smaller than normal pupils. His hollow hole is located on his left palm, and is slightly larger than a quarter.


Sereg is an enigma, one one hand he seems to be cold and undesiring of company, but on the other he would give his life for a select few, mostly he avoids that side of himself. He enjoys showing his superiority over those weaker than himself, and will rarely ever give up an opportunity to oppress them if he can get away with it. In battle he focuses on close range high speed attacks and confusing his enemy. He gave up the use of both bala and cero in order to become a sonido expert, and is nearly unparalleled in his ability. His hierro is also lacking, making him focus on his own defense rather than relying on that. He made the choice to keep his rejuvenation, despite many others deciding to be rid of it. He has the odd habit of staring at his pocket watch for hours on end, when not otherwise occupied.


Sereg has nearly perfected his sonido, allowing him to create after images, though he rarely chooses to do so. He has attained this ability through ignoring his other arrancar abilities, and as such can barely use garganta, instead allowing others to take him with them. He also has a weakened pesquisa and is able to use an average bala, and cero not at all. His hierro is weaker than average, forcing him to block or dodge attacks from even the weakest seated Shinigami.

Zanpakuto: (Blackwater)

Sealed state

Sereg's weapon is a longer than average katana with a unique style, as in it has no curve. It looks much like a rapier though with japanese influence. The guard is a rectangle with the symbol for light on the top and the symbol for darkness on the bottom side, towards the hilt. The hilt itself is straight as well, and just large enough to be held with both hands. The tip curves in an abnormal way, curving inward from the blade to make a very sharp tip, instead of outward from the blade like a normal katana.

Resurreccion: "Drown them in the night, Blackwater"

Sereg's hollow mouth opens, emitting a black mist much like his reiatsu though this is an actual effect. This mist is hard to see through, allowing those inside to see only a few feet in any direction. The mist covers an area with a 30' radius from Sereg and stays in the area until he seals his state. Sereg also changes form, the mouth staying open and a pair of yellow eyes looking out, while his normal eyes are closed. The eyes in his mouth have the ability to see through the mist. Sereg also gains four limbs coming from his back, much like spider legs. These limbs allow him extra movement and are sharp on the tips, allowing him to attack with all four. Sereg has the ability to 'form' into this mist, which hides his reiatsu slightly, making him harder to detect. It takes him barely two seconds to change forms, and as the mist he can appear anywhere within the area at will, though this also takes two seconds to complete. While he is changing forms he becomes incorpreal, unable to be hurt by any physical means, though abilities that use kido may still effect him. The mist is spread enough that ice attacks will not create a solid block of ice, instead turning the large droplets into hail. The mist is also only semi-conductive. Sereg has the ability to leave this mist even while he is in that form, allowing him to escape attacks relatively easily.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa: None yet.

Abilities granted by resurreccion segunda etapa
Special Attack: Effects of special attack

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