Shiaki Koujin

12th seat, 6th Division

Family Name Shiaki
Given Name Koujin
Aliases None
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Age 81


A rather pleasant fellow, Shiaki Koujin is a midseated member of the 6th squad. He has an apparent age around 18, and is a little over 6 feet tall. He could be accurately described as Bishonen. He has tied back shoulder-length black hair, with brown-to-black eyes, and no facial hair. He wears a standard Shinigami uniform, though his zanpaktou are strapped diagonally across his back rather than at his hip.


Koujin seems to be naturally uncertain, possibly because of the multitude of opinions rattling around in his head. He doesn't normally express much of his emotions, though he might be more willing if around people he feels close to. He doesn't have extensive experience with seated duties, not having held a seated position for very long. However he does have skill in managing paperwork, along with teaching others in the areas he is proficient in.

Unique Abilities

His Reitsu isn't really colored so much as it distorts light coming through it, though faint iridescent flickers can be seen (text is in black italics). Besides its near lack of color, it has the unique property that the majority of it cannot extend outside his body except in certain circumstances. He can be detected as normal, though his aura is considerably smaller than someone of a similar strength-even when he's fully powered up. Physical contact with Koujin's body or weapons is the only condition in which he can chose to cause his reitsu to extend from his body. In these situations, it all ends up on the subject of contact. The concentration of reiryoku makes Koujin's reitsu significantly stronger than his level of strength would normally allow for. This sudden weight can unbalance the subject, interrupting their concentration and focus.

General abilities
Kido: Unable to use.
Hakuda: Some skill. Not overly trained, and as such, mostly relies on his reaction time if pressed into unarmed combat.
Hoho: Moderate skill. Each leap is fast, and can even rival low-seated shinigami. He cannot chain them however, and is limited in distance. His ability to shunpo repeatedly is also limited.
Zanjutsu: Highly skilled. His inability to use Kido and the focus of his zanpakutou both have led him to focus heavily in swordplay, and along with his impressive reflexes, he is a skilled swordfighter.

Zanpakuto: Suishouba and Kyouba (Crystal Edge and Mirror Edge)

Sealed state

Unreleased, his Zanpaktou appears as two straight, slightly long katana. The right-hand weapon has a large, clear crystal set in the pommel; the other has a similarly-sized mirrored orb.

Inner World

Koujin's "Mind World" appears as a field under a twilight sky. The sun is always just below the horizon, casting the sky and clouds into a myriad of colors. The trees surrounding the field have mirrored trunks and leaves, oddly-shaped crystalline fruits hanging from the branches. The grass appears to be crystal as well, though it's just as pliable as normal grass.

The spirits of Suishouba and Kyouba appear as thin, sinuous dragons made out of their respective materials.

Shikai: "Shatter into Brilliance, Suishouba/Kyouba"

Both blades release with the same command, but only one name can be called per use of the phrase. Koujin does not have the ability to release his shikai without saying their phrases.
Koujin holds either zanpaktou horizontally in front of himself, and after saying the release phrase, the blade seems to dissolve and then regrow into its shikai form (hilt to blade). Suishouba and Kyouba are identical in shape and overall structure, both blades about 4.5 feet long, and up to eight inches wide at their widest. Suishouba appears to be made entirely out of transparent crystal, while Kyouba is entirely mirrored. Each have a smooth, slightly curved blade that merges directly with their handguards. Each shikai also conjures a a small cloud of mirror or crystal dust that surrounds Koujin.
Suishouba is incredibly sharp, being able to cut through any conventional material with the lightest touch. Despite it's sharpness, it is rather fragile. A badly swung attack can cause damage to the weapon, and an actual attack against it can be very destructive. Suishouba's twin Kyouba shares only some of its sharpness, but is far more durable. There is also a weight behind its strikes that is not shared. Kyouba's mirror cloud scatters light everywhere, obscuring Koujin's form and distorting his image. Suishouba's crystal dust can coalesce into spikes and blades, attacking nearby enemies. If both are released, either one takes precedence, or the abilities only work at partial effect because Koujin must spread his concentration. He is only partly blurred, and the blades/spikes he can create form slower and are smaller.

Bankai: Kyoutou to Kintou de Aru Yaiba (Blades of Balanced Reflection and Transparency)

Both the zanpakutou are held crossed before his face then quickly snapped to the sides, where they 'shatter' into Bankai form. The blades almost double in length as the handgrips pinch off from the rest of the weapon. Each blade floats separately from the hilt, but moves as though still attached. Koujin gains thin, mirrored armor over his torso, arms, legs below the knee, and head. His Zanpakutou now share each other's strengths, both becoming nearly indestructible and excessively sharp. In addition, twenty small crystaline blades float within approximately ten feet of his body. They take a variety of shapes, and can be telekinetically controlled. They can also be reshaped at will. From his back grow two pair of large angelic wings, with a similar mirrored consistency to his armor.

-more to be added-

At the moment, Koujin only has access to Suishouba's Shikai form.

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